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    Books, of course! Sanderson's most of all, but I enjoy a good Mull, Rowling, Riordan, Paolini, Sullivan, McClellan, Brust, Kristoff & Kaufman, Weir, Wells, and Wells now and again.
    Still needing to give Farland, Brooks, and Weeks a try.

    Pens, specifically those of the fountain variety. I don't write longhand nearly enough to justify the amount of pens I have. It's sad, really.

    Writing, when I can get around to it. There's a reason I refer to myself as "a writer, theoretically". Mostly I write fantasy, with plans to branch out into science fiction. Someday.

    Music. By and large I don't care about genre, but my favorites are rock, electronic, and classical. My favorite bands are Collective Soul, Coldplay, and Imagine Dragons. Favorite electronic music person, Kygo. Favorite composer is Dvořák followed by the Haydns.


    And, above all, ignoring all of the above in favor of vegging out in front of the TV! (The West Wing is the best, y'all.)

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  1. Wow. Can't even say that I know what to say. I think I know what you're talking about, but... well, I don't know if that's for me to say, really.
  2. Man, I hate that feeling of, well... not feeling. It's really awful (at least the other emotions -- like shame or guilt or even sometimes anger -- that come as a result are). Hope things get better from here.
  3. You get a ka-BOOM as the machine explodes trying to shove Vax through the little slot. *repairs machine and inserts a spren*
  4. Happy (admittedly late) birthday!

  5. IMG_7522.jpg

    1. Firerust


      YES!!! I love this.

    2. Tesh


      That talk made me so happy! He made a handful of fun little references that i really appreciated.

  6. Some extended family and I got to spend the morning up Millcreek Canyon in Salt Lake! We were listening to the morning session of General Conference and generally hanging out which was super fun! (Awesome afternoon session too, with super interesting announcements!) Goodness, this is always one of my favorite times of the year. The best part, though, was in the evening: our stake was invited to sing at Temple Square opposite the Conference Center during the women's session! It was a really amazing experience. One of the best days of the year for sure! Also, as a thanks for coming up to sing, everyone in the group got a ticket to the Sunday afternoon session tomorrow!
  7. I'm glad you like CS so much, at any rate. It's good to share the joy!
  8. Again, no worries! Thanks for trying them out, at least!
  9. No worries if they're not your thing! The Sweet Tea Project has a rather different sound. It just so happens that like that sound, at least when Ed Roland is behind it. (He does sing most of the songs, but a few are by another member of the band. I don't mind; I like his voice too, but it's something to be aware of.) Good choices! All three of those are amazing. My favorites shift as well (another one I adore is Right as Rain).
  10. It’s a bit different, more country/folk-ish. I believe the genre is called Americana? (At least that’s how Apple classifies it.) As for Blood, asking me to choose my favorite song is like asking me to choose my favorite finger. It’s just not that easy. It really depends on my mood — right now, I’d have to choose between Observation of Thoughts or Big Sky. What’s yours?
  11. For a while there it was A R I Z O N A, a band I discovered after they were featured on Tim, Avicii's last album (the song is called Hold the Line and it's one of my favorites from said album). I found and loved GALLERY and some of their other music. Now, however, it's the album Alder Lane Farm by the Sweet Tea Project! The STP was started by Ed Roland, the frontman for my favorite band (Collective Soul). Their first album from a few years ago had some good songs, but was overall meh in my opinion. This second one though is amazing! It actually came out two years ago, and I'm frankly embarrassed it took me this long to find it and listen to it.
  12. Cool fractal thingy. 8/10.
  13. I went to a Collective Soul concert on Tuesday! I had a mild cold, which somewhat soured the experience, but it was still amazing. I got to say hi to the band, too! Gin Blossoms performed too, but as that was the first time I'd heard most of those songs, I was less interested. I liked what I heard, though.
  14. Something that's always bugged me: folks in Doctor Who constantly misunderstand the sign on the front of the TARDIS. When it says PULL TO OPEN, it's referring to the phone compartment, not the doors! Quit badgering the poor Time Lord, people!

  15. Huh. That's over 24 hours with no new notifications. Slow day I guess.