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Status Updates posted by skaa

  1. Hey Dark Alley, can you please let the spiked cookies thing die already? It's no longer funny.

    1. Extesian


      Merciful God of Colors

  2. Nice upgrade, admins!

  3. After months of experimentation, I'm finally starting to enjoy Android development. So... my presence here might once again be scarce.

  4. Bye for now.

  5. Thinking of going on a month-long hiatus.

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    2. Slowswift


      ...okay. Stupid logic. :P

    3. Curious Anamaximder
    4. skaa


      Because I am addicted to the 17th Shard and I need help.

  6. Done with giant Calamity post. Next up is a giant Cosmere post. But first, time to take a few days' break.

  7. "I am what I am, and I accept it. But I am under no illusions as to how my company is regarded. Thank you. For not making me feel as others have." -Steris Harms

    1. Slowswift


      Steris is the best.

    2. skaa


      Ain't that the truth! :)

  8. Changed my mind about what my Ookla name will be.

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    2. skaa


      It's a week-long celebration. See here:

    3. Kipper


      Thanks, and sorry to muck up your status like an annoying brat >.>

    4. skaa


      LOL, no problem.

  9. Two Shard-related reveals in one day! W00t!

  10. Problem solved. :)

  11. OCD Problems: I want to contribute to discussions, but my post count is at 999 and the theory I'm preparing as my 1000th post is still far from complete. :(

  12. Thinking of my very first Rithmatic theory :)

    1. Slowswift
    2. skaa


      LOL, thanks! Might take a while, though. I'm still re-learning how to use Inkscape. :)

    3. Slowswift


      Oh, Inkscape! I used that for my art class. It's fun.

  13. Thank you to the kind souls who keep negativity at bay! I shall strive to emulate you in your charity.

  14. So, it appears I have a hater that downvotes my posts for weak or non-existent reasons. Interesting.

    1. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Yikes. That sucks. :( I cancelled out a couple where I could--and you're a Torturer of Heralds now, so, yay?

    2. skaa


      I only saw this now. Thanks, man!

    3. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      No problem. Happy to help a friend. :)

  15. I just realized that the links I placed in my Essence-Surges theory post ( had been corrupted at some point during its many edits. I've now fixed the links.

  16. Check out the Mistborn forums for a new Big Theory I made. Oh, and happy holidays!

  17. Still waiting for something new and interesting.

  18. On a two-week long break from Cosmere theorizing.

  19. Mini-theory: Ghostblood symbol depicts Borromean diamonds

  20. Everything is awesome!

    1. Kadrok


      Everything is cool when you're part of a team!

  21. Jesus, can't I make one theory without someone attacking it as if it deeply offended their honor or something?!

    1. Bloodfalcon


      Please delete this status. It offends my honor.

    2. skaa


      LOL. Sorry about that. I'll go post a happier status update, then. :)

  22. Theory: non-fatal Hemalurgy via acupuncture needles. Thoughts?

    1. Dysphoric Kitten

      Dysphoric Kitten

      Amusing at the very least