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  1. Now we get to talk about bias and how it's impossible to avoid in the media . Essentially, by choosing what to avoid and what to include, you are editorialising what you are summarising. By making any decision on this, you (in general, not you specifically) are letting your own bias enter in - Are you saying it because it's important, or because you think it's important? Would someone on the Eliminator team consider things the same way? Would there be a temptation to leave stuff out, and omit important details? Maybe not, but can people take the chance? I think all you'd end up doing is creating another post which people need to use to analyse. A summary would probably be useful for people to glance at, and to know what you think, but I don't think it would do quite what you want here. An idea I had in the spec/dead doc was to scrap our current ideas of LG/MR/QF, as they're really old and probably not fit for purpose as descriptions anymore? It would probably be better to redesign these games in terms of both complexity and expected level of activity needed to keep up, though that's hard to enforce. The other issue would be it increases stratification of players, and would lead to smaller games most likely. You might need to somehow restrict people from posting so much or such long comments, but again, hard to do. We can't approach this from a single point, I think, it's a wider discussion within the community. But it does need addressing, as I think you basically need to build in the Village being 10% smaller than you would otherwise think. But then if people don't, it unbalances the game, so should you make that assumption? Again, I don't know, I'm stream-of-consciousness spouting ideas here. An idea for a game I suggested to Kas in the dead/spec doc was for a game in which you essentially have a set number of posts you can make, with either criteria to earn extra, or an automatic 'right-of-reply' if a vote is placed on you. Again, this has its own problems if new information enters the thread later on (a day in, someone confirms they'd Seeked someone, but everyone's used their posts), but perhaps if it's the rules of the game it would be approached differently. Food for thought perhaps! Another idea I had within the spead doc was to make myself and Kas a new subforum role, the IH, or Impartial Hecklers, free to comment on any game without any of the knowledge of either players, speculators or the dead. This is unrelated to the inactive point, it just feels right. I can't see it going badly.
  2. Kas can't sleep, I've given him 100s hours of shows to watch and games to play :P. Nice to pop in a little, though Kas is no doubt very glad I didn't sign up - Not because I was going through stuff with him first and therefore knew what was happening, not because I would have signed up at 2 minutes before game start, but because I was considering doing the game as a parody of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. My RP would have been Wyl (author, actor, director) and Kast (second main character) giving interviews about the game. But Kas ruined that idea by being so damned good at writeups that parodying them would have been an insult .
  3. In the interests of making this less just a meme, good job guys, it was entertaining to watch, especially the reactions Kas had and his descent into madness, and I'm glad my interjections were taken well, though I did try and stop myself doing it too often!
  4. I'm sure someone will give me the link. I know some people.
  5. The Real GM here! Kas doesn't want me to post here. I've done what he wanted, and now I'm not needed he's trying to cast me aside. I'm not going to go quietly though. I'm posting here and now to take a stand against the dictator Kas, and put in place the dictator Wyrm instead! Overnight, please put kill orders in against Kas and tell him to go to bed so I can reign supreme. Also, the Day's over, so stop posting. This means you too, Kas.
  6. Wyrm here again, performing such actions as befits a GM. Kas is unable to come to the phone right now, so I have been asked to tell you that the Night is over. ...But I don't see why you should stop posting, provided it's not about the game. If Kas wanted me to tell you to stop full-stop, he should have said. So how are you guys doing? Good weekends?