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    Music, psychology, astronomy, linguistics, computer science, and electronics are all fields I find interesting. There is a non-zero chance that when I go to college I'll be studying one of those.

    I remain fond of LEGO, though I don't build as much as I used to. (I particularly enjoy their original BIONICLE line, I should say.)

    Also, I'm really good at not doing the things I want to do.

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  1. Heck yes I am! I'm hopeful my family'll still be able to do our traditional picnic up the canyon, even with COVID. (Should be possible. It's pretty easy to stay away from everyone when you're out in the wilderness.) I'd love the new hymnbook, but I think that's still a year or two out. Anybody have any hymns in particular that they'd like to see added (or removed)?
  2. Regardless of any other problems this episode may have had, at least it had a really good song too! Maybe, when I get around to doing full posts instead of just lyrics, this is one of the things I’ll talk about. Done with a Pineider Avatar and J Herbin Rose Cyclamen.
  3. Smoky sunset from Squaw Peak in Provo. Why must destruction be so beautiful?
  4. I remember doing laundry at 10 PM when this album dropped, immediately putting it on, and loving every second of it. This is the opening track. (Be warned, though, of the f-bomb in the last chorus if that’s something that concerns you.) Cross Bailey with Cross Blue.
  5. For dinner tonight: homemade wild rice soup with Trader Joe’s Green Dragon sauce. I’d post a pic but I’m a dingdong and it didn’t occur to me it was a family dinner. ;) View the full post
  6. I cannot recommend this talk enough -- it just yanked me out of a properly crappy mood, and I felt like I needed to share it.
  7. Y'know, just about every time I was ordained to a priesthood office, I haven't felt the Spirit, at least not in the "traditional" way. Anyone else who was there has assured me that they did, but for me? Nuthin'. I don't know why that is; don't know what I need to learn, if anything. But I have felt it on many other occasions acting in Priesthood capacity, so I know somebody did something right. Also, something that's helped me before was remembering that I'd had a blessing -- for example, the last time I had to speak in church, I was nervous as all heck (as one is). Got a blessing, didn't feel much at the time. But up at the pulpit, just as I was starting to really worry, I remembered that I'd been blessed with calm and clear speech, and the rest of the talk went swimmingly. Dunno if this will be universally applicable, but my point is that blessings are not isolated, contained experiences. That blessing will help. Maybe not in the way you think, but it will. Bit late, but I wish you the best, Ene!
  8. Picked up Year of the Griffin by Diana Wynne Jones again on a whim. It -- and to a lesser extent, the first book, Dark Lord of Derkholm -- is one of my favorites by DWJ and just overall.
  9. Okie dokie Loki! RSS feed should be up on the Shard blog... with terrible formatting. Sorry about that. I think I know what I can do to fix at least part of it, but there might be shenanigans like that from time to time.

  10. A favorite hymn of mine, one that I’ve loved since I first heard it visiting my uncle in New Mexico about ten years ago. Happy September, everyone! Done using a TWSBI Eco with Colorverse Rainy Day. View the full post
  11. *ROAR* *inserts the dragon's favorite food, before it climbs back out and eats me instead*
  12. Oh, hey, y'all, if you were wondering where those pen & ink lyrics I was posting went, they're here. All of them should be there except the original few I posted here -- consider those Shard exclusives. ;) 

    1. Slowswift


      Also, I'll see if I can get a feed set up here using the blog function so y'all can still comment if you like without needing an account for the other site.

  13. Well-drawn, though she looks a tad annoyed. 9.8/10; I'm sure she's (you're?) lovely!
  14. Just in the nick of time, here’s higher love. A favorite song of mine (I prefer the Kygo remix, fite me) — done a week or two ago, actually, but I’m glad for that. Have I mentioned moving is a crapsack yet? Again, a Pilot Custom 823 with Iroshizuku Tsuki-Yo. View the full post