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  1. It’s easy when you consider a forum as some sort of a periodically updated blog! But considering the quality of Sanderson’s books is only increasing, it’s very likely I’ll be a fan for the next foreseeable future. Might as well mingle and brainstorm with like-minded individuals
  2. Thank you @MageStar and @bleeder I hope that I will be able to post more, right now I am working on the overwhelming prevalence on humans on most worlds, considering the original Yolen had three sentient species. It is SO fun!
  3. Finally, after 3 re-reads of everything Sanderson-related I could find, I am joining the discussion. Mistborn hooked me in, but the Stormlight Archive is driving me into a slow and beautiful insanity. Nobody I know in real life is a fan, and I really need a place where I don’t feel so weird if I research a fiction topic almost as rigorously as my master’s thesis. Most of the ideas that I had are related to stuff you guys have debated for years! I am in awe at your scientific approach to various hypotheses and also a bit intimidated. I have to admit that this very forum made me fall in love with Brandon’s work all over again. So hello!
  4. From the little piece here (WoR spoilers ahead) I always assumed Jasnah had something to do with it. That, and the books that show up so unexpectedly on shore. She probably does not have much stormlight, but maybe the Santhid needs only a little nudge/versus changing the very nature of something such as the rope.