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  1. (Would like to point out that yes, the full name of the Church is quite long, but Latter-day Saint is still an acceptable way to refer to members, and that there is more to it than a simple name-change.) Anyways. Agreed that Brandon's ability to write viewpoints other than his own is one of the reasons he is such a good writer, and is a skill that is unfortunately all too rare.
  2. Understandable. Looking forward to it, though!
  3. It has happened again: I search for something, thinking "oh of course that is a thing that exists!" and then it... doesn't. In this case it's SHIELD wallpapers -- which are actually quite common, but what was in my head was one very like or exactly like the ones you see actual SHIELD computers use in the movies. Maybe I'm just bad at searching for things, but I can't help but think it's funny that this keeps happening.
  4. Out-of-context quote for the day: "Now, toast, in a violent fashion, without warning."

    1. Slowswift


      Context, for all you rainy parades out there.

    2. Mistrunner


      that just describes my average morning

  5. Hope y'all are okay!
  6. *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*
  7. Until The Thing™ happened, I actually did like Moash (and was even hoping for a redemption arc). Then The Thing™ happened, and for all I care he can boil in cheese fondue for eternity. Except that would be a waste of cheese fondue, now that I think about it...
  8. I'd also imagine it's a jurisdiction thing -- so you can't blow up some place in South Dakota and go "But I detonated it in Utah!" and get off scott-free. Either way, though, if you're gonna use a nuke I doubt you're still at a point where legality matters to you. (As a native Utahn I am very glad nuking is illegal here. Just sayin'.)
  9. Well, it wasn't today, but I bought the entire Powder Mage trilogy in hardback off Brian McClellan at a local con yesterday! It was wallet-to-wallet in the hall between panels, and as I was handing him the cash I said "I feel like I just made some sort of shady deal," to which he said something along the lines of "Yup, I'm a book dealer!" (He even brought the books in a big black duffel bag.) This whole thing came about because I vastly prefer hardcover books, and the con only had paperback in stock. When I asked about this, he said he had a set back home he could bring for me the following day.
  10. *mails hugbot to Australia* *at least, I think it's Australia...* *attaches homing beacon and jetpack to hugbot and chucks it off cliff* Best of luck in your recovery!
  11. *mails hugbot to Hawaii*
  12. *squints at Exhausted* Is... is that from the Illuminae Files? I hope so! Man I love that series. These are all really good.
  13. Okay, so Wednesday's out for me 'cause Institute. Mondays have been pretty consistent of late, and if my schedule holds for another week or so Tuesdays might work as well. Fridays are a maybe, depending on if I'm closing/parents are out and I need to stay home with my sister. I've closed Thursdays for the longest time, so unless that changes that's out as well. Saturday, I will almost certainly be closing but if not I'm open to that as well.
  14. Eggs. Beans. Chicken, pepperoni, toppings on pizza in general. Can you tell I'm a recovering picky eater?