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  1. Woo! I'll be there. I put my phone on the table for a voice recording of the signing line last time I attended, and I'm more than happy to do that again. Main thing to know about the store is that it's really small, so definitely show up a bit early to get parking (generally on a back street), and a place where you can actually see Brandon, even if you might not get to sit down. Last time I had to stand around the corner and lean over a table to just be able to see him.
  2. Going to be there and super excited to meet all of y'all from that region. (Hi. Beta reader from Austin TX here, traveling since he doesn't have a TX signing this time and I have a friend I can stay with.)
  3. Just a note, I've got the old and the new versions of Evil Librarians, and just finished reading the new one. The steel skull quote is NOT in the original 2007 edition, rather, it mentions the bullet that killed your archenemy. The steel skull (and thus Steelheart reference) was added for the illustrated rerelease, which makes a lot more sense. Not even Brandon can predict series' outcomes before he gets the idea to start writing them. I... Don't think I caught the WoT reference? Which book is that in?
  4. Here it is! Warning: There's a fire alarm that goes off around the 2 hour mark.
  5. Here's the video of the talk/Q&A: Apologies for my head getting in the way. You *might* want to listen to 18:45-ish, if nothing else. How/where do I post the signing line audio to be transcribed?
  6. The event went well, for the most part. Huge crowd, great location. Someone did have a seizure during the reading, and a fire alarm went off for half an hour during the signing line, but... I dragged my friends along, and they all seemed to enjoy it! I have video of the entire talking portion, and audio of the signing line, which Brandon told me has "some good questions/answers on it." I'll get the audio and the non-reading portion of the video uploaded sometime this weekend.
  7. Anyone else going? BookPeople is amazing, and the event should be awesome. I know I'm dragging at least 5 of my friends along...
  8. Well, the thing in the background, at the very least. The text has changed somewhat, but Luthadel, audience, Kelsier's (eyes)... It's definitely the same. Now I have to wonder if the Unfinished Secret was the same thing, or if its existence spoiled the existence of this novella, or what.
  9. Here's the speech: Here's the Q&A. I muted the audio during the spoilery question, so anyone should be able to listen to this. For those wondering, the WORDS OF RADIANCE SPOILER began
  10. I recorded the speech, Q&A, and reading. Will be posting the first 2 soon (3-hour drive both ways from Austin and I'm behind on HW at the moment.), but as with WorldCon the reading won't go up until after the tour (Same reading as WorldCon). I put my phone on Brandon's table and got *some* of the signing line questions, but for some reason my phone stopped recording after the first 45 minutes and I didn't notice until I got up there at number 148 that it had. Caught the last hour of the line as well. Will post those for transcription at some point as well, but I want to try to listen to them myself, first. Also, PLEASE DO NOT ASK SPOILERY QUESTIONS DURING THE GENERAL Q&A TIME, AND IF BRANDON CALLS YOU OUT FOR IT, DO NOT PROTEST THAT EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE READ THE BOOK ALREADY! (You'll see what I mean when the Q&A section goes up.)
  11. Where do you go to school? I'm at UT Austin...
  12. Oh, and about Peter's lean over and talk moment: He was selling copies of the con exclusive out of a suitcase by hand to people at the panel, and they were asking him questions about it.
  13. Yay. I was worried that people would be annoyed with the shaky camera-work and not focusing solely on The Brandon.
  14. Once again, sorry about the delays. They cancelled my plane and stuck me in a hotel for 4 hours before flying me out the next day. Yesterday was... Bleh. Anyway. It's UP! Enjoy. (The first question was about a sequel to The Emperor's Soul. I didn't start recording right at the beginning, but I didn't miss any complete questions.) (Yes, I was sitting next to some really cool people.) I did NOT record the Stormlight reading, so it's no use pestering me to upload it. And yes, Brandon asked explicitly that nobody post it online until after his SoS tour was complete.