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  1. Stopped by a local used bookstore and scored the following: a Japanese pocket edition of my church's hymnal, poetry of Robert Frost and Bayard Taylor, and a YA novel I got on a whim called Not Now, Not Ever. The Taylor book is at least 120 years old, too, and in surprisingly good condition for it! I'm quite pleased.
  2. Now this is just good advice. The way a crow Shook down on me A dust of goats From a hemlock tree Has given my heart A change of mood And saved some part Of a day I had rued. ~Robert Frost, probably
  3. So, I mentioned a while back that I'd be experimenting with reducing my internet usage. I have, and it's gone reasonably well, but I think I need to go a step further.

    After today, I'm going to step away from the Internet as a whole for a while. As a consequence, naturally, I'm going to be online here a lot less. I'll still check in every once in a while--I'm thinking of taking the weekend as a cheat day, or something like that. I also may or may not continue being active on Discord. I'm certainly not going away forever! I love you all too much for that. But my brain's cooked, and I need to take a break.

    More thoughts to follow, if this works.



    (If for any reason you have a hankering to talk to me, my PMs are still open! I've got email notifications turned on, so I'll see it.)

    1. Robin Hatter

      Robin Hatter

      I understand. We'll miss you! (Btw, congrats on being active for seven years. I wonder if I'll last that long...)

    2. Slowswift


      I'll miss y'all, too. Shame I'm leaving just as you joined; it's been nice talking with you! But as I said, I don't plan on leaving permanently. Here's to seven years and seven years more!

  4. Oh, I'd be more than mildly annoyed, depending on the pen. Hope you can get it resolved soon! I am soooo happy with it, more than I thought I'd be. I mentioned offhandedly that it was one I'd wanted while we were browsing the local stationery shop, so apparently Santa was paying attention!
  5. Well, I can see you've got good taste. (Starlight is better tho) If you could listen to one song before you died, what would it be?
  6. Good choice. Best pony?
  7. Well, Tomoe would help. But really, they call it Medium for a reason. And there's often variation even within the same size. A wider F or smaller M might not be the pop-fest that a Broad would provide, but will still give plenty of ink flow for shading and shimmer. Coated papers like Tomoe or Rhodia really would help, though.
  8. One of my favorite things: being able to hear the keys and hammer action on solo piano recordings. Maybe this bothers some people, but I absolutely love it.

    1. Chinkoln


      No no, you are right, it is sublime

  9. That can always change, you know. The rabbit hole is always open! Got some Jacques Herbin Kyanite du Nepal for Christmas. It's blue and sparkly and I love it! (Did a status update on it, but I'll put one of the shots here too, for convenience.) Also, the other day my sister got hold of my bottle of Tsuki-yo and a glass pen and did this. Man, I love having artists in the family.
  10. Colors. Well, I guess it's not always a given--I love Hufflepuff, but my favorites aren't yellow and black. Mm, I see. Oh goodness. Well, if you know what you like... Gotcha. Summer's nice, but I live in a desert, so for me it's dead last.
  11. Happy New Years, everyone!

    1. Robin Hatter

      Robin Hatter

      Happy new year!

  12. Considering your avatar, I should have guessed. Any particular artists or genres, or just as a general mood across the board? I wish we had a monsoon season. It hardly ever rains here...
  13. @Use the Falchion Oh, that's right, you're how I found out about Band-Maid! Thanks for that.
  14. I feel ashamed as a book nerd that I do not know this answer.