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  1. Happy New Year to you all! My first time trying non-Cosmere art Character from left to right: Rigmarole (with Doomslug), FM, Spin, Quirk, Jerkface, Nedder, Morningtide, Amphisbaena, Hurl, Bim. The original Skyward Flight! Be Defiant!
  2. Kaladdin (2019) Coming soon! EDIT Ishar version Kholin blue version
  3. Shardplate in space age [image source]
  4. Rock meme
  5. Here is another crossover Stormlight Archive x Harry Potter: Ravenclaw!Shallan, Slytherin!Jasnah, Hufflepuff!Kaladin & Gryffindor!Dalinar Finally did a Hogwarts AU! (Jasnah and Dalinar are both in their youth here.) Based on this WoB: [x]
  6. From the album General SA Art

    So the gatekeepers are my favorite depiction in OB. I had some much fun drawing this =)
  7. New Cosmere Facepalm Memes! (Yes I'm back. More to come!) Hoid version Nazh version Former ones Enjoy
  8. From the album General SA Art

    So this is one of my favorite scenes in OB (Chapter 31), with Kaladin deflecting the highstorm, surrounded by windspren. Kind of like Moses opening the Red Sea, eh? XD (Just recovered from the long lull without OB art. There’s just so much to draw!) Something to match this scene:
  9. Bwahahahaha, this is gold!
  10. Oh my your fic made my day! Thanks so much for writing it XD I’ve secretly been on this ship for quite a while! Time to step out of the darkness... And there is something from a tumblr emoji request. I regret nothing (Don’t open it unless you ship it.)
  11. Heedless of the shipping, my hand slipped and I just ordered one
  12. So happy to see Ivory depiction XD It's precious!
  13. From the album General SA Art

    Law is light, and darkness does not serve it. Finally finished this! My favorite order other than the Lightweavers =) Highspren are just so cool! More KR lineup pieces to come!
  14. From the album General SA Art

    Young Dalinar & Evi for you all. My favorite Stormlight couple (former) so far! So beautiful yet so tragic.
  15. I'm so in love with this set of design. Perhaps the best Rosharan concept I've seen this year Perhaps I'm biased, but I'm always fond of more Asian flavor in Stormlight art