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  1. I’ve been thinking about protecting and what that means, and long had an idea that one of the oaths, as mentioned above would be related to independence. More specifically, I’ve been thinking something along the lines that he must let people make their own decisions, even it puts them in danger. When we think of protection, there’s a very easy path to lead to overprotection. A father who doesn’t let his daughter go out on dates, or laws that take away freedoms in the name of the protecting the many (not commenting on anything in particular here, as I’d prefer this not get into a political debate). I think we’ve seen Kaladin tend to the overprotection. Even in his vision/bond scene with Tien, Kaladin reprimands his brother for deciding to go with the other boys when he knew they would be in significant danger. This to me, is the final piece, that he must allow others to make decisions to protect, even if it puts them in danger.
  2. True, we are in his head, and he is genuinely scared. I’m mostly looking for reasons to not be terrified at what just happened. I have no idea how he could have known it, but I don’t have any idea how he could have known a lot of things that happened, especially in these epilogues. Each one he has known things that he shouldn’t. Also, Hoid doesn’t do anything without a reason. I’m not sure what his bit about misdirection was about if the scene wasn’t a big misdirection. I don’t know that we know enough to ascribe motivations to any of the players as to why they would or would not have done these things. All that said, I don’t know that I believe it was misdirection as much as I want it to be. I shudder to think at what might cause Hoid to, for the first time a long, long time, feely “true terror”.
  3. My initial reaction was very similar and thus annoyed/scared me. Rereading the entire scene makes me feel like Wit expected this, or at least something like this. His little show literally right before his interaction with Odium is about fooling people by making them focus on one thing while you do another. What was the point of all that if not to foreshadow that this was a plan by Wit to fool Odium.
  4. To those above, I believe the confusion is arriving due to the difference between acceleration and velocity. Velocity is the measure of an object’s change in position relative to time, that is to say, how fast the object is moving. Its measured in units of length/time (miles per hour, feet per second, km per hour, etc.) Acceleration is the measure of an objects change in velocity relative to time, that is to say, how quickly is the speed of an object changing. It’s measured in units of (length/time)/time or length/time^2 (feet per second^2). Force is equal to mass x acceleration. Gravity and wind resistance are both forces, meaning we are dealing with accelerations here. As was pointed out above, the force due to wind resistance increases with velocity. This means that, in a free fall, the acceleration due to the gravity force will continue to increase velocity, increasing wind resistance until the force due to wind resistance is equal to the gravity force, resulting in a net zero force on the object and thus no acceleration and no further increase in velocity. This is called terminal velocity, and is not constant for all objects, as wind resistance is dependent upon a number of factors, such as shape and material of the object. In a vacuum, there is no wind resistance. Now, there is no force to counter gravity. Therefore, velocity continues to increase due to the constant acceleration due to the gravity force.
  5. I’ve had a thought, one that is perhaps a little terrifying. A loophole that, while it would mean Odium is still trapped, he would have Dalinar. Would it be possible for Odium to select himself as his champion? Dalinar, in the meeting discussing terms, even admits that he is likely going to select himself. Nothing in the contract says that the champions cannot be the writers of said contract. This doesn’t fit with the rest of the context when the loophole is discussed, which is that it sets up a situation that, win or lose, you win. This would be better though. Guaranteed win for Odium.
  6. I’m confused. What are you questioning? My statement says that T knew Renarin’s spren was corrupted, but Rayse didn’t.
  7. I didn’t catch that either. Nice. Also of interest to me, considering that T knows Renarin’s spren is corrupted with Odium’s power, I wonder if he could influence him now? I think Rayse didn’t know this, and so wasn’t capable of said influence. Makes me wonder if Team Honor’s advantage of the Renarin future chasm will no longer be effective. That said, I don’t believe T knows about Rlain...
  8. And...I’m not sure how I missed the thread with the exact same title just below. Move along...nothing to see here...
  9. I’m not entirely sure if this has been put out there yet. I hop in only occasionally between book releases, so I apologize if this is a long-standing theory. I’m just going to come out and say it. Thaidakar is Kelsier. This passage from Chapter 115 of RoW is as explicit of proof as possible short of full confirmation. Lord of Scars? Obviously reference to the scars on his arms. Wit’s comment to him? Who else has Wit “slapped around”? Very few people considering he can’t harm others. Not to mention, the comment about “dealing with [his] own planet” - Scadrial isn’t exactly full of sunshine and rainbows at the moment, since this takes place before Era 2. Finally is the fact that we know of at least one very high up member, just one level below the big boss, who is from Scadrial in Iyatil. I haven’t dug around too much, and it’s possible this can be refuted somewhere in the text, but I think this links are set up too perfectly for Thaidakar to be anyone but Kelsier. Standard disclaimer that this could be red herrings, but it feels...too perfect to be that. Thoughts?
  10. Gav has been my thought as well. The question of his “willingness”....it’s very hard to know. I think it would require Intent, which a child is absolutely capable of possessing. Whether this should be allowed is absolutely debatable, but from a technical and cosmere-magical perspective, I think it’s possible. Shallan was able to make oaths/truths at an age not much older than Gav for her first bond after all. This also brings us to the “draw” scenario in my opinion. Dalinar won’t kill Gav, Gav can’t kill Dalinar. The bigger issue I have with this option is would Gav actually be willing? It depends on how much he knows. If he knew he had to fight Dalinar, then I think absolutely would not be willing. How much could he be tricked to join the enemy of the only people than the largest role models he has had lately. In contradiction to that, this is almost the quintessential dilemma of Dalinar and T’s philosophical differences - what cost is worth paying to help the many? This makes it feel poetic and foreshadowed. Although, it wouldn’t have to be Gav or a child, just someone innocent to meet this criteria.
  11. I find it very hard to believe (meaning I don’t believe for a second) that this is natural. Odiummist coming out? Will the “fog” become a more prevalent thing?
  12. I was thinking about this, and given the rest of the Gavilar scenes and what else happens with Aesudan, I think we can make some assumptions and draw some conclusions as to what’s really going on here. 1. Given that Gavilar is playing with a “box” that seems to be some sort of fabrial or something, I think its reasonable to assume that this master fabrial artisan is there to help with this. 2. Given some comments Aesudan makes in OB, I think it’s reasonable to assume that she, either with Gavilar’s knowledge or not, was in on what he was doing. If those two assumptions are correct, than a reasonable conclusion is that Aesudan was talking to the artifabrian about this Gavilar stuff, and she was intentionally distracting/keeping Navani away from him.
  13. I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll take it though.
  14. The progress bars aren’t showing up for me anymore. Anybody help me out with why? I thought he just got rid of them. I’m on chrome on phone, I’d that matters.
  15. sibling

    My current theory is that the sword Oathbringer is the Sibling.