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  1. Is it just me, or do marewills remind you of sego lilies?




    1. Ookla the Obstinate

      Ookla the Obstinate

      There is a certain resemblance. That's pretty cool!

  2. Do I:

    1. Go see the cutesy anime romcom with a friend or family member, thus outing myself as a weeb and stripping myself of all remaining dignity? or
    2. Go alone, appearing the very model of the lonely weeb, thus stripping myself of all remaining dignity?

    I mean, I could just wait 'til it hits Crunchyroll or something. But I kinda do want to see it on the big screen...

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    2. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.

      Either way go wearing a three piece suit and freshly shaved. The formality will counteract the weebness.

    3. ookla the gastrointestinal
    4. Slowswift


      The Quintessential Quintuplets movie.

      I do of course plan to go well-groomed. I'm not that far gone. :P (Though, regrettably, I don't have a three-piece. If I did, I would 100% wear it.)

      This is true, Kaymyth. But I feel like the challenge is more in the convincing. 

  3. I said what I said, and I made the thread, so I can bend the rules as I dang well please. (I think "The goats have some concerns" would be more accurate anyways. )
  4. Not that it particularly needs saying, but Brandon Sanderson is an amazing writer, and The Lost Metal is an excellent book.


    There are three things that got me misty-eyed at the end:

    1. Wayne's ending (the last chapter of the book). I mean, just Wayne in general this book was an emotional rollercoaster, but the last chapter especially.
    2. The fact that he left his estate to Allriandre.
    3. Wax's ending (the last chapter of the epilogue).

    Also, the sheer amount of cosmere...stuff we get in this book is mind-boggling. Oh look, aethers! Oh look, Kelsier! Oh look, Shai! Oh look!...etc, etc. And here I was thinking Rhythm of War was dense. It's nuts.

    Also, Steris. Just...Steris is amazing, y'all. She and Wax are 100% relationship goals.


    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      yeah, those are the three things that made me misty eyed too. wait, misty eyed?

    2. Slowswift


      Pun very much intended. ;)

  5. "I have some concerns." - Baymax, and myself
  6. 63818dccd88c7_iwanttogetbetter.thumb.jpeg.8908c527e123bc20489dddd091baffb7.jpeg

    The pen is a Schon DSGN Pocket Six with a titanium nib from Karas Kustoms, inked with Faber-Castell Garnet Red. A fun little thing about this nib is that it takes on the color of whatever ink you're using, so--while it doesn't come through in the photo very well--the whole thing has a slight reddish cast to it!

  7. Went to the Barnes & Noble to purchase a copy of Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, as one does, and wouldn't you know it--the one, the only, the Mr. Sanderson himself was there.

    So, yeah. Got me a signed book tonight. :D



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    2. ookla the gastrointestinal
    3. Ookla the Forgettable

      Ookla the Forgettable

      *gasp* I'm sooo jealous. :P Nice, though.

    4. Slowswift


      It was quite surreal indeed, but it was also nice to just see this author to whom I greatly look up just...chilling with his family at work, basically. Cool stuff.

  8. Wrong...thread? (I don't.)
  9. You know your address is visible on that, right? But yes, I saw it, and it's awesome. (They also did a feature on a YouTube string trio I like, Simply Three, which surprised me. I had no idea they were religious!)
  10. Reminds me of a show I'd watch on YouTube where they'd hand out bad puns as "prizes". One of my favorites was "Congratulations! You win a trip to an underwear-free enclosure, hosted by the star of National Treasure--that is, Nicolas Cage's Knickerless Cage!" Anyways. Probably "Gone Are the Days" by Kygo. When's the last time you left the country?
  11. Last week, I traded in my laptop for a desktop. As I boxed the little guy up and mailed it off, it felt like I was sending away a part of me. I actually felt empty inside.

    Yeah, that's a huge problem.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll be stepping back from the internet again for the foreseeable future. I'll still check in once in a while--this isn't a wholesale fast like I did last time. But boy howdy do I need to get my life in order, and having such easy access to the Web was running directly counter to that goal. (When you don't even have the attention span to veg out in front of the TV, you know something's wrong.) I'm reminded of a quote from one of my favorite General Conference talks, by Elder Johnson:


    In our day, there are many distractions, including Twitter, Facebook, virtual reality games, and much more. These technological advances are amazing, but if we are not careful, they can distract us from fulfilling our divine potential. Using them appropriately can bring forth the power of heaven and allow us to witness miracles as we seek to gather scattered Israel on both sides of the veil.

    (See also President Oaks' excellent talks on opportunity cost.)

    I'm looking forward to increased free time, unburdened by the stress of internet addiction. I'm definitely going to try to read more. I'll pay the piano the attention it deserves, and maybe even learn to play the guitar!

    All the while I'll be properly preparing to serve a mission. I've been feeling more and more that I need to do something with my life, and it has become evident to me that that is the next step. And I'm becoming increasingly excited about it!

    Anyways, love you guys! Take care. :) 




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    2. Ookla the Cloud

      Ookla the Cloud

      You too. I wish you well!

    3. Slowswift


      Thanks! ^_^ 

    4. Slowswift


      And since I forgot to put this in the actual update: That's a TWSBI Diamond 580ALR filled with Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi.

  12. Tried Twitter again. That was a mistake lol

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    2. ookla the gastrointestinal

      ookla the gastrointestinal

      now is definitely not the time for that XP

    3. Ookla the Debonair

      Ookla the Debonair


      Smh my head :P.


    4. Slowswift


      I have the worst timing, don't I? Last time I gave it a shot was May 2020, and...yeah.

  13. Well, well, well. I don't yet if love it, but I really, really like it. Can't wait for January!


  14. Oh, don't mind me, just obsessed with this arrangement and how phenomenal they sound with those acoustics.


    1. Slowswift


      Also those Ks are crisp my word

    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
  15. Happy to hear it!