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  1. Whoops! Should be better now. New chapter tomorrow!
  2. Welcome back, everyone, to the next installment of my ongoing space fantasy saga Realm of the Stars! For those just joining us, this is the third volume of a series I pitch as "Star Wars meets King Arthur meets Dune" and is the ending of the initial trilogy I have in mind (though I still have plans for more works in this universe!) - if you're looking for the Arthurian parallels, then this story's events would roughly correspond to Arthur's war with Rome. If you're interested in checking out the previous installments of this series, then Volume I is here, Volume II is here and some character portraits are here. And here we go! Prologue and Dramatis Personae:
  3. I've been playing around with some character portrait creators lately, and managed to get some images I'm fairly happy with for some of the main characters from my Star Wars meets King Arthur meets Dune space fantasy saga Realm of the Stars. The program I used for these is Rinmaru Games' Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator; it's geared more towards conventional fantasy than space opera, but Realm of the Stars has enough of a fantasy type aesthetic I thought it worked pretty well. If you're interested in checking the stories out, Volume I, The Unclaimed Crown is here and Volume II, The Endangered Crown is here. Anyway, here we go! Arta: Karani: Mardoban: Pakorus: Midaia: and Latharna: And for those of you who've been following along with this saga as I've been posting it here, I've begun work on Volume III and intend to start posting on Friday!
  4. Revised OP to include recent updates, mostly from State of the Sanderson 2019 and Stormlight 4 release announcement.
  5. horror

    New chapter! With this one, I officially pass 50,000 words total and thus meet my NaNo goal; I therefore won't be updating as frequently from here on out, though I do still hope to continue with this at a somewhat slower pace. A big thanks to everyone who's been following along!