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  1. Matrim's Dice gave a good summary, but there are a few things I'd add. In book 2, Egwene gets captured by the Seanchan for a time and is freed when Rand, Mat, and the Heroes defeat them. Egwene starts training with the Aiel dremwalkers in book 4. Also, the White Tower splits at the end of book 4. The Aes Sedai that oppose Elaida gather in Salidar in book 5. Min and Siuan go to Salidar, as do Elayne and Nynaeve. Also at the end of book 5, Nynaeve defeats Moghedien in the world of dreams, and Rand goes to Caemlyn to kill Rahvin. The Black Tower stuff doesn't start until book 6. In book 6, both groups of Aes Sedai try to get Rand on their side, but Elaida's group kidnaps him, which leads to the battle of Dumai's Wells, where the Asha'man are first used in battle. Also, Nynaeve heals Logain, and he later "escapes" Salidar. A large part of book 7 is Elayne, Nynaeve, and Mat looking for the Bowl of Winds in Ebou Dar so they can fix the weather (which had been too hot for a while). Also, Rand sends Perrin for Masema. In book 8 it really does seem like not much happens. There are a few things though. It is when the Bowl of Winds is actually used. Rand starts fighting the new Seanchan invasion. Egwene leads the Salidar Aes Sedai to Tar Valon. Also, Faile gets captured by the Shaido (the bad Aiel). If you want something more detailed, the summaries on wikipedia seem decent, and Dragonmount has pretty good summaries as well. For even more detailed summaries, Encyclopedia WoT has great chapter summaries (although footnotes sometimes refer to things that happen later), as well as a nice plot thread chart for each book, and great summary pages for characters (although, again it's easy to run into spoilers on those pages).
  2. Like the other buttons around it, the Code option is a formatting option. It sets the text apart and formats it to look like code. Specifically, it maintains whitespacing and indentation and uses a monospaced font (and highlights the text if you select the language it is from). It's useful if you want to share code on the forums or if spacing is important, but it doesn't compile or run the code at all.
  3. game

    I'd think Conventical of Seran and probably Luthadel.
  4. game

    I don't think the fact that there's something under a city makes much sense for a clue of "underground". It would make more sense if the clue was referring to something that was underground rather than something that was above something that was underground. While none of the words are underground per se (unless Rhapsody was thinking of the Kandra Homeland and didn't see that that was actually referring to something else), the Conventical of Seran is at the bottom of a depression in the land and has no windows, so it can give the feel of being underground, and the Pits of Eltania imply being underground in the name and have at least one cave. However, if you disagree with me and agree with each other maybe it's more likely Rhapsody was thinking like you, so you can guess what you want.
  5. game

    Luthadel seems like a stretch to me. Conventional of Seran or Pits of Eltania seem more likely.
  6. game

    Jah Keved makes sense since it's a Vorin Kingdom, and Tranquiline Halls since they are a Vorin concept, although I could also see Roion princedom since it's in a Vorin kingdom. The first two seem most likely to me though.
  7. game

    It sounds like we're all in agreement, so I'll go ahead and guess Dashe and Dakhor.
  8. game

    I don't know how I missed Nale.... For the Parshendi clue, it really could have been Mraize since he uses a Parshendi weapon. Or Nale. The only option still open to guess I could possibly see it being is Red for existing on Roshar in the same place as Parshendi at some point, and that doesn't seem likely enough to guess it.
  9. game

    Order of Dustbringers seems obvious. I'm not seeing anything else related to the surge of Division, but another definition of division could be meant for the second one.
  10. game

    Can I join in even though the game's already started?
  11. game

    I think Skeletal is one since they have red Bloodseals. Trell could be another for being related to "men of gold and red". I'm really not sure what the third could be.
  12. game

    I guess I could see the second one as being either Karata or Gneorndin--Karata because her desire to see her child is a major motivator, and Gneorndin because his main function is as the child of someone. I'm leaning more towards Karata though.
  13. game

    I'll join in for the next round.