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  1. What about his own sun dimming? In my mind that connected the lights winking out to other stars being extinguished
  2. I just finished a reread of The Way of Kings. Something in the last vision Dalinar receives stood out to me. He is obsessed through the whole book about uniting the High Princes, because of a vision he had. He has that same vision again at the end of the book but it is extended. In the extended version we learn that Honor is the one who sent them and that Odium has killed him. He is again told to "Unite Them". But who must he Unite? Note: I removed Dalinar's thoughts and dialogue for clarity. It is right after Honor points out the star systems being destroyed by Odium, while still looking at those star systems, that he tells Dalinar "Someone must unite them". Honor is not just saying Unite the High Princes, or the Knights Radiant, or even all of Roshar. Honor is thinking on a much, MUCH bigger scale. Unite the Cosmere!
  3. Forge a forged item to have never been forged.
  4. WINNER! for redundancy.
  5. Tap Feruchemical zinc to come up with a clever response to the thread about useless uses of useful powers.
  6. I am sorry if I am showing my ignorance here, but if "y'all" is plural what is the purpose of the term "all y'all"
  7. Crazy thought here. What if there is something similar to the spren crossing into the physical relm happening here? He is not quite all there yet, but over time will regain his mental aptitude. or... We don't even know if the Heralds are Human, splinters if Honor, or something else entirely. But they do live a really long time. Each of them have some "intent"... I'm just sayin'... EDIT: Clarification
  8. So subtle it defies least for me. Care to elaborate?
  9. Have you thought that perhaps there is significance, beyond pseudo-randomness, in the number seven?
  10. I like it @morsk I see it as a fun exercise. and I agree on your interpretation of gibletish. however this: It just screams, "Chop up these words up and rearrange them to make something new and unlike them!" Added that it seems so out of context and delivered by the lips of Hoid... I am just saying that I would not put it past Brandon to drop a little Easter egg in that we will look at later and think, "How did I not see that?"
  11. After reading Hoser's post. It got me thinking of the role Szeth plays in all of this. I think you are on to something. Particularly this: Is it possible that whatever Szeth did triggered the beginning of the desolation countdown or did he take up an honorblade in response to a belief in the coming of a desolation? Now things seem to be coming together in my head. Let me see if I can paint the picture: -The Honorblades are in Shinovar where the Shin people have been sworn to protect them. -The Shin people believe the Voidbringers to be defeated and the Desolations long since halted. Therefore, they detest the very idea of violence and war since the Heralds put to rest the need to continue such practice. -Szeth, a radical in Shin society that doesn't swallow this belief whole, pulls the sword from the stone in response to an event that makes him believe that the Voidbringers have returned. -When he refuses to return the blade they bind him (somehow) to an oath stone and cast him out of their society. Now this... ...makes a lot more sense. note: I know it is wild speculation but, isn't that what we do? edit: punctuation...even though it is still pretty bad.
  12. It's also a perfect Anagram for Bad Heralds
  13. I am not sure what advice to give on this one. I have read and reread this series a number of times while waiting for Brandon's epic conclusion. It wasn't until the 4th time through that I really struggled with these books. there is a lot in there of redeeming quality. I really appreciated the Perrin arc when I first read it. He was and still is the character I resonate the most with. There is a LOT of character growth that happens in these books for all of the characters. The endings were all great IMO. I think they are worth reading. With that said however I feel like rereading some of these parts is as bad an idea as reliving Junior high. I grew a lot but... So...I guess my advice would be, If you can read them with out too much suffering, read them. If it becomes a chore at least read the endings.
  14. um...Did you read the title of the post properly? We're posting BAD shard ideas. This sounds awesome! Magnum P.I. or Ron Swanson would be the shard holder for sure.
  15. Sounds like the perfect shard to couple with the shard of redundancy.