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  1. *mails hugbot to Hawaii*
  2. *squints at Exhausted* Is... is that from the Illuminae Files? I hope so! Man I love that series. These are all really good.
  3. Okay, so Wednesday's out for me 'cause Institute. Mondays have been pretty consistent of late, and if my schedule holds for another week or so Tuesdays might work as well. Fridays are a maybe, depending on if I'm closing/parents are out and I need to stay home with my sister. I've closed Thursdays for the longest time, so unless that changes that's out as well. Saturday, I will almost certainly be closing but if not I'm open to that as well.
  4. Eggs. Beans. Chicken, pepperoni, toppings on pizza in general. Can you tell I'm a recovering picky eater?
  5. Hmm. I've been closing Thursdays a lot lately, so I'll have to double-check my schedule to see when works best for me.

    Yay! :D 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sunbird


      Yes! I too would like to see the fountain pen :D

    3. Slowswift


      Here it is! It's a Platinum 3776 Nice fine nib, and it writes like a dream



    4. Firerust



      Woah, that looks so cool.

  7. Classic, 10/10!
  8. Mom brought back a copy of Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians from a conference several years back. Rest is history.
  9. I am also slightly ill. Sheesh. Hope you all feel better, anyways!
  10. Ooh, would you look at that.
  11. Whoops, have a happy Thanksgiving a day late!
  12. And there's the other aspect of it too...
  13. I didn't know I needed this until now. I will say though, I was actually hearing him as JARVIS for a little while. ...the accuracy hurts.
  14. I'm already using it.