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  1. On 2019/3/30 at 9:36 PM, Tharden0825 said:

    FYI, I'm basing my Wit cosplay for Colossalcon on your art.  If it turns out good enough as to not be ashamed, I'll take pictures. 

    Wow please do! I'm excited to see it! :wub:


  2. On 2017/4/4 at 10:22 PM, Quiver said:

    For some reason, the coat and the slicked back hair makes me think of a greaser.

    This is a head canon I am 100% fine with. 

    Haha... I didn't intend to do this :ph34r: But it's fun to see him like that!

    On 2017/4/5 at 11:24 AM, Mr. Staccato said:

    Is Khriss and Nazh a ship? After seeing this picture I felt like they really should be a ship.

    I don't think so (for now) :P AFAIK there hasn't been any serious posts or fan art dedicated to this ship yet. But I quite like this pairing, not necessarily romantic, but as trustful partners. So... Let this piece be the first :wub: (Another cracked ship... again.)

    On 2017/4/5 at 0:38 PM, Chaos said:

    This is amazing. 

    Thanks so much!

    + + +

    Thanks for all the upvotes!


  3. 9 minutes ago, Wetlander said:

    Thank you thank you!! I know I pinged you on facebook once, too, but now I have the right place to keep track of this. :) 

    Ahhh I see! Hello again! I think those are all of my Warbreaker at hand... Though I really want to draw something new. We'll see =)


  4. 28 minutes ago, Wetlander said:

    Would you consider letting me include the top Lightsong picture, and perhaps the Vasher picture, in appropriate chapters of Tor's Warbreaker reread? The book itself doesn't have much artwork, so I'm looking for art I like that people are willing to let me include in the weekly blog. Credit will most definitely be given to you in whatever form you prefer, including a link to your website if you have one. 

    Thanks! I'd really appreciate it!

    Yeah, sure! Thanks for asking =) Please give credit to BotanicaXu, and the website is , if you will.


  5. On 2016/9/27 at 3:08 AM, kenod said:

    Can someone translate the writing? It fits in really well, but I would like to know what it says.

    It is in Chinese =) The words on the left:

    Overview of stamp magic - Forgery & Bloodsealing (Because in the following pages I'd love to do an infographic about these two arts.)

    The character on the right means forms.


  6. On 2016/9/23 at 3:24 PM, Yata said:

    Great work! You know, watching your drawning made me come to a doubt. Is Szeth actually bald or He shaves himself ?

    Ouch. This piece may contain minor spoilers for Edgedancer. I shouldn't say much about it now. ;) But I believe, before the ending of WoR, he did shave himself most of the time.


  7. On 2016年7月13日 at 1:38 AM, Slavok said:

    This is just plain brilliant!  There is a lot of fanart that shows how epic the story is with all the wars and Highstorms, but your pictures make it look fun.

    By the way, I'm writing a Lift-centric fanfic under the working title, "Because I'm Awesome," and I was wondering, could I use the first Lift picture as the cover?  That image is perfect for her, and of course artistship would be attributed.

    1) Thanks so much =) Indeed, Stormlight could also be fun XD

    2) Of course you can! Here is the original picture:



    (Sorry for the late reply!)