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  1. Kinda shocked I get the chance to go. I never thought I’d make it to any release parties, since I live across the country. The circumstances are unfortunate (close family funeral) but since I’m going to be in Provo that night anyway, I bought tickets for my niece and myself. Silver lining to a difficult time.
  2. One I totally missed the first time through, but had me laughing at the mental image of it: Roomba crabs
  3. I would say if there are radiant archers they would have to be really, really good archers who could consistently hit the gemhearts of the fused, and I assume a normal headshot would kill a human still. So I feel like Rock and maybe that archer captain who come with existing skills would be good candidates, but new radiants without combat abilities would likely focus on weapons that are quicker to learn, rather than something that would take a lifetime of practice to be useful in battle. That being said, someone like Rock who can hit gemhearts could do some serious damage to ranged and flying enemies.
  4. Spent the first 2 parts and interludes scrutinizing everything about scenes expecting to see her in the background somewhere. Did not expect to be hit with a shardhammer labelled "This is Vivenna" in part 3. Repeatedly. I knew Azure had to be a something different immediately but I thought it couldn't possibly be that obvious. Then we get her description and it really was that obvious. I mean, all that work trying to look for sneaky Vivenna and she's just control of an army being so completely Vivenna like and using color idioms and a sheathed shardblade. It would have been a bit sad if she wasn't so amazing.
  5. I voted for other - I personally would like to see Taravangian's viewpoint of that night. I could absolutely see Amaram being the viewpoint, or any of the heralds, but I still think Gavilar will have to be the book 5 viewpoint.
  6. I was sort of indifferent to Shallan after WoK, and started to see her potential in WoR but I really dislike her right now. Not as a character she's fantastic as a character, but as a person. She's flat out abusive to Kaladin in several situations, even before the Helaran issue was known. You can see her abusive father coming out in her in these situations, and unlike bridge 4 calling out Kaladin for his BS attitude sometimes no one calls Shallan out on it. I don't want to get too much into the nuances of this but I see her racism as more vile than Kaladin's, whose anger comes directly from abuse and observation even if it's not justified, while Shallan truly sees herself as above dark eyes. Obviously there's a lot of everyone being racist but for me her version of it is far worse than a lot of the other characters. Honestly I really hope she gets a bit more of a backseat treatment in book 4 sort of like Kaladin did in book 3. I just don't like reading her chapters anymore, and it has nothing to do with how she's written, I just have lost all sympathy for her. I pity her, I can understand her situation and see how she's doing the best she can but I can still wish there was less of her in the future.
  7. Saw this on Reddit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan can play both Jasnah and Navani for me, bonus for being a real life light eyes (natural light green!).
  8. Shallan definitely knows something about her shardplate, we see in chapter 120: Whether she manifested it physically or only as an illusion is up for debate though.
  9. I had the same thought, that the spren wasn't just of Urithiru but all the dawncities and would certainly be an answer for why the singular sibling is also referred to as "they". Perhaps part of why it went to sleep was the destruction of Stormseat? Could the original shattering have damaged such a spren, eventually leaving the Sibling in a state where it gradually shut down?
  10. I like the idea of Kaladin not settling down but after book 10 becoming a world hopper, maybe even going looking for a certain someone we meet in Oathbringer. I've always liked that idea for Kaladin who always wanted to travel and see the world. I just wonder how that would work with Syl, but maybe with a 5th ideal bond she could go with him.
  11. Yeah I didn't care for the forced split either, but my understanding was it was really rushed at the end. I hope we may get an updated version someday. I didn't really care for Jasnah's voice change, but otherwise it's really enjoyable. I do hope we get a graphic audio eventually.
  12. On a lighter note than sending our hero to be tortured for a decade or two... I would be highly amused if Kaladin ended up with Rock's 16 year old daughter, in a few years. The irony of Shallan pretending to be a horneater princess when they first meet, then Kaladin ending up with a real horneater princess. I could imagine her bringing him food and things, and him totally not getting it until bridge 4 has to point it out.
  13. Probably reading too much into this but we see a woman in Urithiru who dresses like Tarah: Just an interesting coincidence most likely, but who knows with Stormlight books.
  14. Actually we have evidence she does know, and likely could have it, but she hasn't truly accepted her 4th level yet. Relevant quotes: I do agree that not all orders will be the same. Personally I always thought it appropriate if stonewards got their armor earlier than other orders, since holding the line is implied as their MO, but I also like the idea of similar progression across orders. I hope we get some more specific information about plate and why radiants can use it when we do finally see a 4th ideal out there. Not just a reward for leveling up, but some actual change in the bond that allows it, similar to the third ideal and earning the true trust of the bonded spren as implied for blades.
  15. I actually had a slight alternate version of this. I don't necessarily think it's true, but it's an interesting thing to consider. What if the stormfather was originally the Adolnasium spren? We know that the highstorm existed before Honor and Cultivarion arrived. We know Urithiru was built in the place "closest to honor". We know that Honor was spreading himself too thin and losing it as he was investing the Stormfather. So what Honor did in putting more of himself into the Stormfather, was give mankind an edge that they could not have had with Honor alive, they'd have two Honor Godspren. This would mean that the sibling and however it effects Urithiru was originally the Honor Godspren.