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  1. I have managed to read all of Sandersons books, I started with "The Way of Kings" first, and then went through all the rest. Its a good starting point. But, when I suggest others to read his books, I usually start them in Elantris, Mistborn Trilogy, Warbreaker, then TWoK. But, any onw of those is a good starting point. The only book I didnt enjoy much was Warbreaker. But, I would read warbreaker before "Words of Radiance" simply because the book will be MAJORLY enhanced if you do.
  2. I give you points for doing what you COULD do.
  3. I like it, alot. How long did this take you?
  4. haha I look at your "steelheart" and think "man of steel" good job on that
  5. Hey All! Since these boards have come to be my favorite place to ask questions and get real responses from people who seem to care. I chose to come here to ask yet another overall question. Lately, I have been tearing through Novels at a searing rate. However, I find myself getting burnt out. To the point that Warbreaker took me three weeks to get through. And I fully expected to be through The Rithmatist by I think I need a respite. Something to re-energize my novel reading desire. So I was thinking that some short stories and Novelettes could satisfy me. I found Asimovs Science Fiction. Now I ask an age tired question "Is this magazine worth my time?" My two biggest things are 1. Quality. I want to be reading something good. Something that I will finish and think "that was worth my staring at paper for the last few hours". 2. Sex. I dont like sexuality in my books Warbreaker was about as much as I can stand in a book, Is Asimovs magazine presses that line often. I dont want it. So sound of as the 17th sharders so wonderfully do!
  6. Drawing on the fly would be difficult. and some of us are not good at drawing. I think it would end up being a system of pre-made shapes. You would have to win/ or move up levels in order to have more protected things. And stronger attacks. It would almost be a combination of RTS and...i dont know...having pre made shapes would almost be like having cards
  7. I was thinking of this...I am actually thinking of starting a post here where we toss around ideas for an actual RTS. I could get a couple of my programmer friends to help desighn if we actually have good ideas...think posting that up would be a good idea?
  8. Yes, I figure Endowment had something to do with it. From what I can see there is not much known of Endowment at all. Has it been stated that we had seen the holder of Endowment in the text of Warbreaker at all?
  9. So, I just finished (took longer because I read the annotations) Every single one of you who like Vivenna at the end were correct. I liked her at the end. A sequel with her in it would be wonderful. Wielding Breath and fighting alongside Vasher. It will be good. Has it been confirmed that Sanderson is IN FACT going to write a sequel? Because in the annotations he kept saying "maybe" or "if I write a sequel". I loved the ending. There was only one thing that upset me. I totally called Bluefingers as the villain like halfway through the book. Did anybody else get this early on? Really, it makes sense he is it...I honestly cant see it being anybody else. It would have been too cliche if Blushweaver of the Idrian king was the fault. Now....question...Is there something spiritual about the returned? Or is just cosmic happenstance?
  10. I LOVED the TES. I would agree with you, that is the best intro to our Mr. Sanderson. I am about....20 pages from finishing Warbreaker, I am not going to give my full thoughts until I finish here in about 30 minutes. However, my overall that it is wonderful. HOWEVER- up to about page 320 I have to say it is a difficult book to get through. It starts much slower than Elantris or Mistborn 1. The writing is better though. You can diffidently see growth in it, and his classic "Brandon Avalanche" (which I love by the way, if he ever stopped with the Avalanche I would throw a gigantic fit....mature, I know.) is much more structured and smooth. I remember in Elantris my head was spinning. Now, I have some thoughts on the ending, But again, I will wait about 30 minutes before I state those openly. But warning. SPOILERS will abound in my next posts. PS- I love the 17th shard community. Just saying. A lot of what I like about reading Sandersons Novels is the community here.
  11. Its true that a person takes on how they were raised. And it IS true that some cultures are more...for lack of a better term...detestable..than others. She just got kidnapped, I figure that will change her in some way! Now, why is it you like Warbreaker better? I do like the Colors and the very different viewpoints. I like how its not just the pretty much same situation across the board like Elantris and Mistborn. But why do you like it more?
  12. haha, "King of nowhere" I stand rightfully rebuked. I should trust in the Sandersons ability to wrap up a book with a fantastic flourish. There has only been one of Sanderson works I did not like, and that was his entry into the Armored Anthology. It seemed his usual flair just was not there. However, allow myself to justify some of my feelings. Warbreaker (to me) is a very different book from almost everything else he has written. It feels different in many ways from the semi-parallel feel of say....Mistborn/Way of Kings. So me having read through all of that and then this at the last (save Alloy of Law) just kind of hit me as strange, so I must admit. My faith was shaken. But, look at it this way, WHEN (notice then when) I find this book to be fantastic, I will thus become a more solid fan of Sandersons due to my trial of faith. Compare me to Sazed (if I may be so honored) . (This does not mean I am starting a Sanderson religion.....wait....* thoughtful look*) Either way, I stand corrected haha. Now, to quickly turn the skeptical looks of Sanderson fans everywhere away from myself. I have one last Cosmere book to read before I am caught up. Do we learn anything significant to the Cosmere in Alloy of Law? Or is it more like Elantris and Warbreaker?
  13. hahaha. Vivennas "hatred" of a culture just simply gets on my nerves. Also, Nynaeve`s constant anger at everyone, especially men. I find it strange because I like Egwene and Siri so much. Siri I almost like as much as Jasnah! I am only Halfway through Warbreaker. Right where Vivenna states she "Hates" the whole Halendren culture. And on book 6 of WoT. So tell me this, do these characters grow and develope past there...current ways of viewing the world? I would be much more comforted if I knew when i plow through a Vivenna of Nynaeve chapter that I would know I didnt have to suffer forever. That I will be rewarded. LOL.
  14. Ok, I am here with an important issue. I am having the HARDEST time with WARBREAKER. I find the story interesting, but i DETEST Vivenna (more than I dislike Nyneave which is surprising) I just got past the point where Hoid tells his story (which Hoid is the only reason I picked up the book) But since I read his desire to push through has vanished. So, tell me, is it WORTH finishing? Or should I move on to Alloy of Law? (the only book currently published that I have not read). I would like all your opinions. Is me hating Vivenna just me? Am I strange in my dislike of her...and from her the book? I mean...if she was not in it...I MAY have already finished by now. I read all three mistborn in two weeks. This has taken me a month... Help?
  15. Also guys, Brandon will be selling these books on his website after the is done with all of the Cons. Just FYI. That is how I am going to get mine. i wish to have one as badly as anybody.