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  1. game

    I think Skeletal is one since they have red Bloodseals. Trell could be another for being related to "men of gold and red". I'm really not sure what the third could be.
  2. game

    I guess I could see the second one as being either Karata or Gneorndin--Karata because her desire to see her child is a major motivator, and Gneorndin because his main function is as the child of someone. I'm leaning more towards Karata though.
  3. game

    I'll join in for the next round.
  4. I know there was discussion about doing this in the past here, and it seemed like it was going to happen, but it never did.
  5. game

    I'll pass on the next game since I'm out of town for the next week.
  6. game

    Looks like I'm doing well at finding the Assassin Nice job giving clues and guessing @Jondesu and @Rhapsody. Sorry for disappearing for most of the game.
  7. game

    Well, Dustbringers seems like the obvious choice, so I'll guess that.
  8. game

    Since we only have two hours left, I’m going to go ahead and guess Ham, Lifeless, and Denth. If either of you, @Rebecca and @xinoehp512, want to add another guess or two, you can.
  9. game

    I agree with Ham and Lifeless. I could see it being Denth and Jezrien too. The Dawnsingers could be right, I guess. Or maybe Dakhor (referring to the monks more than the magic system) or Granite Joe?
  10. game

    Would anyone be interested in playing this again?
  11. For what it's worth, here's the WoB. There's also this from Peter that looks like it's a response to the same discussion that prompted that question to Brandon.
  12. I had to take a long break from Oathbringer toward the beginning of this part, which is why it took me as long as it did to finish it. But I did finish it, and I thought I'd try to post here before moving on to part 5. This part was slow, despite being the shortest so far in this book. I'm not sure how much of that is because I took so long to read it and how much of it is the pacing in the part itself. While it was cool to see Shadesmar, I feel like more time was spent there traveling than needed to be. I think I would rather have been introduced to Shadesmar in an interlude or in a novella like Edgedancer. With characters in so many different places, it felt like we were jumping around a lot, especially when chapters ended on cliffhangers that made me want to know what would happen next with those characters but were followed by a viewpoint change to elsewhere. The chapters with Szeth felt more like what's been in interludes in the past than what's usually in the main parts of the books. And during the Dalinar flashbacks I kind of wanted to just get ahead to where he goes to the Nightwatcher. Overall, this part felt like setup for the final part. There were definitely great moments, but it just didn't draw me in that much.
  13. As Weltall said, Breath isn't usually used up in normal awakening. However, Brandon has said that if the Breath is left in the object for too long one of them vanishes. That seems to only take place over long time scales though, not over the amount of time of most Awakenings seen in the book. Also, as Weltall said, non-Nalthians do not have Breath. However, that doesn't mean they are Drabs. A Nalthian with a single Breath does have slightly more investiture than a normal non-Nalthian, but the amount in a Breath is more than that little bit so a Drab Nalthian has less investiture than a normal non-Nalthian.
  14. game

    Vasher is the assassin. Stormwardens is the final blue agent. (You only had 8 blue agents to find since your team was second.) Congrats to the blue team for winning without making a single mistake! Good game everyone.
  15. game

    Ien (Raoden's Seon) is a red agent. However, The Thrill is an innocent bystander. @Herowannabe It's the blue team's turn.