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  1. New trailer for the Villeneuve adaptation dropped yesterday! Looking very epic, if I do say so myself. Also hearing good buzz from the IMAX promos (containing scenes from the opening and a bit from later in the movie) as well.
  2. ama

    1. Whatever you want to ask! 2. Eventually yes, in some form! Various IRL things have thrown me off lately, but I definitely have more story to tell there! I've also been exploring potential self-publishing options for it; I don't have anything concrete at the moment, but if I do end up going with something I won't continue it here and will probably take down what I've already posted. I definitely intend to finish it in some form, though! I've got a couple of other high fantasy story ideas rattling around that might see the light of day at some point or other. 3. I'm a grad student, currently working on my doctoral dissertation (one of the big things that's been taking me away from my fiction writing, alas). In undergrad I was a dual major in English and Religious Studies with a Classics minor; at the graduate level, I've focused on Religious Studies. That's probably the most interesting thing about my personal life, TBH.
  3. ama

    So, I'm MasterGhandalf (MG for short); I'm a long-time but fairly sporadic poster, though I've been decently active posting my original fiction in the Creator's Corner. I'm also on various other sites under the same username; some of you may have run across me there before. In any case, I just stumbled upon this section of the forum recently and realized it was a thing, so... ask away!
  4. Going to have to give this one to Sja-anat, at least for now, potentially being subject to change as we learn more about the others. She's just the most complex and interesting so far, IMO, what with her scheming, her 'children' and the precise nature of what she does to them, and her desire to be free of Odium. Nergaoul, Ashertmarn and Moelach are really more like forces than characters, not really having personalities so much as an instinctive need to inspire whatever their particular concept is, and as such they're more interesting for their effect on the plot and world than for themselves. Re-Shephir and Yelig-Nar seem to have more individuality and be more interesting, but have really only had a couple of major scenes so far and we don't really know all that much about them. Ba-ado-mishram definitely sounds intriguing based on everything we've heard about her, but since she's been (so far as we know) an entirely offscreen character so far, I'm reserving final judgment until we actually meet her. And Chemoarish and Dai-Gonarthis are, at this point, mostly blank slates though I'm interested to learn more about them (and personally I'm looking forward to finally meeting them in part because I want to see if the theory about the number of hyphens in an Unmade's name corresponding to their general level of sapience and individuality is true - if it is, I'd expect Chemoarish to be more a force than a person and Dai-Gonarthis to be more intelligent but still with notable limitations). So ultimately, as Sja-anat is by far the most developed of the Unmade so far, I'm going to give her my vote for this one.
  5. Yeah, I never got the impression that the second mistborn was meant to be anyone important; always figured he was probably either another Elariel relative, or possibly even a minor noble who Shan hired for extra muscle. If he was supposed to be Zane, I think the text would have made it explicit. If nothing else, Vin would probably have recognized him eventually whether from his appearance or just his fighting/allomancy style. And IIRC that mistborn got taken out of the fight pretty quickly and the overall focus was on Vin vs. Shan; Zane was much more formidable.
  6. Though we've only seen him directly in a couple of scenes so far, I find Ishar one of the most intriguing of the Heralds and a character I'm very interested in figuring out more as Stormlight progresses. Most obviously because, though he doesn't get as discussed as often as, say, Jezrien, and isn't set to be a main POV character like Taln or Ash, almost every time he's mentioned we find out more of the major events of Roshar's history that he's had a hand in - seriously it seems like half the time a rock gets turned over regarding the history and lore of Roshar, we find him hiding under it. Whose experiments with the Dawnshards and/or the surges apparently led to the destruction of Ashyn? Ishar's. Who founded the Oathpact? Ishar did. Who became the Herald associated with the Bondsmiths, arguably the most powerful Radiant order? Ishar. Who enforced order on the proto-Radiants and was apparently already powerful enough to personally destroy them all if they refused? Ishar. Who convinced the other Heralds to abandon the Oathpact, or at least showed them how? Ishar. Who convinced Nale that he had to hunt down surgebinders to stop the coming of the Everstorm? Ishar (and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out he also convinced Kalak to start the Sons of Honor, considering Kalak and Nale hung out at least occasionally). Who has Ash convinced he's the only Herald to still be sane and trustworthy, despite being a ranting megalomaniac? Ishar. Who's that Tukari warlord with a god complex who gets namedropped every now and again? Ishar. And who's apparently involved in some way with the Shin Stone Shamans? Ishar again. The point being, dude's had his fingers in a lot of pies, even for a Herald. And it seems like he was a very dangerous man even before he went all megalomaniacal. I, for one, have been suspicious of how often his name keeps cropping up from as early as Words of Radiance, and each further book only reinforces my belief that this is a guy to watch and be wary of. From what we see in Rhythm of War he's scary powerful and involved in some strange and creepy things (and I have a feeling we've only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding what he's really capable of). With Dalinar sending Kal and Szeth to bring him to heel it looks like he's being set up for an important role in book five - which, interestingly was originally supposed to be Dalinar's book (aka, the Bondsmith book). Personally, I don't trust even Ishar's moment of sanity; sane or mad, I think there's more going on with him than we've yet been privy too. Now, everything I mentioned above could be just the random acts of a madman, but personally, I'm inclined to doubt it- Ishar may be a madman, but he's also a genius, and I think he's got some sort of endgame in mind even if it doesn't make sense to anyone but him. Is his ranting about taking up Honor and Odium and becoming a new Adonalsim just the delusions of a megalomaniac, or does he actually have some sort of plan to achieve it, even if it probably won't work (he's not actually Honor's champion, for one). Or does sane!Ishar have some other plan that got buried under the character of Tezim the God-Priest? How has he convinced the other Heralds to listen to him - is he just more rational when the person he thinks is Odium's champion isn't around, or does he (as I've seen suggested) know some trick with Connection to make people trust him (which is incredibly creepy in its own right, if true)? Why is he experimenting on spren? Why does he want Dalinar to meet him in Shinovar specifically? And, perhaps most importantly of all, will he be dealt with in Book Five or will he continue to play a role (as an ally or an enemy) in the back half of the series? Personally, I've got a lot of thoughts, but few that feel like concrete answers. But I do think, one way or another, Ishar is going to have a very important role to play in how things unfold from here. Anyone else have thoughts on the Herald of Luck?
  7. poll

    Gonna have to go with Hrathen on this one. I like Raoden, but he also feels a lot like a dry run for later characters like Kelsier or Kaladin who have a similar 'charismatic leader who has to learn how to give others hope in a terrible situation' vibe but also much greater internal complexity. Sarene is more interesting, IMO, but also doesn't have as much depth as some of the later cosmere protagonists. Hrathen, however, is and remains one of Brandon's best characters, and his struggles with his faith, his conscience, and his duty are the strongest parts of the book. So ultmately, it's not really much of a contest - got to give a vote for the gyorn.
  8. Per the most recent State of the Sanderson, Brandon says that an omnibus edition of all three volumes of White Sand is in the works, and that it will contain some material not present in the initial release, including a new prologue. Does anyone have any info or updates on when this might be coming out (whether a rough idea or something more specific)? State of the Sanderson doesn't mention, but I was wondering if this had been mentioned anywhere else.
  9. I hadn't considered Gavilar, mostly because I'd been assuming he was really and completely dead, but if he is still around in some form (maybe some of his experiments with spren and investiture bore fruit after all...) then wouldn't that be interesting...
  10. As we're all familiar with by now, each of the Stormlight books has, in addition to the main POV characters, a recurring interlude POV who gets their own mini-arc spanning the novel. Now that we have four main novels under our belts (and only one to go in the front five), I'd started thinking some about the traits those characters have in common to see if I could figure out who the most likely interlude POV for the fifth book will be. Looking back, there do seem to be some traits that the 'interlude novella' characters have shared. For one thing, they've all been antagonists to some degree (though Taravangian is the only one I'd go so far as to call an outright villain). They've also all been someone we've met in previous books rather than a new character (Szeth is the obvious exception, though one could still argue we met him in the prologue before the book proper); with the exception of Taravangian, they've also generally not been POV characters before. Their storyline also tends to be somewhat separate from everyone else's in content (and often geography) but nonetheless get tied together with the book's main plots by the end. With those traits in mind, I can think of a couple of characters who might fit for the interludes for book five. The one who most immediately springs to mind is Moash/Vyre, who's been left in a bit of a bind as of the end of RoW, failing to kill Navani or turn Kaladin, forced to confront the emotions he'd thought he'd purged from himself, and been blinded to boot - I can think of a couple of interesting directions his arc might go in. We could also get the POV of a Fused; Leshwi's a possibility there, though the possibilities of El interludes, from the little we've seen of him so far, intrigue me. One of the more intelligent Unmade might also be interesting for a somewhat more inhuman take on things; Sja-anat seems like the obvious choice there. A Ghostblood might be another option, now that we're getting more into the goals of their organization (not to mention its leader...); Mraize would be the obvious choice here, but Iyatil might also work. Finally, we could also get a Herald POV, though Brandon might be wanting to reserve those for the back half, which he's indicated will be more Herald-focused (and any of them probably knows secrets of Roshar and/or the Cosmere at large he's not ready to reveal yet). Ishar might work for this, since he seems set to play a big part in this book with Kal and Szeth being sent to Shinovar to hunt him down; Kalak, Ash, Nale and Battar also jump out at me as possibilities. Anyone else have thoughts on this, and/or responses to my thoughts?
  11. Having given other people time to respond, I just wanted to throw my own hat into the ring and say I think Taravangian/Odium feels like the most likely candidate for me; both T himself and the Shard Odium have been given enough buildup that the combination of them feels truly frightening, and he feels very well positioned to not only pick up on but also improve on Rayse's pre-existing schemes. That said, I could definitely see it ending up being Cultivation as well, depending on what her actual endgame turns out to be, and I certainly wouldn't rule out one of the other people I mentioned managing to pull off an upset, or the second arc having a different main antagonist than the first. I'd also say that I've been thinking for some time that Bavadin/Autonomy may end up being the true big bad of the Cosmere as a whole (assuming it has one, and that it's someone we've heard of) and Rayse's death makes that feel even more likely, but that's a different (albeit related) question.
  12. So, one of the biggest bombshells in the series so far came near the end of Rhythm of War; Rayse is out of the picture for good, and Taravangian has ascended to become the new Odium. I'll admit it took me surprise; I thought there was a decent chance Rayse would die before the end of the series (and Taravangian was on my shortlist for people likely to take up his Shard) but I didn't think it would happen until Stormlight Five at the earliest. Which does lead one to wonder - with the apparent 'big bad' of the series dead four books in, who will end up taking his place as the greatest threat to Roshar? I have some thoughts of my own, but I'm curious as to where the overall opinion of the fandom is leaning at this stage.
  13. This is just something fun I thought I'd throw together, but I thought people might find it interesting (or amusing). I was thinking about songs that I think fit well with various Cosmere works, and since a lot of them fit with Mistborn, I thought I'd do a brief writeup focusing on songs most people have probably heard of - namely, Disney movie songs. For this list, I'l go through each song, roughly in the order I think they fit in the books, and provide a link and a brief blurb as to why I chose them. A couple of notes - one, this is mostly going to be for Final Empire and a few for Well of Ascension for various reasons, but mostly because they were my first two Brandon books and I found them easiest to make connections for. For another, I'm including some songs from The Prince of Egypt as well, even though that one's not technically Disney, because a)., it's the same style of animated musical extravaganza, b)., most of the songs fit too well with Scadrial and the Final Empire to ignore, and c)., Prince of Egypt is awesome anyway, and so is its music. With that out of the way, away we go! Final Empire “Deliver Us” – Prince of Egypt A perfect scene-setting for Scadrial under the Lord Ruler's dominion. “Strangers Like Me” - Tarzan Vin is introduced to and intrigued by Kelsier and his crew. “Through Heaven’s Eyes” – Prince of Egypt Sazed teaches Vin and helps her find her confidence and her place in the world. “Make a Man out of You” – Mulan Or make an allomancer out of you, rather:). Kelsier trains Vin in the use of her powers. “Let it Go” – Frozen Vin, gaining confidence, begins to open up and take pride and joy in her abilities. “Part of Your World” and “Part of Your World Reprise” – The Little Mermaid Attending her first balls, Vin becomes increasingly fascinated with the world of the nobility, and with Elend. “Playing with the Big Boys” – Prince of Egypt Vin and Kelsier fight the Inquisitors at Kredik Shaw, barely escaping with their lives. “Reflection” – Mulan Caught between her dual life as Vin the mistborn and Valette the noblewoman, Vin questions her identity. “All I Ever Wanted” – Prince of Egypt Elend becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the state of the Final Empire and realizes that he is on a different path from what his father expects of him. “God Help the Outcasts” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Vin and Kelsier visit the skaa tenements. “He Lives in You” – Lion King II The anthem of the fledgling Church of the Survivor after Kelsier's martyrdom. “When You Believe” – Prince of Egypt The rebellion triumphs after Vin kills the Lord Ruler. Well of Ascension "Into the Unknown" - Frozen II Vin becomes increasingly preoccupied with the call of the Well. “Be Prepared” – Lion King A paean to Straff's ambitions to seize control of Luthadel and become a new emperor. Also a better song than Straff (my personal most hated Cosmere character) deserves, but hey, it fits. “Hellfire” – Hunchback of Notre Dame Zane's destructive obsession with Vin grows. "Not One of Us" - Lion King II After the attempted assassination and her assault on Cett's keep, Vin fears the crew - and Elend - will reject her. "Love Will Find a Way" - Lion King II Vin and Elend reconcile after Zane dies and are married. "Savages” – Pocahontas The battle for Luthadel, culminating in Vin's return. That's what I have. Anyone else have thoughts? Or ideas for Hero of Ages or Era 2?