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  1. Everyone tell Kas to go to sleep, and also show your appreciation for him.
  2. Hello, it is me, Kas. <kel> asked me to step in and say that Wyrmhero is now going to be your GM from now on. Please pay him the utmost respect and tribute, and silence yourselves in his presence (or at least until the new thread is up). <kel> would also like to say that he loves his collection of knives and other paraphernalia, and wishes he had more. Please donate generously to the Knives for <kel> drive, for charity. In fact, please begin every post during the next thread by stabbing <kel>. Julius Cesar was reportedly stabbed 23 times - I think, with your help, we can break this record. Thank you.
  3. And I can confirm that Kas and I have made rules for a game with a mechanic where I get to arbitrarily kill players. Is that this game? Who knows!
  4. I think it's a story one specific player would tell you.
  5. That depends, what happened to the previous owner? Why doesn't he need it anymore?
  6. I never signed up for this. Also, what do you have against Kings? I swear all of your plots involve someone killing them.
  7. Just after you posted. Kas is asleep. Do not panic. Do not attempt to adjust your set. I am in control of the horizontal and the vertical. The Turn is over. Kas will be back at a later date to inform you which of you survived. As Co-GM, I cannot take bribes to help you live, but any donations to my charity based in Panama will be appreciated.
  8. I wake up to see this in my DMs... #KasWatch #JustKasThings #WhyAmIHashtaggingIHateTwitterAndHashtags I'd wonder if this was bullying, but at this stage I'm sure Kas expects me to post here, so the real bullying would not be posting here and disappointing him, like going upstairs and forgetting the final step isn't there.