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    I'm fond of pens, I read and write when I can get around to it, and my train of thought has derailed so many times that the UTA has tried to decommission it, but that's not how abstract supertrains of death work.


    I also enjoy... actually, you know what? I have far too many favorite things to think of and list all in one sitting. I'll compile a megalist eventually, but if you want to chat about more geekery sooner than that, hit me up and we'll see.

    I would love to one day play viola, bass, piano, organ, and drums. And maybe saxophone.

    Also, I'm really good at not doing the things I want to do.

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  1. Welcome to the Shard! Have a muffin, on the house.
  2. Tramlaw is a frankly badchull name for a fortress, city-state, or some such. If only it weren’t literally “Walmart” spelled backwards. -_-

    1. TwiLyghtSansSparkles


      I once came across a perfect name for a fantasy city—Torosoloed. Except it was an older article (2003-2004) on a music website that had undergone some wonky formatting in the digitization process, so it was just the words "Toro soloed" smushed together. 

  3. Oh hey a lot has changed huh Welcome back! Glad to have you again; I'd wondered where you'd gone. (And Kobold, I think the Discord would benefit greatly from your loonlike laughing. Join usssss. Oh wait! You already have. Yay!)
  4. I'm glad you find it amusing, because it's essentially just a placeholder until I get MegaSig™ up and running. It's actually a line from this song from Pirates of Penzance. Anyways, actually germane to the thread, that's a good quote! I love that kinda thing (I live for the Incorrect Mistborn/Stormlight Quotes Tumblr blogs). Bonus for being heartstring-tugging to boot! 11/10.
  5. A brief, compelling plug for a character and a threat. Very succinct. 9/10, 'cause I like my nachos and would prefer you stay away from them.
  6. @Draginon Man, that stinks. I'm sorry, and I hope you can at least get a little closure soon.
  7. 401896DB-4A2E-409A-82B4-C941F9DDE64D_1_201_a.thumb.jpeg.71a75aa2bb3c86151ea8b0854f74d81c.jpeg

    Randomly came across this hymn, one of my favorites. Thought it topical.

    1. Slowswift


      Oh, because I forgot to put it in the status itself and for some reason you can't edit them:

      For those curious, the ink is Edelstein Moonstone and the pen is a Pilot Custom 823, M nib.

  8. Just tossing in two cents here -- I am of the mind that guilting people into commenting is not the right way to go about things. People ought to say something not because they have been pressured into it, but because it's the right thing to do. Not trying to lay a blanket statement on everyone's intentions -- most of the discourse I've seen has been relatively civil and well-meaning, by which I'm impressed. But I have seen many statements that blur that line. I do hope Brandon says something, too, but I don't think he should be maligned for not doing so -- at the best of times, even glancing Twitter's way can make my blood boil. If he feels anywhere near the same as I do, I don't blame him for only tossing off a few promo Tweets here and there. Perhaps we'll get a blog post -- again, I hope so -- but I understand completely if he doesn't want to engage on certain platforms and wants to approach a statement with extreme caution.
  9. Kygo's new album, Golden Hour. I've listened through a couple times now and I must say I'm quite happy with it!
  10. Well there's the one I wrote ;-) Sadly, no; I'll gladly take some recs too!
  11. Accurate. Spoilers for season 8...
  12. Noooooo I caved and bought every episode individually on Amazon, but it looks like they've got a season pass up on Prime Video now. (Still don't understand why they didn't offer a season pass from the beginning. Jerks. )
  13. Pony Electro Swing. That is all.


    I didn't even realize that both of these were about the Evil Twin/Alter Ego until I went to post them here, oops. :P 


  14. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been over six months since the show ended. Still curious to hear what people thought, should they still check this thread.