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  1. ketek

    LOL pretty awesome! My only complaint is that you have silly Billy twice, instead of silly Billy and Billy silly, so it doesn't QUITE close though! If you just change the 2nd line to "Billy, silly, that's no art" it works :-D Well done!
  2. ketek

    Beautiful phrasing, and evocative imagery! Does the breakdown of the five segments need to be equal forward and backward though? I always assumed so, which makes things much harder. If this is legit though, bravo!
  3. Am I the only one that thinks we are overthinking this whole f.nicrosil paradox? In BoM, we are shown repeatedly that the medallions don't work unless you know what they are. In other words, you need Intent, which we know is a very important part of magic in the Cosmere. It's a little bit circular, but if you have a medallion that is invested with the investiture needed for anyone to use f.nicrosil, it makes sense to me that you just need the Intent to use it. We also have WoB that using a nicrosil medalmind works more like a coppermind (take it out, use it, put it back), than like a pewtermind, so some of the questions of how to make and refill an excisor can be easily resolved So to make an excisor, the Sovereign would simply need to use f.aluminum to store his identity, then f.nicrosil to store all of his investiture granting him allomancy and feruchemy except for for f.aluminum and f.nicrosil in a separate nicrosil metalmind, then put a little bit of his remaining investiture in the excisor. Then take back all the rest of his power from the first nicrosil metalmind and his identity from the aluminum metalmind. (this may not be necessary if you can store specific parts of your investiture for certain powers, which I assume you can if it works like a Coppermind. I will assume you can below). Next, you hand an empty brass/nicrosil metalmind and the excisor to a nicrosil ferring. They put on the excisor, dump their identity into an aluminum metalmind, put a little bit of their f.nicrosil investiture into the brass/nicrosil metalmind, then take back their identity. Now you hand the brass/nicrosil metalmind to a brass ferring. They dump their identity into aluminum, then put a little bit of their f.brass investiture into the brass/nicrosil metalmind, then they take back their identity. Now you have an unsealed brass medallion. The only issue I see here, is what happens when you take off the unsealed metalmind? Does it automatically take back the f.nicrosil investiture? Could you use Intent to keep the f.nicrosil investiture and effectively re-seal the medallion and make yourself a permanent nicrosil ferring? It would be pretty funny if that is what the Southerners did to the medallions before "gifting" them to The other issue is that you would eventually deplete your nicrosil ferrings. It is possible that the original excisors were super loaded with investiture, so they have just been tapping off of those to make medallions, and will eventually run out. Or nicrosil ferrings are common enough that they have been able to spread it around enough to still work. Alternatively, I'm overthinking this too. Perhaps the mere fact that you have stripped all the identity away means that the investiture stored is basically pure/blank/whatever investiture, like a skeleton key. The fact that it is stored in a metalmind makes it feruchemical investiture, and thus gives all the feruchemical powers of whatever the other metals in the metalmind are. That could explain why there is a limit to how many can stack; just pushing the hack too far.
  4. ketek

    I wrote this for my wife, who has metastatic breast cancer, and often struggles under the pressure/expectation to put on a brave face: Persisting, struggling from noble courage, / the woman perseveres. / Thrive, / persevering woman! / The courage, noble from struggling, persists. I stayed super slavish to the rules, including placement of things like articles (the, of, a, etc), since all the ones from the books were that way, but I notice a lot of fan Keteks are looser...I feel like I could do a lot more if it didn't have to be EXACTLY symmetrical except for verb tense. Do we have any WoB on how strict they need to be?
  5. I'm really interested in these shardcast discussions, but for various reasons the podcast format doesn't really work for me...are there any plans to make transcripts available?
  6. I did a search on the forums and haven't found anyone asking, who is "the series" that Suit mentions near the end of BoM? Is this maybe the off world red eyes organization, and the set is the on world branch? Or is it simply another rank? I also can't help but notice the math/numerology language: series, set, sequence, array...(suit is the only small outlier, but I just might not know the reference). Does this smell like autonomy? ....maybe?
  7. I HIGHLY recommend buying the hard cover as well (I get nook version too for SA, for practicality sake). This is a GORGEOUS book. Plus, double sided full color dust jacket map?! Whaaa??!
  8. Just got my delivery from Weller, a day early! (#559!) So much for "do not deliver before..." lol Also included, an epic bookmark! (Check out the lower right corner...LOL) (hope that isn't considered a spoiler??)
  9. Does a shard blade only cut with the edge? How does it distinguish? Will a shard hammer not pass through things? I was wondering how she got the pancake on the fork at all...the only thing I can think is that only the tips pass though anything, and the sides of the tines act normally. If that's the case, I guess that answers the question about the flat of a shard blade. Maybe involves intent?
  10. Well, that is a pretty good reason! :-p
  11. Really? The phrasing seems too similar to the WoB about one shard just wanting to hide to be a coincidence. And if khriss says that there SHOULD be a shard there based on evidence, but she thinks there isn't, occams razor says that there is (but he's probably just hiding!) Where is the stretch?
  12. Did anyone catch this from the table of contents post? "Some of these planetary systems are familiar to the reader, some are almost entirely new, and some have apparently been hiding a great deal from their observers…" Based on this and the excerpt, sounds like Drominad is home to the survival shard!
  13. I think Brandon might have been having some fun with the spren poop comment. We know that crem is used as fertilizer, and poop is, well, also used as fertilizer. There might be deeper Cosmere meaning (possibly with correlaries on other planets? Come quickly white sand!), but at the least I think he is saying that crem is literally BS...Lol Seriously though, sounds like it must be coming from Cultivation, given its uses. Do we know if there are crem spren? If there aren't, that could give some interesting clues its nature.
  14. Sweet, we are leaving a pub near the tower in 5!
  15. By a strange twist of fate, I will be in London for this, and managed to convince my wife that it is a valid use of our vacation time :-) I will be wearing a green polo and jeans and will be walking around with a very pale blond lady in a black dress if anyone wants to say hi!