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  1. Spook's idea for hemalurgy was pragmatic, the Set's is much more about taking power for themselves. Where Spook thinks logically they are selfish.
  2. Well, as was stated in Mistborn: Secret History, it has to do with expanding the soul--Harmony (Sazed) was able to turn Spook into a full Mistborn without Lerasium. Hold couldn't have inherited it (most likely) he goes back before the splintering of Adonalsium I think. The alloy of Lerasium and Atium sounds very interesting, but I think it more likely that he received it from Preservation. Though it might seem like Preservation would have no reason, we don't know all of Hoid's doings--for instance, it seems even a stretch for Preservation to bind Ruin under contract, to even come up with a plan that broke their deal. Now if Hoid helped, came up with the idea, or otherwise assisted Preservation in making the Well of Ascension that would make more sense--Hoid gains easy access in world hopping to Scadrial (Well of Ascension and the Pits of Hathsin). But knowing Hoid, he found a little side payment, maybe Harmonium or some other element existed before when BOTH preservation and ruin were free on Scadrial--the terris received some but like lerasium Hoid could have "received" some...
  3. Let's assume that you're either a full feruchemist or mist born, which do you want more? I think I'd go with feruchemy, storing some attributes would be amazing, mental speed, healing, speed, etc.
  4. Agreed, the "elders" are probably full Elantrians--the aged appearance cognitively, their use of Aons in the magical orb and devices, the glow of the stones from the Dor, and saying Merciful Domi!
  5. Kelsier! You...you..you........I don't have the words to describe The Ire seem to be from Sel (merciful domi, the symbols which are suspiciously like Aons, and the glowing walls, rather like the Dor) but who and how?
  6. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the forging of Nightblood seems suspicious. Yes, Vasher and Shashara used about 1000 breaths in awakening Nightblood, but by Vasher's own admission it shouldn't have resulted in a sentient sword. Further as I said in a different post (Why is Nightblood overpowered) for such an important project would Vahser and Shashara really use an ordinary blade? No. As has been stated before (copper mind) Vasher had traveled to Roshar previously and seen a (likely alive) shardblade, an inspiration for Nightblood. Theory: Nightblood was forged from some sort of invested sword, like a shardblade. In other words, they awakened a sword that had already been affected by magic of another shard--feruchemist storage, deceased shardblade, elantrian magic, etc. This could be crazy but even Vasher and Shashara were surprised at the results so it seems like something else happened. It would make sense that Hoid was involved somehow (he's always involved in whatever's important) either giving them a shardblade or...Hoid tends to nudge the actions of others. Personally I like the idea of a deceased shardblade, the infusion of breaths could've revived the spren--to an extent--regaining sentience but bound by its command. Perhaps Nightblood could change shape even, he's never tried, being out of his sheath just once on the record. Thoughts?
  7. I'm just guessing, but Nightblood in the cognitive realm would be a little more terrifying than a bug-like creature, more like a miasma of darkness.
  8. On Roshar: The Unmade-Powerful spren with sweeping effects like the death rattles and the Thrill. Evil spren-used by parshendi for transformation to void bringer forms like storm callers at the end of WoR. Could have surges. On other shards his power probably manifests differently but it seems to have a theme of influencing or controlling other people's actions (parshendi are not free when in the void bringer forms).
  9. The Shards should be the teachers: Honor: Head of Gryffindor House Odium (or Ruin?): Head of Slytherin ...
  10. IF it was a kandra that would have to be several because the parshendi rule as a council-like group. Also, it could just be he hasn't decided which parshendi did the actual order--after all they said it needed to be done, they didn't explain Gavilar's death
  11. Hold would make the truth dance (Aes Sedai style) and he would definitely manipulate others first. Killing would be rather brash for him, but we don't for what yet...
  12. Quick note: Shardblades are from spren, not directly from Honor. The only thing we know Nightblood is made of is at least a 1000 breaths. That alone is great power. However, since he feeds off of his wielder, he's been gaining more power--he took what, 50-100 from Vasher in like a minute. As before, he is an extremely condensed form of power. Also, Vasher and Shashara wouldn't have chosen a regular sword for such an important test, who know what they used in forging Nightblood, after all they invented incredible things in that time.
  13. Granted, I wish for immortality, but your spirit is stuck with me. Forever.
  14. A bit unlikely, in addition to other people's objections, they were able to back out of their deal, no one else has or can such as Dalinar, Taravangian (after he's been brilliant why waste time?), etc.
  15. theory

    Makes sense. I would like to add that they are likely lesser spren(s) that make up shard plate given that it has less variety (Syl can become any weapon and we've never seen shard plate change nor specific variation like the swords) and it is vulnerable to shard blades and normal weapons (eventually), but shard blades are indestructible even after death.