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  1. So, the opposite problem, then. (go ahead and skip me)
  2. A warm drink? Looks cozy! 8/10, slightly blurry.
  3. Yeah. It's not as much of a problem on the right paper, but it still gets me. Maybe this is how it's supposed to be, maybe they've got an overpolishing problem, but all the mediums I've tried have been like this. No problems with performance that I recall, though. Once they got going, they flowed fine! Just didn't like the way they felt to me.
  4. Found this buried in my liked videos playlist. Shame it doesn't have more views, because it's utterly beautiful. The song is one of my all-time favorites, and the anime they pulled the clips from looks gorgeous. (Fun fact: I found it by literally just Googling "what's that anime where the guy makes some shoes for the girl at the bus stop". Google scares me sometimes. Anyways, it's called Garden of Words and I want to watch it now.)


  5. Funnily enough, I almost can't stand the standard LAMY M -- it's almost the exact opposite problem from what I usually have, which is too much feedback (I loathe pencils for this reason). I've been meaning to try their steel F for a while now, though. I've got a gold F in my L2K and it's great.
  6. I wanna live in San Fransokyo so baaad

    1. TwiLyghtSansSparkles










    2. Slowswift
  7. Zigackly! Couldn't've said it better myself.
  8. Really? The post count was 499. I posted and brought the count to 500. Ergo, I had the 500th goat. Unless I'm just that bad at math, which wouldn't surprise me.
  9. The 500th goat is mine, and nobody can stop me! Ha ha!
  10. I am an absolute sucker for songs with a 3/4 time signature, don't know why. Maybe it's 'cause the waltz was the one dance I learned that I actually genuinely enjoyed. Anyways, Owl City.
  11. Don't mind me, just here to claim the 500th goat!
  12. So, it's official! Doki Doki Literature Club! has earned the (dubious?) honor of being one of only two properties ever to possess me to the point that I've written fanfiction about them. (The other is Stormlight, which I crossed over with MLP:FiM for the 17S Secret Santa a few years back. So maybe it's three, then.)

    Maybe I'll let you read it, if you ask nicely and I manage to finish it. And if you've played the game. And if you've recovered sufficiently.

  13. You get a raft! *inserts Apple's old HQ*
  14. To all the (probably long-dead) clerks who had actually legible handwriting: 

    Thank you! <3

    Sincerely, every indexer ever.

  15. Ooh, that does look quite lovely!