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  1. I have always thought that using hemalurgy in combat might be helpful in certain circumstances. As has already been pointed out, it might be useful against somebody who has a healing ability. I think that it might also be helpful against the Fused. You could take something away from them that would make them less effective even if they were to return.
  2. If a aluminum misting ingested other allomantic metals then burned aluminum, would the aluminum eliminate all of the metals or just the aluminum. (My guess is just the aluminum. The metals are not invested themselves, and are only potent within an allomancy of the appropriate type.)
  3. The nightwatcher seems unable or unwilling to give boons to off-worlders, is this correct? If a duralumin hemalurgic spike charged with connection to Roshar was implanted in an off-worlder, would the nightwatcher be able to give them a boon?
  4. I just want to reopen this topic. It appears from recent WOBs that the placement of the spike in the donor really isn't terribly important. Does this make an aluminum bullet even more dangerous. You merely need to hit (maybe the heart) with the right Intent, and you make a hemalurgical spike.
  5. There has been discussion before about using bullets as Hemalurgic spikes. With the new Hemalurgic table, things might be a bit scarier... An aluminum Hemalurgic spike removes all powers. I don't know how precisely the bullet would have to placed, but does this information open the possibility that someone could fire an aluminum bullet at another person with the intention to make a Hemalurgic spike, and successfully remove all of their powers?
  6. Did the heralds have something similar to shardplate? Can soul casting return something to it's previous state? For example, can you soulcast ashes to recreate a document that was burned?
  7. I think that Tyranny can be considered a divine attribute. Are not all natural laws tyrannical? They care nothing for the people that they effect. They cannot be evaded. You cannot bargain or plead for mercy.
  8. Thanks, I really appreciate your contribution I like this thought. I was really looking at it through the lenses of blunting or tempering the shard's intent. You are suggesting to also look at what could make him a less effective threat. I can see where you are going with this, but Ati/Ruin could play the very long game. He isn't just about destruction, but also about inevitable decay and entropy. I think that adding Ruin to the mix wouldn't be enough to destroy his careful control and planning (unless the combination of Ruin+Ambition, or Ruin+Odium, is just much more innately out of control.) This is a good point. Adding Dominion to Odium+Ambition isn't going to turn it to a benevolent or benign intent, but it might make it less innately dangerous. I think Tyranny is a good description, and the point is, the shard is going to want to have something to rule over. I may have underestimated things in the original post, but I'm not sure that it is quite that bad. I don't think that odium has any particular issue with non-shadic beings. He doesn't specifically want to destroy them. His part in the desolations and support of the fused seems more likely a reaction to his imprisonment to Roshar. Adding cultivation to mix certainly would make the shard a more dangerous enemy, but it wouldn't necessarily make it into one that wants to end worlds. I think it more likely that it would want to cultivate hatred on a mass scale. There isn't much hatred (or passion) if there isn't anyone around to feel it. Thanks, it is a really nice resource. I'm looking at the odium+, and ambition+ suggestions now. Unfortunately, there aren't any ambition triple shard suggestions yet. FYI, the context of this speculation was that I was thinking about the situation where Ambition is largely reconstituted and sneaks into Roshar during the chaos of the Stormlight Archive and finds an opportunity to kill Rayse and take up Odium. I was wondering what the vessel could do if they wished to avoid becoming an even bigger threat to the cosmere than Odium was. Ambition+ isn't going to splinter away most of their power or self-shatter, so I thought the most obvious solution would be to seek out another shard to combine with the 2. Edit: Autonomy thoughts. I left autonomy out of the original post. This was unintentional. I think that adding autonomy might be a bad thing. Ambition+autonomy seems like a good combination for a shard that thinks that they should be the only shard that exists. Mixing Odium into the mix would seem to only increase the antagonism the shard would have for the other shards. A triple shard would also have the power to really threaten the others.
  9. Good point. I struggled a bit on this one. It is hard to really know how the intent would manifest.
  10. I've been think about counterfactual shard combinations. How things might be if the story takes a different direction. Odium+Ambition seems like a really dangerous combination. They are not at cross purposes, so there is not the tendency towards inaction that Harmony experiences. Of all the known shards, it seems like this would be the one that would dilute Odium's intent the least. (So as an aside, maybe Rayse' disinclination to pick up other shards isn't just his own desire, but is also an expression of odium's antipathy of other shards.) Anyway, back to Odium+Ambition, I was trying to think of a single other shard that if added to these 2 would make the combination less malign towards the rest of the cosmere. Ruin: This would be a very, very bad addition. Preservation: I think that this is also a bad combination. You end up with a shard that hates changes and is highly motivated to make sure it never happens. This is a shard that probably concludes that life shouldn't exist. Dominion: This would be a bad addition. Devotion: Maybe a good addition. Devotion seems like the most diametrically opposed shard to odium, so it should temper the shard, and maybe lead it to inaction. Endowment: Maybe a good addition. This is also a somewhat opposed shard to odium, so it might temper the shard. Honor: Not a good addition. Honor is how you achieve your ends, but says nothing about what those ends are. Adding this shard just adds to the shard's power. Cultivation: Maybe a good addition. Takes the long view and encourages growth. What do you think?
  11. cosmere

    Is it clear that there were no full feruchemists after the catacendre? Ferrings are born when Terris mix with others, but it seems unreasonable to think that all of the Terris immediately had children with people outside their community. Regardless, at this point I also lean towards the idea that the Bands of Mourning are a nicrosil medallion with nicrosilminds that contain all of the other feruchemical and allomantic powers. To make the bands of mourning you only need a nicrosil medallion and the cooperation of someone with feruchemical aluminum, someone with allomantic nicrosil (not required, but helpful), and any other feruchemical or allomantic powers that you want to include. (And you don't even need the cooperation of other people if you have access to medallions that grant that power.)
  12. Safari and I don't agree when it comes to autocorrect. I caught it changing Allomancy to Allowance, but missed this. Those people seem to be quietly relaxing... Little do they know that a mistborn is stealthily approaching and will burn the atrium in pursuit of unstoppable power. It's a theory. I think that Renarin's future sight is related to using spiritual illumination. It is not clear that every order is able to use the surges in the same way. For example, could Kaladin use spiritual adhesion to speak foreign languages? I am not sure that he could. I'm playing around a little with Shallan using spiritual illumination. If she can use spiritual illumination, it does seem realmatically reasonable that a type of spiritual illumination would be similar to allomantic gold. Since Shallan is already doing something that is somewhat similar, it makes me ask whether a more skillful use of the surge might actually be able to flesh out the other personalities a bit better. It could be as simple as the requirements involved in making essence marks. Shallan hasn't really tried to make her personalities realistic alternate histories. If she spent a little more time trying to establish the alternate personalities as plausible developments if her past had been different, she might be able to pull more fully developed details out of the spiritual realm. Since she also has the soulcasting surge, her abilities maybe able to completely replicate the effects of an essence mark.
  13. A small theory. In allomancy, gold, electrum, atrium, and malatium all work in a similar way and reveals possible futures or alternative presents. Renarin's form of illumination seems to be a type of future sight, perhaps a type of spiritual illumination, and may work through similar realmatic process as atrium and electrum. What if regular illumination can reveal alternate presents like gold or malatium can? Shallan creates alternate personalities which are incomplete because she doesn't actually have the experiences these alternative personalities would have. What if it isn't so simple? She may not be able to recognize it, but what if she is using illumination to pull in little bits of alternate Shallan? Is it possible that as she becomes more accomplished at using Illumination that she will be able to pull on experience that is not her own?
  14. Thanks for sharing the WOBs. Of course people have asked all of these questions before. That was an awesome post. I remain intrigued by the latest WOB that I quoted, it is curious Brandon that explicitly states that there are allomantically viable things besides those already known in-universe. (Which, I agree, may simply refer to the topics that have be asked about)
  15. Yes, this is basically what I am asking. Besides any natural investiture interference, does copper allomancy provide protection against other type of investiture use? Basically it is the flip side of bronze. If bronze can detect non-allomantic uses of investiture, can copper protect against other non-allomantic uses of investiture?