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  1. As I recall Miles used golden spikes spiked into him for metal minds. That and his actions at the exicutions reminded me alot of Ruin controling the steel inquizaters. And while it would appear that if that were true he would be under the control of Sazed not whomever else I am thinking that Hemalurgy just left a hole in his spiritweb (Or whatever that is called) and a third party backdoored him and made him go all crazy and bandity for whatever reason. I might just be jumping to conclusions here, hemalurgy could not be involved, but after spook and the sword I have been working under the assumption that everyone in mistborn with peircings is under forign mind influance, especialy everyone that starts acting weird or talking crazy, or seeing things.
  2. I would just like to point out that the definition of parasite is: "An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host." and that with out the worms the birds would be immediately eaten, the trees wouldn't be able to attract stuff, (If some of these theories are true) the night maws wouldn't be able to eat anything, ect. The. Worms. Are. Not. Parasites. They have a mutualistic relationship with the islanders not a parasitic one.
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hook_sword http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaolin_Kung_Fu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimachaerus http://www.tribunesandtriumphs.org/gladiators/dimachaerus.htm people have thought having two swords would be cool since swords existed guys, Hollywood invents nothing. shape shifting weapons have been around too
  4. you could choose a rock, Tien's rock or even a certain group of them like Tien's rock collection of rocks or Dalinar's metaphorical pile of rocks but you can't just say rocks because rocks are a kind of thing which is different from a thing but I was just picking rocks as an arbitrary kind of thing, as an example and such. I'm not like anti rock or anything though rock wouldn't count though... because he's a horn eater and stuff I would also like to mention the role that lift uses to power up after she gets caught as one of my favorites(Behind the knife of course) Because it was awesome
  5. So I've seen lots of threads about favorite characters and the like, but here I ask the question what is your favorite thing? Shardblades don't count because you know reasons >_> also it has to be a specific thing like Hoid's flute and not a general thing like rocks or something My favorite is Kaladin's belt knife of last resort, the one he is always pointing at people who are probably about to kill him, and that he makes that shardbarer yield with in the arena. Special mention to the part where he drops it at the end of the book, that was just so perfect and it marked how totally out of gas he was. It was amazing. That knife is so cool, just imagine if it was able to talk and it was chilling with the other knives and it would be all "and then the assassin in white just bolted into the sky, screaming, at the sight of my pure awesomeness." and then the other knives would be all kinds of impressed and crown him as their king and build him a throne made out of knife blades and sharp stuff and the belt knife would sit in it and rule over all knives as king of the pointy things. the end. So tell me, what do you think is the best thing in the storm light archives? but you should know that your wrong it's Kaladin's knife.
  6. Well I was thinking about the shard blade that Dalinar gets from Taln and mainly how it's not an honor blade as you would expect Taln to have, him being one of the Heralds and all. Dalinar's shardblade screams like normal shardblades do(when held by radiant) which means that it is [spoiler] A dead spren [/spoiler] and it does not give him any surgebinding powers. Now very interestingly the Taln has at the end of the way of kings is described as a large spike while the shard blade that Dalinar ends up with is described as cleaver like so I thought maby they aren't the same blade right? and that somehow Taln had managed to get a second shardblade while wandering around and mostly insane and I thought "well maybe that's just something Hearlds can do and they can just summon extra shard blades or something." But then I had a better idea So Hoid is known to swipe various objects that can grant magical powers, like that Lerasium bead, and an unknown quantity of breath and stuff like that right? and Hoid was the guy who met with Taln first, immediately after he showed up. So what if Hoid swiped Taln's honorblade, swapped it out with a regular shardblade so that no one asked questions, and made of with stone-warden powers free of any oaths and all those normal surgebinder/spren bond restrictions.
  7. It makes me think of this could be a coincidence or it could be parasitic void rocks I also remember that they referenced dead rocks before so maybe that's connected too?
  8. Well they certinaly are rare, at one point Szeth thinks on how he is the only Shin in the city, but they are common enough that there exist steriotypes of them and that seeing one going about buisness is aparently not worthy of note. Several of the texts that Jasnah asks Shallan if she had wread were also published by shin. While they are quite isolated I don't think that that hampers their involvement with the bigger problems in roshar mainly because no one on Roshar seemes to know exactly what those are and those who do know have no intention of sharing. They also have to have some form of acctivity out side their home land, there is a group of doods that will reclaim Szeth's blade when he dies, so it seemes to me that they have every means to be connected in all this crazyness. And I will agree with you that it is possible for the punishment to be a souly traditional religious sort of affair I don't believe that it is likely to be a form of political trick. I also don't think that it was done just to get rid of Szeth, the way it gits talked about in the interlude the whole thing comes off as sad and full of regrets but nessacary, at least that is my view. You are right that we don't realy know much about the shin though, so they could just be wierd, but they still need a reason to do what they do, and the one that makes the most since to me is that the practice is in place to prevent the potintal destruction of the world. Which is a bit over the top but it is all I've got.
  9. Exactly Szeth is already revolted with him self The guy can't really go much farther down. Totally unlike the people from the story who would just blame there king and go about their lives. I am really thinking that there are more direct worldly consequences to falling his oath Corrupt and rational are two very different things, Corrupt I could buy, Selfish, Greedy, or Exploitative I could buy, but in order to impose a system like the truthless, by conventional wisdom, you would have to be insane. And I wont buy that the Shin are ruled entirely by madmen without evidence. There is no political gain here, no one benefits from Szeth's punishment, Szeth had to be armed with one of the single most valuable things in the world as a part of it no one would just give that up out of corruption, they would do the opposite and try and take it if they were out for personal gain. I also would like to point out that Szeth is a highly intelligent man and it seems that it would be somewhat difficult to trick him for so long. The amount of mental and physical trauma he has to endure is huge, so it would take an equally huge act to trick him. And even if they were insane enough and corrupt enough to do something like what you described and Szeth fell for it then why wouldn't they keep the oath stone, and thus one of the most powerful weapons in the world, for them selves or at least with some kind of agent they commanded. They gave the oath stone away to some random merchant, that doesn't strike me as a master stroke of political betrayal. There has to be some reason for this whole thing to exist, it seems to me that the evidence links it to the desolations. (Also I made an error in my first post, the last Szeth chapter and the epilogue aren't back to back like I had thought, but they are still very close together, my bad)
  10. Now I’ve seen a lot of posts about Szeth abandoning his truthlessness and deciding to ignore his orders to kill Dalinar or whatever, and how awesome it would be for him to become a good guy, and it would be quite cool. But I have my doubts You see the Shin seem to be a rational and sound people, a people who hate violence, and yet this tradition of truthless seems totally crazy. I could buy if it was just the lifetime of absolute servitude with no absolution from your sins, maybe, it would still be extremely odd as every system of morality’s goal is to stop people from breaking its rules so forcing someone to do so is extremely odd But They give this truthless requires a shardblade (Possibly an honorblade) It just seems odd, odd enough that I feel that it is safe to say that this punishment is not just an arbitrary decision. It’s not just a form of punishment, even if it is somewhat similar to the fate of people who pick up normal weapons. My theory is that something that Szeth did has caused something to start happening, something that he now has to hold back through the trial of being a truthless. I think that something started the return of Odium and the desolation and now Szeth has to maintain his oath as a truthless for as long as possible to delay it for as long as possible. So when he breaks his oath the proverbial gloves come off and we go into round one of the last desolation. I have a few points to support this theory It has been theorised that Szeth’s blade is an honor blade, if this were true then I would like to point to the original world changing effects of the Heralds putting them down, an act that somehow stopped the cycle of Desolations, if szeth had now picked one up then it stands to reason that it is possible that it has something do with unstopping them. Second Shivor is the only large place on Roshar where the high storms don’t reach, there are also no spren in Shivor (at least there are none just hanging around) Which strikes me as very odd. Now I have always wondered what the Rosharn shads version of, can’t see metal, was. There is, what I consider, a hint in the first interlude at the pure lake. Basically they believe that the evil god can’t see them when they are on certain sacred grounds and so they are free to worship as they please there. So I figured I should run with that, what if there was some way to seal off a section of land from the power of the Shards, if that were the case then Shivor, the huge odium safe zone, would be the best place to hide the desolation trigger, as I shall call it. Now do you recall the last scene with Szeth where he meets his employer at Karbanath. There is a very brief section there where Szeth contemplates killing Tarvagian instead of following his orders. This section not only proves that Szeth can break his oath but it also is worded suspiciously “but honor prevailed for now” ← (weak evidence I know but directly after this, the next chapter, also this is parafrased I'll get the exact quote later, when I have my book again), you get a scene of hoid describing the bowl movements of the world and a herald breaking down the gates of Kolinar. Just after. It would also make for an amazing scene if he ever did break his oath. So there it is, am I right, am I wrong, what do you think is the desolation trigger, what do you think will happen when\if Szeth breaks his oath.
  11. I would like to say that I believe that Amaram had a very good reason for stealing the shards in the way he did. You see Amaram is involved with attempts to stop the coming desolation and prepare for the voidbringers. I believe that he probably ended up that way because of his friendship with Gavilar way back in the day, he was probably involved somewhat in whatever the king was planning ended up on the inside and now things have come to light and he feels like it is his job to somehow save the world. For reference he is under the same pressure that Jasnah is suffering from in the early sneak peeks of Words of Radiance, accept for him it is actually worse. You see Amaram is just a regular guy, he has no shard blade, he has no surge binding, or crazy powers or anything, and he has ended up as the enemy of all sorts of mythical monsters and secret societies. Six years ago this crazy shin guy barges in and kills his king and close friend and Amaram couldn’t do anything about it, just now he gets attacked by a enemy shardbearer and barely survives. He couldn’t have done anything against that shardbearer, he just gets pinned underneath his horse. So no he didn’t take that shard blade out of greed, or because he wanted prestage, or because he wanted wealth, or even for the good of Alethekar . He took that shardblade so that when the assassin in white comes to throw him off a building he has something to fight back with. Or at least that’s what I think. However regardless of his motivations the guy betrayed Kaladin and murdered the men who just saved his life and I want to see him pay for that. I mean he doesn't have to die or whatever but if the guy just walks away from this, and Kaladin lets him, it would be terrible. So I am on the revenge boat.
  12. I would like to point out that the scope of the ideals changes from the first ideal to the second, The first Ideal is a universle rule and (is ment to) apply for all people to all other people, that is why all the orders say it The second ideal covers the relation ship of the spefic order of knights to there other people With the form of, I will x those who y So for the third ideal I will sugest that it continues this pattern and decreases in scope again and that when Kaliden says the third ideal it will cover his relationship as a windrunner to the other orders of knight radient But I have no idea what that would be. It will also have a diffrent format than the second ideal and that format will be consistant through out all ten of the third ideals.
  13. And thank you right back, just for being good natured So I have a few more unrelated points and a clarification to make here This is true but it is a measurement of the time he shows up for so it is still a measurement of the spren. I am still a bit confused as to how heartbeats measure the shardspren. but I don't think this is a big deal. I have some other smaller but interesting points to make. So when a shardblade forms it is wet and people (such as szeth) have held these blades with their bare hands which so it seems safe to assume this water is real because if it was not someone would have noticed, I think. How dose this effect you theory? (And this next one is more an like an interesting thought than counter evidence.) So earlier you mentioned that the shardblades are like creation spren because they mimic man made objects. Now we know from Dalinar's vision that shards predate the knowledge of things like mining or basements, and in that the Knights radiant had already been formed for some time now, now dark ages are a reasonable possibility due to the constant desolations but because their so old is it possible that shardblades predate swords. Now there is no real evidence of this so I can't call it a good counter point but if it were true what do you think shardblades were like back then, where they still swords and people copied them, or did they take a different form imitating some other weapon, Like a shardclub. So then a few ways in which shardblades are not like spren. All spren, that we have seen, have been attracted to a certain quality as determined by the first half of their name honor, anger, fear, ect. This includes spren that form bonds with people, making them surgebinders. So as a prerequisite to bonding with those spren you have to exhibit those qualities. But a shard blade can be given from person to person at will. Which seems different. Also bonded spren have all displayed some form of sentience, they talk to the person their bound too ect, shardblades as far as I have seen are completely silent and swordy. Though I guess that it is possible to argue that the thrill is some kind of shardblade influence and thus fulfills this requirement.(I'm not realy convinced by that but it's an argument.) Lastly I would like to offer some supporting evidence that I don't recall being mentioned. In your theory you say that surgbinding is genetic. I just noticed that Elhokar and his sister both have the same kind of spren following them around which while well within the bounds of coincidence dose support this belief.
  14. Ok so I want to say that this theory is cool and explains a lot and I would like to congratulate skaa for creating it. However I am on the shardblades are created by the natal bond when someone becomes a full radiant theory boat and this theory contradicts that quite heavily so I have to argue against it out of principle. Mainly just the shard blades are spren part though. To start, in your theory you drew the link between the scene where measuring spren causes them to become that size to the ten heartbeats summoning the shard blade. The concept here being that the ten heartbeats measure the shardbladespren causing them to waveform collapse into a shard blade. (Note this is my understanding of what you said, please correct me if it is wrong.) I have a lot of problems with this. The heartbeats are dynamic, they vary in length depending on stress levels, they change shape slightly depending on what position the body is in ect, but what the summon is static, the same shard blade every time. The same measurement also produces a thousand something completely different shardblades, not a thousand something different copies of the same shardblade. When the owner of a shard blade dies the shard blade appears immediately, no heartbeats, no measurement, no spren compression, still a shardblade. In the interlude actually measuring the spren dose nothing, the spren is effected when the measurement is recorded, even if that measurement was made up and recorded in the other room. That would mean that to summon your spren shardblade you would have to recorded it somewhere as being ten heartbeats long(or whatever word should be in the place of long). No one uses heartbeats to measure anything. It seems that the spren are effected by measurements because they are effected by how people perceive them and measuring them changes that perception. Measurements have meaning to people and change their understanding of an object in a way that heartbeats do not. Even if people used heartbeats as a form of measurement they can’t possibly measure enough things to define a shardblade. In other instances the measurement of a spren’s size only changes it’s size, the measurement of the time it stays around for only effects the time it stays around for but for the measurement of heartbeats to form the spren into a shardblade it would have to: define that the spren was now in the physical realm, define it’s exact shape as one of over a thousand different shardblades, make shure that it emitted some kind of supper powerfull perpulsion field across all of it’s surfaces accept for it’s edge(another part of your theory), cause it to act as if it were a sword, cut through anything accept for living things in which case it would flip on over the spiritual realm and cut their soul, disappear when dropped or ordered too despite nothing changing in the apparent measurement of the spren that was holding it here to begin with(as in the recorded measurement was not erased), drop when its owner dies, be wet when it appears (somehow), ect ect. All from just ten heartbeats. Because spren are effected by perception passing the shardblade to someone else would cause it to change slightly, but this did not happen when Sedius takes Oathbringer. (This point is kinda shaky) When you count out the ten heartbeats you are measuring something about yourself not the spren. In the past visions Radients seem to be able to summon and unsummon their shard equipment at will. I’m basing this on the instantly appearing/disappearing helmets and the lack of mentioning of pauses before they summoned their shardblades. As far as I noticed that is. (This is supper shaky) Shardplate has no such measurement proses attached to it and the blade and plate seem highly related.(This doesn’t really contradict your theory as a whole as you have them as entirely different, unrelated, things but I thought I’d add it anyway.) That’s all against just one point of you theory I know, but this is getting kind of long so I’ll just post other stuff later.