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  1. A-steel and F-tin. Side note: can I store my blue line sense? Tap to see anchors too small or far away?
  2. Ha a thread about my question love it! I immediately thought of this after finishing dawnshard and my best guess is that one has different potential, like maybe the ability to reforge
  3. I got my game the other day and I have to say I’ve played 4 times so far and only after the games did I realize we messed up the rules each time. It’s pretty complex, but fun. The art is amazing though.
  4. I want to comment and say that knights radiant are also locally bound to Roshar, or at least the Spren are. Mistborn are able to travel the Cosmere. Also while Mistborn might be outclasssed, Fullborn blow even a Radiant wielding an honorblade of a different order out of the water. Compounded health, speed, strength, etc. gives a ridiculous advantage. In general the Radiants serve as specialized paladins while Mistborn are Rogue assassin types. They aren’t meant to fight head to head really. An interesting thought on the Mistborn match up though is that I’m curious what a Duralumin enhanced Riot/Soothe would do to the Radiants. Are they more susceptible due to their nature? Imagine an enhanced riot of doom or soothe of joy on Kaladin.
  5. Just finished Shorefall, Sequel of Foundryside by RJB. Honestly it was a great read. Took the concepts established in book 1 and turned it up to 11.
  6. When was this confirmed? I know Wax is a steel Savant but I always interpreted Zane just having the hemuralgic spike granting him more steel ability similar to Vin and Brass. A far as savantism goes, I think the only way to achieve Feruchemical sevantism is to be a compounder due to the net neutrality of Feruchemy. Not all feruchemy sevantism would be ultra damaging though just like how not all Allomancy sevantism is harmful like copper and brass. Also something like compounding weight or speed and drawing on it at all times would probably make life hard. Miles, as the only compounder we’ve seen probably had achieved sevantism with his healing (if possible). His body was changed in that it reflexively always drew health, he didn’t feel pain, he had a heightening of body stamina at all times. The downsides being is his ability to physically feel pain was gone (pain is important), and if he ever did stop drawing upon health, his Immune system and ability to self heal would probably be non existent. It’s also possible that the specific sevantism of Feruchemical gold and possibly aluminum might be difficult to achieve similar to how Knights Radiants have difficulty achieving sevantism due to the restorative effects and healing of damage. Who knows?
  7. I’ve always interpreted the earring to be a degraded/divided Steel inquisitor spike with Allomancy-Pewter. When Wax was in the mists he felt better then after he left them he didn’t, giving enough evidence that Harmony was fueling that small Pewter burn. As far as resonance goes, the coppermind gives us so few solid evidence of what is considered a resonance power. Lightweavers having mnemonic abilities and Windrunners having more squires? How? What? It’s all so out there that I think speculating will not get us anywhere as I think Brandon hasn’t fully decided how resonance works and doesn’t want to canonize too much.
  8. Let’s see... according to the coppermind: “Resonances are the interactions between Investiture which produce new, secondary effects from the combination of distinct powers.[1][2] Known Surgebinding resonances include Windrunners'increased number of squires and Lightweavers' mnemonic abilities.[3][1][4]Twinborn also have resonance abilities. However, when there are a large number of manifestations of Investiture within an individual, such as a full Mistborn or Feruchemist, resonances are lost.” The windrunners getting more squires feels weird when comparing it to their powers. Perhaps they have followers “gravitate” to them and then it is easier forming a connection of power thanks to spiritual adhesion? Wayne would have his physical spirit matched to his identity of self, and he can physically pull the fabric of “time” towards him. It could literally be anything. Im going to guess that Wayne just has a perfect sense for time. I justify that by theorizing that because he can use his body as a perfect measurement, resetting to his ideal self, and then pulling time towards him gives him the innate ability to keep track of time? He always seems to arrive just in time for everything.
  9. Finished The Rage of Dragons by Evan White. It was damnation good.
  10. If he wasn’t before he is now. Rock said that his lord came to try and win a shard blade because the first of his people to do so would be made king. Rock killed a shard bearer winning two shards, and is on his way to getting his own Spren shardade. By Horneater standards, Rock is King.
  11. Need recommends. I’ve read all of Sanderson, Divine cities + foundryside, Demon cycle, King killer, lightbringer + night angel and would like books more like this fantasy genre I did try the red rising, prince of thorns, gentleman bastards, raveler, apprentice, and poppy war books but none of them were really for me.
  12. “She [Jasnah] would *not* have her family implode. If Alethkar was going to survive the Desolation, they’d need a committed leadership. A stable throne.” Oathbringer Chapter 53: Such a Twisted Cut. Jasnah would do anything to protect her family and the throne which she now holds. However she is a woman at the head of the Vorin nation and will cause quite a bit of controversy. I think she will also be pressured to seek out a husband. I don’t believe she has any romantic interest in Kaladin, but he *is* the most eligible bachelor in the kingdom now. Not to mention he has the love and respect of the people and dark eyes. A marriage to him would help stabilize her throne. Also this quote: “ ‘It doesn’t bother you at all?’ Jasnah said. ‘The idea of being beholden to another, particularly a man?’” Words of Radiance chapter 1: Santhid Jasnah isn’t afraid of a relationship, she’s afraid of being beholden to anyone. Well she’s queen now so any person she chooses will be bellow her in position and she will be free still. Anyways despite what others claim I think her approach to stabilizing her position and her throne will lead her to entertaining the idea of seeking out Kaladin. If nothing else, just to tie all the heads of the radiants to her family and earn the respect of the kingdom.
  13. Can we get an official confirmation of Defending Elysium and Skyward being shared universe? Was really cool when the grandma was talking about how her mother was the engine. Complete call back and I literally had to ask myself if it was in the shared universe
  14. Yep as soon as her grandmother mentioned her mother being the engine for FTL travel I was like “is this in the defending Elysium universe???”