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I'm just a skaa.

Theoretical Brandonology
Espoused theories from other people (Updated: 2022-01-23):

My own theories and theory threads (Updated: 2022-01-23):


Verified speculations:

The Cosmere and the Shardworlds:






The Rithmatist:

The Reckoners:

These are threads I made in order to see what theories other people would come up with. Feel free to contribute!

Abandoned theories of note:

Theories under development:
These are incomplete or half-baked, and are currently residing in my Coppermind user namespace.

Sanderson Semiotics (Updated 2015-06-06)
Abstract thoughts about connections, analogies, symbols, and meanings.

Questions for Brandon (Updated: 2016-12-15)
Feel free to get from this list if you have the opportunity to ask Brandon questions!



  • You said that the Cosmere was a dwarf galaxy. In the fictional universe that contains this dwarf galaxy, are there other galaxies with magic users?


  • Why is the Illumination Surge not connected to the Order associated with the Essence of Lucentia (which in Latin connotes light)?
  • Nightwatcher gave Lift her ability to convert food to Stormlight before Wyndle bonded her. If her Nahel bond disappeared, would her food-based Stormlight still be of any use to her?


  • If a person with the Tenth Heightening creates a Lifeless, would Perfect Invocation make the Lifeless perfectly white? If so, what interesting characteristics would this white Lifeless have?
  • How does the Tenth Heightening's Perfect Invocation affect a God King when he transfers Peacegiver's treasure to his heir?


  • Can Chromium Leeching be resisted by Copper Allomancy?
  • If one were to submit a bead of atium to a modern chem lab for analysis, what interesting stuff would they find?
  • Did harmonium/ettmetal exist before Sazed Ascended?


Skaa's Laws of Theoretical Brandonology:
(Note: These laws are only applicable to fantasy speculation. Also, I admit that I don't always follow them.)

1st Law: Always err on the side of what's awesome (Brandon Sanderson's Zeroth Law). This means be creative, not boring.

2nd Law: Be brave, but not errorgant. Make risky theories, not because bravery makes you right (that would be errorgant), but because trying to solve a difficult mystery and *failing* is often the first step in solving it.

3rd Law: Cite your sources. Don't assume that people already know which scene or WoB you're alluding to. Add quotes and links to help others understand your awesome theory better.


Other Things


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