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  1. I want to join Reading Excuses. My email is [email protected]

    1. Silk


      Hello, and welcome to the group! I've added you to the list, so you should start seeing emails this upcoming Monday.

      If you haven't already read the guidelines, a few things to highlight: It's up to you whether you want to submit on the upcoming submission or not--right now it does look like there is room for this week--but most folks choose to read/critique and observe how the group works for a couple rounds before submitting. Just let me know when you do want to submit so I can keep track of how many people are submitting in a given week, as we cap weekly submissions at five. You're not required to critique every submission that comes out in order to participate; at a minimum we require one submission critiqued for every submission you send to the group. More is encouraged, but we recognize that this isn't always possible!

      One other thing: when critiquing we ask that everybody abbreviate any unique names to an easily recognizable letter or two. This is to prevent any critiques of a work that is later published from showing up on internet searches and generally help preserve our authors' intellectual property.

      Hope that all makes sense; if not, just let me know via DM or post on the forums. Others on the forum are also generally happy to help.