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  1. He does have black hair. You can check coppermind for that =)
  2. This game features heavy furry elements and lots of characters get animal parts in their design, thus the ears XD
  3. A friend asked me to do this, Arknights style Kelsier profile page (Just imagine some Cosmere gatcha game...)
  4. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    This comes a bit late, but still! My fav part here, Design & Coatrack!Hoid XD
  5. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Must draw this! Yumi is my fav among the three Cosmere secret projects XD Can't wait for its final release! Also a Your Name parody poster:
  6. Cool!!
  7. From the album General SA Art

    Based on Rhythm of War Ch.15. It's my favorite sheet fight scene with Kaladin and Zahel's stunt though XD
  8. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Happy Lunar New Year 2022! The celebratory art is a continuation of the former DS con AU, featuring Shallan/Hoid/Nazh/Kelsier/Shai/Khriss!
  9. The way that you bring the cosmere to life is stunning. Your art is incredible, keep up the good work! :D

    (P.S. your kelseir is spot on! Well, all the characters you draw are, but he stood out to me especially.)

  10. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Featuring Khriss, Kelsier, Hoid, Shallan, Nazh & Shai. So here is a bunch of Cosmere nerds I imagine would love to attend DS Con XD
  11. "...the Master Lightweaver"

    Yeah no kidding, you're art is good enough to parallel even that of Shallan Davar's.

    Did you join the Lightweavers and then get good?

    Or did they beg you to join because you were already amazing at art.

    Finna assume it's the latter.

    1. Botanica


      Wow, thanks so much for this :wub: (Actually, I joined them willingly because I love arting XD)

  12. Great info though I didn't quite get this line: Does it have some context? Thanks!
  13. Your art is absolutely amazing.

    1. Botanica


      Thanks so much!! <3

  14. From the album General SA Art

    Finally drew this after so many years! Probably still my fav Jasnah/Hoid scene (●'◡'●)ノ❤
  15. This is sooo cool!