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  1. The question to me comes down to how the Vessels handle the responsibility that comes with their position. Whether or not they are "gods" is of lesser import, at least to me. They all have immense power, and through their Investment on various worlds, they literally have the power of life and death over all beings that exist in those worlds. That power comes with a responsibility, at least in my mind, to care for, or at least not harm those in their power. I fully realize that some Shardic Intents are at odds with this. Ruin, for example is bound by its Intent to promote entropy at all costs. By doing so, it directly harms the beings under its care. This is not inherently evil, but is a consequence of its Intent. Odium, by extension, is in the same boat. Whether its Intent is Rage or Passion, the end result is the same, as in many cases pure passion can be indistinguishable from rage, in that both are strong emotions that can and do override all other considerations. Now, the same can be said of many, if not all of the Shards that we know. They are all bound by their Intent so strongly as to exclude all other considerations, if not when the Vessels took up the Shards, but definitely over time as the Intent changed them. So what do we have to go on? The Intent that aligns best with preserving life? That would seem to limit it to three: Preservation, Harmony, and Cultivation, with possibly Endowment or Devotion thrown in for good measure. Of these, we dont really know much about Devotion, Endowment seems to be more about playing 3-D chess with the Cosmere, Harmony is conflicted and finds it hard to act, and Preservation did empower and aid the Lord Ruler. Cultivation is about growth and change, but frankly, I think that she is more concerned with staying alive than actually caring for her people, same as how I perceive Honor was. To me it is a question of who seemed to care the most for their people. In this we only have two choices: Preservation, who took it upon himself to try and save his planet from destruction, and actively tried to console the spirits of those who died, and Harmony who seems to be actively trying to protect and promote his people from outside harm. Both are deeply flawed, neither are ones that I would necessarily want as my "god," but in my mind they seem to be the best of bad choices.
  2. I am an insane addict to historical recipies, and while I can't pick a definite favorite, there are two YouTube channels that I hit up quite frequently for recipies. Townsend's and Tasting History. I've made several dishes from both, and have not been disappointed except by my own lack of skill at certain things. As far as my own recipie, there's Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.
  3. Sure, I'm in.
  4. Nunavik
  5. Xi'an
  6. Auckland
  7. Natchez
  8. I hope it works out, and I wish nothing but the best for you. I am definitely not a teenager anymore, so if you will forgive an oldster, I will give you the same advice I give my teenage daughters: This. Chinkoln said it perfectly. Anybody worth your time will respect you for who you are. If they don't, they're not worthy of your crush. The teenage years are tough. We all either are in them, or went through them. It is hard to figure out the line between being "clingy" and being social. The secret is that I guarantee your crush has the same difficulty. If you are yourself, and he responds with interest, then text, and text as often as you want. If he doesn't, then take it as a sign that he's not for you. It's hard, but being true to yourself is the best way, not only for younger people, but for old fogies like me. Good luck
  9. Shallan is secretly a brunette. This overarching lie attracted Testament, who not only felt an attraction to the untruth, but was also Shadesmar's best stylist. The truth spoken addressed the danger that the dyes and chemicals used could make Shallan's hair fall out. She broke that truth when in a fit of rage, she started wearing a wig.
  10. Spoilered for size.
  11. lord ruler

    There are in fact female Inquisitors that we have seen on screen, it just wasn't very noticeable. Of course this is after TLR had gone beyond.
  12. Any Nahel bond: Navi with benefits.
  13. Happy Birthday!!!!

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  14. My headcanon is that it's the point where the Spiritual Realm touches the Cognitive. In Mistborn, it seems to be the point that souls are drawn towards, and in Shadesmar it draws light and shadows towards it. No real evidence for this, but it's my crackpot theory.
  15. I have always had... a soft spot I guess, for Lin Davar. Yes, he was a despicable person who did terrible things, but in a way I feel that I understand him. To me, he is one of, if not the most, tragic character in the Cosmere. His fall started with one of the most selfless acts I can think of: his defense of his daughter. He basically walked in on his wife and her friend trying to kill Shallan. He fought against them, and was wounded. He still fought, and probably would have fought to the death if Shallan hadn't summoned Testament and ended things. When she did, what was his response? He cradled her, tried to soothe her, hid her actions, and most importantly took the blame. Not only from society as a whole, but also from Shallan's brothers. What is more, he kept her secret about being a Shardbearer safe to prevent her from being targeted again. He didn't even try to claim the Shardblade, or get Shallan to use it again when to do so would have made his own social position secure. Even at the end, he kept those secrets safe. What was his reward for doing what any good father would do? He became reviled by everyone, including his own family. He bore that to his death, and never tried to explain what really happened. The closest he came was with Helaran when he told him that "you don't know what you think you know." That broke him and let Odium in through the cracks. He became filled with hatred, and fell. And yet, even when he fell, he felt remorse and sorrow. He tells Shallan so when she met Hoid for the first time, and frankly I believe him. He knew that he had fallen, and he regretted it deeply. And yet, the one thing that he could have done to get some modicum of respectability back from others, namely betraying Shallan, he never did, or even considered. Of all the characters who deserves a redemption arc, he tops my list. He deserved it more than Roshone, more than Moash, more than even Dalinar in a way. He didn't get one, and the irony is that the person who ended that possibility was the person who he gave up everything for. As a father who likes to think that I would be as much of a defender of my daughters, this is the ultimate tragedy.