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  1. What I wanted to know is what age would souls say is enough.
  2. Brandon confirmed that while stormlight can heal, it doesn't prevent aging. I'm assuming gold compounding works the same way. But what I want to know is this: As far as we humans are concerned, no one has ever died strictly due to old age; it's always some disease or another like cancer or organ failure that gets us. But since radiants and gold compounders can heal themselves of such maladies, when exactly will age kill them? Unrelated question: We know stormlight and gold compounding can heal wounds caused by a shardblade. But would they be able to heal a shardblade wound to the heart or brain? (Assuming of course they engaged their super healing before being stabbed.)
  3. Would they block each other effectively, or destroy each other, or would they act like two black holes colliding? (meaning they'll merge together into a single bigger/more invested blade.)
  4. Moniker: Specter Primary Power: Flight and the ability to phase through solid objects. This is a Prime Invincibility because (almost, see weakness) any type of weapon/projectile/energy would simply pass through him. Can make parts of his body solid at will, so for example he can reach into your chest and rip out your heart, or just hold things if he wished to. He requires no nourishment (food/water). Secondary Power: Constant invisibility, which means he can't make himself be seen even if he wants to/ Tetiary Power/Weakness: He's able to posses anyone (including another Epic) by completely phasing into him/her. However if his host is killed he dies as well, and the possession is limited to 23 minutes after which he's expelled from the host and loses all of his powers for 23 seconds. Weakness: Pure iron is the only material in which he can't phase through, and as a consequence he can be injured or even killed by it. Secondary Weakness: He still emits body heat, so he can be seen by infrared goggles.
  5. On the subject of Cosmere immortality, how is Hoid immortal?
  6. Tnx!
  7. Book shipping costs from Amazon to Israel is murder. I usually order from bookdepository as they have free shipping but it's been years since they stocked Alcatraz #1. And I do like my cover better fwiw.
  8. Okay, so back to the black hole hypothesis. If 50 years of constatly compounding iron (by burning a small piece of iron infused with some weight thus realsing tenfold the energy and storing all said energy in an ironmind) isn't enough for a black hole, what about a 1000 years? Say if you were a Fullborn.
  9. After years of searching (no kidding) and nearly giving my wallet a heart attack from the online prices (why is it so rare anyway? are there no reprints?) eventually I tracked it down, and turns out it was right under my nose. In a book store one city away, to be precise (I live in Israel) and for the great bargain of $11 (brand new). Now, at long last, I can start reading this amazing masterpiece of a series (I assume, as Brandon never let me down before). Sorry for the rant, just wanted to share my find.
  10. If not, would you cause the moon to collide with the earth?
  11. 1. If you were a double Iron Twinborn, and stored say 50 years worth of weight, then by a tube or something connected it all to your stomach, and as you burnt it you were touched by a Nicroburst, would you turn into a black hole?
  12. Yes, meant durallumin. Edited. And do we know for a fact TLR didn't constantly compound gold? because he would have to if he didn't want to die by surprise. Not to mention it should make you live longer (almost nothing compared to atium of course, but still not nothing).
  13. I wonder how long TLR would have lived if he weren't killed. When he died he was over 1000 years old (I think) and didn't show signs of aging. Compounding atium+gold should give one quite the lifespan, I just wonder how much exactly. Question: If you're a Fullborn, would compounding atium+gold but instead of burning/flaring them you would instantly metabolize them using durallumin (and keep doing that as long as you live) would that expand your already long lifespan?
  14. I never claimed it did, only that, so far as we know, no one has ever actually died of old age.
  15. Maybe not forever, but constantly compounding atium+gold should give a couple thousand years at least.