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  1. I suspect the land mass is spinning.
  2. I am skeptical that cuscicesh is a god spren. It doesn't communicate with anyone, a sharp contrast to the nightwatcher and Stormfather. On the othe hand, there is evidence of a stonespren the Shin worship that could be similar in power to the Stormfather. My suspicion is the Stormfather is almost purely honor, the Earthmother is almost purely cultivation, and the Nightwatcher is a mix of cultivation and something else (honor, odium, Adonalsium, or combinations?).
  3. I strongly suspect Music is the Focus on Roshar.. That is why Hoid gave a flute to Kaladin, why humming makes it easier to Soulcast and why the parshendi can summon a storm with a song.
  4. There is an Earthspren the stone shaman worship that would be a good candidate for Bondsmithing. I doubt cuscicesh, but Nightwatcher seems a pretty solid guess. And we know about the Stormfather.
  5. I also thought her reference to men odd. It seems being beholden to a woman is better in Jasnah's eyes than being beholden to a man. It could be just a feminist reaction against the enforced gender roles that are so entrenched in Vorin culture. It could be misandry, and a childhood abuse seems a reasonable backstory. It could also be homosexuality, but we have so little evidence for or against that its hard to tell. She is portrayed as asexual with no time or interest in romantic affairs. One person I discussed this with thinks Jasnah might be a sociopath and is incapable of certain emotions like empathy and selfless love. She allows logic and honor to guide her choices rather than the whims of emotion that others suffer from. An interesting option that I haven't seen discussed much, but the way she was described as a child seems to fit. Aloof, emotionally unattached, superior. Some of her behavior toward Shallan argues against sociopathy, but there are many ways to see kindness and not all are based on empathy. With her incredible intellect she could have developed some very advanced coping mechanisms.
  6. Finally confirmation that Odium did not willingly participate in the Oathpact. This quote along with the stuff from our dragon's reply to Hoid suggests Odium is imprisoned on Braize due to the Oathpact.
  7. I love what you have done linking these guys up to orders of KR. Its also just nice to have a compendium of what we know about them. As mentioned in the OP, we have very little concrete data so, theories can blossom unrestrained. We know Blightwind is able to consume souls, perhaps they all consume souls? I have been playing with the idea that the Unmade are not individuals, but rather a patchwork Frankenstein made out of the dead Souls that Odium shreds. As such, they would be more like a battalion of undead with shared consciousness. They clearly have access to Voidspren which may be similar to the Nahel bond, though I'd guess they need to bond a physical vessel to make the surges work. Thunderclasts would fit that bill, and we have also heard references that Voidbringers can possess people and force them to do evil acts. Perhaps the Unmade can create Voidbringers by taking over a susceptible human, consuming his soul and occupying the now vacant body. Sounds... Terrifying.
  8. I like the theory, great work fleshing it out. However, I suspect the Voidbringers may be more powerful than these stormform Parshmen. There were thousands of the voidish anger spren found within a matter of days. I believe these correspond to the mindless windspren of Honor that do not have the ability to Nahel-bond. The Parshmen just seem too much like foot soldiers or maby KR squires to me. Summoning the everstorm could be argued as Voidbinding, but since it is a novel use of power it must not have been one of the surges used by the original Voidbinders. It also took 10,000 Parshmen bonded and acting in unison to accomplish. Consider what could be accomplished with the investiture in 10,000 windspren. There could be a second tier of Voidspren with much more investiture. Spren that can actually gain sentience in the physical world. I suspect these will be bound to the Unmade, dead shredded souls that Odium has enslaved. When one of these souls takes possession of a living body they become a voidbringer.
  9. In TES we hear hints that the spirit world exists in part as a huge network of connections between objects and ideals. By altering these spiritual connections, Soul-stamps can cause physical and cognitive transformations to occur for the objects affected. With this in mind, there are some interesting implications to pull out of the Ars Arcanum of WoR. "this method [of Lightweaving] has a powerful Spiritual element, requiring not just a full mental picture of the intended creation, but some level of connection to it as well...I wish to delve more into this ability, with the hope to gain a full understanding of how it relates to Cognitive and Spiritual attributes" So lets look at a specific Lightweave: Shallan drawing herself in Ch 36. "She saw only the drawing, knew only the emotions she bled onto the page. Jasnah's determination. Tyn's confidence. A sense of rightness that she could not describe, but which she drew from her brother Heleran, the best person she'd ever known. It all poured from her into the pencil and onto the page." When she actually did meet with the Highprinces, Shallan became a different person. It was more than just a visual illusion, she acted differently, thought differently from the girl we knew before. She started to exhibit the attributes she had infused into her drawing. We know from WoK she can pinch off "soul-buds" and infuse them into her artwork. I believe this is the way Shallan's mind interprets the formation of spiritual connections. It seems she actually formed links to these attributes in the spirit realm while creating the drawing, then used Lightweaving to apply them to herself during the meeting with Dalinar. There are obviously many differences between the two magics. For example, Soul-stamps can be permanent, cause physical changes, and require a certain plausibility to function. Lightweaving requires a mental focus, needs active use of Stormlight to maintain, and can't create tangible changes. It will be interesting to see how Yolish Lightweaving compares, since the Ars hints about a spiritual element there as well.
  10. The masked woman being Shallash intrigues me. Destroying depictions of herself and wearing a mask could both be symptoms of the same root problem. Some kind of identiy conflict? That would fit very well with a Lightweaver who can create and shed identities like Wayne swapping hats.
  11. Lethani is from a Patrick rothfuss novel "the name of the wind". It basically is a reference to the innate ability of humans to know what is morally correct in any situation.
  12. I think Hoid is referring to the process of becoming one of the Unmade. Odium shreds the soul and captures it, then creates his legions of undead warriors out of dead souls that presumably can possess the living.
  13. I suspect Taln still has his Honorblade, and somehow got his hands on a Shardblade as well. We have never seen him in a situation where his life was threatened enough to summon his blade. Will be interesting to see what happens when he bumps into a thunderclast.
  14. sort of the opposite of THIS
  15. There is a holy grotto in the Purelake where it is safe to speak freely about the spiteful god. Sounds like a good location for a Shardpool.