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  1. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Happy New Year, folks! Let's get hyped about Stormlight 4!
  2. This made my day!!!!! That blurb is rad as hell. Can't wait for the book! (Please, we need more fabrial content!)
  3. From the album General SA Art

    Young Dalinar & Evi for you all. My favorite Stormlight couple (former) so far! So beautiful yet so tragic.
  4. There are windspren and even Stick in Frozen 2.
  5. Younger Elhokar & Jasnah be like:
  6. Made from Penguin Classics Cover Generator Inspired by [x] [x]
  7. Someone reminds me of this
  8. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Finally sat down to draw cosmere stuff! Here is a character request meme from twitter and we have a bunch of popular ones here 1st line: Kelsier, Vin, Rashek 2nd line: Shallan, Evil!Dalinar as Odium’s champion, Kaladin 3rd line: Frost, Sazed, Shalash (*Kelsier wink* Thanks for your love <3)
  9. Happy New Year to you all! My first time trying non-Cosmere art Character from left to right: Rigmarole (with Doomslug), FM, Spin, Quirk, Jerkface, Nedder, Morningtide, Amphisbaena, Hurl, Bim. The original Skyward Flight! Be Defiant!
  10. INTRODUCTION So, there’re basically thirteen races (or at least thirteen races so far, if you divide those cultures into more parts) on Roshar: the Alethi, the Vedens, the Unkalaki (aka the Horneaters), the Herdazians, the Thaylens, the Natan, the Makabaki, the Selay, the Iriali, the Shin, the Reshi, the Listeners and the Aimians. Note: Here I used one of my old art created by the Chibi Maker to visualize the descriptions, though there’re still some minor inaccuracies. I really wanted to do a complete graphic chart, but it is still far off. Brandon's comment on this: A LIST OF HUMAN RACES 1. The Alethi (People of Alethkar) 1) Common features: tall stature, tan skin, black hair, lighteyes and darkeyes 2) Inspiration from Earth: Asian-Hawaiian people (You can imagine them as east-Indian people.) [source], Asian-Arab people [source] Kaladin is an Asian-Middle Eastern mix. [source] 3) Brandon's choice: Dave Bautista for Dalinar [source], Alex Landi for Adolin [source] How about the Iriali and Alethi mix we have going on with Adolin and Renarin: 2. The Vedens (People of Jah Keved) 1) Common features: fair skin, red hair, lighteyes and darkeyes 2) Inspiration from Earth: Asian-Caucasian people (supposedly more Asian-like) [source], red-haired Uyghur people [source], Shallan is a half-Irish, half-Japanese mix [source] 3. The Unkalaki (People of the Horneater Peaks) 1) Common features: light tan skin (or just fair skin like the Vedens) (supposedly lighter than the Alethi), red hair, strong back molars to break shells and claws (result of Parshendi hybrids) [source] 2) Inspiration from Earth: Asian-Caucasian people, [source] Mongolian people, Polynesian people, Russian people [source] 4. The Herdazians (People of Herdaz) 1) Common features: deep tan skin (supposedly darker than the Alethi), dark crystalline fingernails (result of Parshendi hybrids) 2) Inspiration from Earth: Hispanic people [source], indigenous Bolivian [source] 5. The Thaylens (People of Thaylenah) 1) Common features: long white eyebrows 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown 6. The Natan (People of the former Natanatan) 1) Common features: pale bluish skin, wide nose, wool-like white hair [WoK Ch.36] (result of Aimian hybrids) [source] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown 7. The Makabaki (People of all the Makabak) 1) Common features: dark brown skin (or just dark skin), black hair [WoK Ch.14] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown Notable races: the Azish, the Tashikki, the Emuli and the Tukari (People of Azir, Tashikk, Emul and Tukar) 8. The Selay (People of the former Sela Tales) 1) Common features: skin ripples [WoK Ch.52] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown Notable race: the Purelaker (People of the Purelake) 1) Common features: leathery skin, dark hair, long limbs [WoR I-3] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown Notable race: the Babath (People of Babatharnam) 1) Common features: [women] patterns of veins beneath the skin [WoK Ch. 46] (result of Aimian hybrids) [source] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown 9. The Iriali (People of Iri and perhaps Rira) 1) Common features: yellow eyes, golden skin often painted various colors and patterns, golden hair with metallic sheen [WoK Ch.18, WoR I-2] 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown Note: There are small differences between the Iriali and the Riran. [source] 10. The Shin (People of Shinovar) - The only race without epicanthic folds 1) Common features: short stature, pale skin, large round eyes, men tending to be bald, no epicanthic folds (but still hardly resemble the Caucasians on Earth) 2) Inspiration from Earth: unknown 11. The Reshi (People of the Reshi Isles) 1) Common features: tan skin, straight black hair, rounded features [WoR I-9] 2) Inspiration from Earth: Hispanic people (or at least for Lift) [source], indigenous Bolivian [source] About the Kharbranthians: The city-state is culturally diverse, so you can find different races there. Last update: Jun 3rd, 2019 (by Botanica) Original post: [x]
  11. More of this: (Photo credit: amy_simba on Instagram)
  12. From the album General SA Art

    The first half of Oathbringer interludes characters (Puuli, Kaza, Ellista, Taravangian), also a part of Elsewhere on Roshar project (I’m back on more OB stuff!)
  13. I finally drew a Sarene! (Originally for the gift exchange on tumblr.) + + + Alternative version Lineart Sketch Tools: automatic pencil, Photoshop CS3 + + + More Elantris and TES sketches Kiin’s Family (Kiin, Daora, Lukel, Jalla, Adien, Daorn, Kaise) Hrathen Sarene Raoden before turning into an Elantrian The Emperor's Soul chibi cast (From left to right: Zu, Bloodsealer, Shai, Hoid, Gaotona, Ashravan, Frava) & Three versions of Shai (Beggar, Normal, Shaizan) The Bloodsealer from TES
  14. From the album General SA Art

    Complete piece of Dalinar's age progression! His arc in OB really is a powerful one and I finally got this done XD [Full-sized] 1122 (Age: 2) Trying to understand the world 1128 (Age: 8) Playing with wooden sword 1135 (Age: 15) Learning how to tie his takama 1141 (Age: 21) Unstoppable youth, Oathbringer won 1150 (Age: 30) Joy of the first son 1163 (Age: 43) In Shardplate 1167 (Age: 47) Being a drunkard 1174 (Age: 54) Holding The Way of Kings Enjoy! Bonus: Some random Kholin family doodles
  15. From the album General SA Art

    This commission took me more than two months… and woah, finally, I have another version of WoK main cast! (2013 version is here.) My personal fave is probably Navani =) This set: Kaladin | Shallan | Syl | Szeth | Navani | Wit | Adolin | Dalinar (Viewing separately) Sketches on paper: Development meme:
  16. Wow please do! I'm excited to see it!
  17. I drew Wit again. He is definitely my favorite male character in Stormlight Process: + + + Wit genderbend + + + Szeth and Nightblood GrumpyKaladin.gif
  18. From the album General SA Art

    This is for the upcoming Chinese New Year, requested by fandom folks! There’re prompts about Radiants dressed in suits with ties of their own colors all the time. So I made a try! Windrunners - Kaladin Skybreakers - Szeth Dustbringers - Malata Edgedancers - Lift Truthwatchers - Renarin Lightweavers - Shallan Elsecallers - Jasnah Willshapers - Venli Stonewards - Talenel (No one in current storyline, uses Taln for now) Bondsmiths - Dalinar Life before death, Radiants!
  19. Kaladdin (2019) Coming soon! EDIT Ishar version Kholin blue version
  20. Shardplate in space age [image source]
  21. From the album General SA Art

    So the gatekeepers are my favorite depiction in OB. I had some much fun drawing this =)
  22. Here is another crossover Stormlight Archive x Harry Potter: Ravenclaw!Shallan, Slytherin!Jasnah, Hufflepuff!Kaladin & Gryffindor!Dalinar Finally did a Hogwarts AU! (Jasnah and Dalinar are both in their youth here.) Based on this WoB: [x]