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    WoW and the upcoming GW2 and SWTOR OF COURSE, reading fantasy/scifi/ya/urbfan, writing off and on, reading about writing, geeky tv shows and movies such as Star Wars, reimag. BSG, Dr. Who, Eureka, the new Star Trek, etc. I love names, costumes (though I've never made any myself...especially attracted to Steampunk) and conventions. I also love webcomics though I tend to read them in great chunks sporadically (I need to catch up on Girl Genius, LFG and some others...also Oglaf is awesome and disturbing at the same time). I really love digital art and I'm on DA solely to find new artwork to Favorite.

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  1. I decided to do some research into that avatar, since I, too, liked it. Near as I can tell, it looks like it's from Sword of the New World/Granado Espada, a (now-defunct) Korean MMO. I played it a long time ago. The gameplay was interesting, but the thing I really loved about it was the music.