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  2. Short post up in Portland from Mr. Voidus and me. Sorry it's been a while since I've posted, just been a bit slow so I haven't had much opportunity. I hope the new book helps things pick up.
  3. The planner examined the two who had entered the building, wondering vaguely if the two were responsible for the strange shuddering that had occurred a while ago. "Um... hi?" One of the pair ventured to say. The planner failed to reply as he examined the two. Epics? Posture seems somewhat incongruous for typical Epic behavior. Servants? Cowering attitude seems more suitable, but clothing doesn't quite seem appropriate. Appropriate response? Treat with caution until further aspects of situation revealed. "Hello." He finally said as the two became obviously uncomfortable. How best to gain further details? Conversation likely to make them uncomfortable and disinclined to speak truthfully. Ask directly? Might be considered rude and prying. Ask indirectly? Seems appropriate, unlikely to cause discomfort or affront. "How would you gauge your ability to kill a group of 20 armed soldiers?" He asked the pair curiously. His partner patted his arm softly before stepping forward and nodding in a way that she somehow managed to make seem domineering rather than subservient. "I do apologize for that. We've had a somewhat distressing night." Saccharine said sweetly as she eyed the two with a mix of suspicion and predation. "We're simply a pair of interested researchers, if you wouldn't mind could we borrow a few blood and tissue samples?" One of the two looked like he was ready to faint at any moment.
  4. The only reason she would be on eHarmony would be to make a fake account for PP and then stalk and kill all interested parties. I see her more as an obsesive pintrest user with thousands of pictures of her cakes, along with random twigs and bugs that she found.
  5. Hahahaha thanks! This just made my day. Amazing how many times I make that face when I wait for people to laugh.
  6. Voidus' contribution Mrs.Voidus' contribution Sunlight, flickering through a window, soft mattress beneath sore muscles, his mattress? Likely. Recollections, house entered with familiar woman, introduced herself. Former acquaintance? Spouse. Groaning softly as he sat up, the Epic formerly known as Jeff Carlisle turned to the woman next to him, her soft face framed by the morning light and felt a twinge in his chest. Her eyes were already fixed upon his. Awoke first? Any chance to plan anything? No, familiarity, not likely to attempt harmful actions. “Good Morning,” she said as she sat up and gingerly lifted a heavily laden wooden tray, and placing it on the bed. Tray, filled with food. Poisoned? No, ineffective delivery, no motivation. Safe to eat. Examining her slight hands as he took the closest item from the tray, the Planner examined his memories of the previous night. She should be able to lift the tray with her abilities shouldn’t she? Hesitation to use powers or limitation? Weakness in effect? No, no fear evident. Concern? Interpersonal relationship important, need to comfort. Saccharine noticed with a slight wince “her husband”s hesitation as he lifted a bacon wrapped sausage to his chin and glanced at her sideways. “If I had wanted to poison you, you wouldn’t have woken up,” she said, giggling. Attempting for the first time to smile at his wife, the Planner took his first bite. They were delicious. Amazing. Need more. Sufficient quantity for now? Social obligations to consider, polite to allow some for her to eat. He looked sidelong at Saccharine, a slight questioning in his gaze. So many slices of garlic bread, baked eggs and more bacon, thick pancakes with maple syrup AND cream, too much for a single person? Likely. Expected to share? Probable. Saccharine began humming to an unknown tune as she lifted a second tray up and over her own knees. “Oh I am sorry, is there not enough? I made a second tray for you if you were not satisfied.” Awkward smile turning into a grin of delight, the Planner took to his tray with relish. “It is plenty for now. My thanks.” He managed to say in between mouthfuls. “That may be for the best. Jeffy my love, just promise you wont look under the sink ok? Or the benches. Or the cupboards.” Sink? Source of embarrassment? Secret? Recollection of social norms indicative of insufficient household cleanliness as primary source of embarrassment over specific areas. Taking in his surroundings, the Planner felt dissatisfied with the current lodgings that he and Saccharine were using. Need to improve or find better lodgings. “How are you finding the house? I’d rather something more suited to our status personally.” “Oh, really? It’s just that I… The owners… We know this place is secure. Although I must admit there aren’t nearly enough doilies.” Hesitation? Unsure of cause. Settled already? Familiar place? No, new town. “Alright! we will move, plenty more houses to take, and plenty more samples to make.” She said in her sing song way. Finishing the last roll of garlic bread, the Planner leant back with a satisfied sigh. “I’m sure we can find suitable accommodation somewhere.” “Oh, I already have that sorted,” she said as she walked to the bedroom door. “just give me a moment to… powder my nose.” The Planner nodded briefly to Saccharines retreating back. Social interaction awkward, due to inexperience? Likely an effect of excessive over analyzing. Pulling back the covers he stretched briefly before pulling on his purple cloak and considered following Saccharine from the room. Dressed with plenty of time to spare he toured the house briefly, picking aspects that could be improved. Wallpaper peeling, leak in roof. Supply adequate electricity. Add research station in living room. Saccharine walked as quickly as she could once out of earshot to reach the bloodied kitchen. To save time she had left her gown and petticoat by the chair in the hallway for her quick teleportation dressing method. Checking her pockets for her industrial strength bleach, she reached the kitchen and began hurriedly checking each surface for any hint of blood. One drop and he might forget the loveliness of this morning. Her scanning had proven effective, as all was neat and tidy, save for a limp hand dangling with mangled fingers from the bottom of a slightly ajar overhead compartment. “What are you doing?” Said the Planner. Saccharine hurriedly crammed the hand into her fourth back pocket, and produced from the third a small petit-fours she had made earlier, offering it with her other hand. “I couldn’t bare for you to begin the day without just a little more sugar.” A bloody hand, detached from its body, dripping in one of Saccharine's hands, quickly hid and replaced with some kind of confectionery. Hiding a severed limb. Superstition? No, previous behaviour indicative of desire to keep hidden paired with connection to owners. Previous owners eliminated? Evidence likely hidden in places desired to keep hidden. Previous hypothesis: Embarrassment due to mess, confirmed. “So it was because it was messy.” He murmured under his breath before biting into the cake. “Shall we go then?”
  7. As Klixoae ran to the gathering point behind the town gate, he observed the cacophony of sound bursting through every woven seam and glued frond of the fences. This gate was never built to withstand much force, but it was built none the less to act as a visual preparation for the mind; a gateway to another existence was always difficult to cross, and harder still to understand. So the sound of shouting, of crying, and of the bursts of shattering wooden shields under iron weapons pressed through and the aged man had to shout to be heard. "For too long the people of these grasslands have poached our brethren, scorched our crops, and stolen our women." A roar rose above the clamor. "These people of Iron cover themselves in the burned and tortured ruins of the earth they so readily tear up in the name of their cruel god. And now they have come to burn and torture and destroy us, and everything which we are sworn to defend." The gathered crowed shook their bone tipped bolas and nets in angered agreement, though a few looked with furtive and hurried glances through the narrow grass edged slits in the wall. "Call upon your blood link and do what the great Feracus created us to do. GO! Protect!" The crowd shouted as they ran, some singing songs of protection, some of caution, some of bravery, but all melded together in a strong choir like symphony which rose in the wind to Feracus. By the time the protectors had reached the gate, several of the familiar beasts had joined the charge and were running beside their partners. Klixoae cast out to his sea bird and called her to him. The winged creature had not been used to linking for most of its life, but when many of the grassland tribes had died out, she found herself being called more frequently. It would take some time for the huge, feathered beast to arrive, so Klixoae led the charge on foot. The gates were pulled inwardly by waiting oxen and through the growing opening Klixoae saw his enemy for the first time. Bold, tall men and women, painted in a red earth and brandishing gleaming metallic spears and daggers were surrounding the smaller of the territorial saber hounds and goading them cruelly towards a waiting cage. The larger of the pack howled and snarled at the attackers as the first of the Feracusians loosed their first net, catching a woman poacher and dragging her away from the other fighters. From overhead there came many screeching flocks of the blue winged spitters which descended in a circling whirlwind of black around two of the spear men, and the frightened pups grew calm. Their eyes changed and their posture straightened; the elders had found their positions and had begun implementing their battle plan.
  8. I don't think any one has claimed that part of the map so go ahead and make up whomever you want! Awesome! I look forward to reading it
  9. All your characters are great, and I can't wait to read them. I also agree that we need a central theme, but not one God has the power by themselves to give their tribe more than the designated reincarnations, and no two or more Gods would grant it because the people would have too much power and knowledge and could pose a threat to the Gods, or so the Gods have agreed. However, a central theme could be that a tribe (maybe the life or death tribe) has come to believe that they can gain more re-incarnations through wiping out all competition relentlessly, and maybe they start using (almost) universally sacrilegious behavior to do so such as using the dead of their opponents fresh and not so fresh from the grave. The God of this tribe would allow its people to think this was true because she is greedy, and does not believe that any moral ideals are related to pure life/ death, so she just lets her people get on with it so long as not too many of her people die. We could have a player pick up this tribe, and agree in the questions thread what there general movements across the continents are so we each have a chance to interact with the aggressors and defend against them or form alliances.
  10. Wow and golly gee wiz it's so cool you might want to play! The power of the "death God" you came up with is actually the power of the life god (as the priests can 'breathe life' as it were into the dead) but your arch may be that you play as the life God and kill off the tribe of Death God and gain their powers OR play as the death tribe and show some foreshadowing conflicts with the life God. I don't know who is playing often now as a few of us were but not really enough for me to feel like it was worth continuing (even thought there were heaps of really great ideas and well written characters) but the point of this sentence is that there is already a character who is a wandering nomad and his deal is that he is the last of his tribe and needs to breed pronto. So the wandering character you listed sounds a little similar, but that could be the cool point if the two of you decided to co-op and come up with a secret thing that way. I have pretty much listed all the info about the Gods that I have come up with so far, so whatever you think fits in world would be a great addition to the game, and in this (and only this) do I like surprises so feel free to just start writing and reveal things as you go along. Oh and about the multiple elements to the Gods thing... Yes, Greek mythology was forefront in my mind in the creation/ imagining stage so a multitasking God is fine by me, but they would have to be pretty strong and have quite a few tribes people (im thinking 200+) as at this stage resource competition is pretty important, and any tribe who does not have to compete in their near vicinity would have stronger/ more varied powers... so long as they made sense and where related. So thanks for even considering, and I hope you do find the time because I am obviously quite attached to this concept and the more players we have, the more likely it is to survive!
  11. “They will be Everything," Cormic had announced. But what did that mean? Teon stood over the pulpit with the mid day sun on his back, as the unsubtle tang of gizzards rose from the hard stone. "You two will live until the end of the gods," The man had said. I am a protector. High Priest Jenox pressed his notched staff into the ichourus goo that burst from the exposed bladder and swung the staff beside him, sending the stinking droplets to the earth. "Teon," he said. "Tell me what this would read if Kallis was reigning." The boy carefully stepped around the grey splatter and sang the prayer for clarity. He made three circuits of the pattern then turned back and repeated the process in reverse. When he returned to the alter he replied to his teacher, "the markings would tell us that there will be unusually high tides to the east. There would also be heavy rain along that coast line, and land slides would be a great risk." Jenox nodded. "And what would that mean?" Teon thought for a moment. "It would mean that there would be an increase in oppourtunities for the fishing tribes to gather much higher quantities of food, and the kelp would grow thicker, giving them warmer clothes for the winter. But it would not be without cost, as the unsteady surface would lead to many drownings and broken bones. But I fear," Teon broke off for a moment. "What do you fear Teon?" "I fear that the shore tribes' hubris will make them ignore the danger, as the temptation for growth and increased catches would overshadow their caution." Jenox put his hand consolingly on his young pupils shoulder. "What reason do you have to think that they will act in such a way? You have not traded or feasted with them, and an envoy has not come to us in many a year." "I think it will happen," Teon responded "because the pattern fell too close to your feet, and more than twelve pieces of gravel were hit, which rules out successful hunting. And," Teon looked bashfully to the ground. "What is it?" "And, I may have overheard a New Operative talking about the king of the shore tribe selling all of the kelp to their inland neighbours, when we were about to go through a sudden cold this month, and that he has been seen drinking his weight in wine each night." Jenox laughed heartily. "Then I see your training in all fields is going well. It brings me great pride to be your tutor," Jenox said. Your skills are higher than even the third born students.
  12. I like the way you are thinking and working around a central theme, but there has already been someone who wanted to write a disease tribe. So definitely go with the first two characters, and the we will see who contributes. If they don't end up using that tribe then you can, and I'll let you know if that happens. I also like the cultural elements of your creations, so if you wanted to use all those characters but in a different tribe then please do. I would recommend reading back on the old posts in this discussion thread so there is no accidental overlap. But do go ahead and do a post for your first two characters! Looking forward to it
  13. Thanks for trying to work within the world, and it's nice to know that there will be someone contributing regularly. Looking forward to hearing what you some up with! Also you are right about there having to be a common goal, I think that this is the point in game when the three alliances would be made so there is no reason other alliances cant also come into being.
  14. Klixoae gathered the bones from the circle around him. As Elder Councilman it was his duty to say the rights when a great beast had finished its journey into the Otherworld and its bones collected for ground meal and structural building. The death of this creature was a great loss the Feracusians, and they wept openly at Klixoae's ululating song. Glanad, as the creature had been called, was the oldest, and largest of the male Baluch, and he and his herd had wandered the Southern Plains of Amanor for a hundred and twelve years. He had protected the Phororhacus for the tribe, and had kept the fearsome Sabres at bay. To say little the honour shared by Baluch and Makar, the defender who gave his life to join Baluch in battle and peace permanently. The pair had now truly been released, and reincarnation could begin. A breeze blew through the canopied branches of the airing space and shook the thin woven fabrics which covered the faces of everyone present. It gained in intensity then calmed, and with it came the cry of the Bull horn, slow and long, then fast and unrelenting like the pounding hooves of a raging stampede. Seemingly endless, and as frenzied as the larger creatures, trying to barge a path through the thick throng of a panicked rampage. It was the horn of oncoming besiegers, come to steal the free animals and the bountiful harvest of rice and wheat. "Find the other Elders," Klixoae shouted. "Flank the sides and rig the netting. Memex, grab the Younglings and Firstborns and hide them beneath the nesting grounds. Kantar," the woman ran forward. "I want you to lead the third born, ask the Blue Winged Spitters if they will aid us. We need to know how many have come this time." Kantar growled in obedience and excitement, eager for her first true connection.