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  1. Seconded all around! So neat
  2. So @Robinski, @hawkedup, and @JWerner so far. Any other takers?
  3. @JWerner, @Robinski, @shatteredsmooth, and @hawkedup on the docket so far.
  4. Sorry, didn't see this yesterday. Please do!
  5. Looks like we still have one spot left, in fact: @The Kraken's Daughter, @Mandamon, @kais and @hawkedup so far for tomorrow.
  6. Folks I am so excited.
  7. Yep, got mine. I'm on for two academic papers and one 50-minute concert.
  8. @hawkedup looks like you and @Mandamon should be good to go for tomorrow.
  9. Oh no! So sorry to hear that. I hope everything resolves in the best way possible. It was a little more organised than that; the organiser asked us let him know what kinds of music we wrote and were interested in writing for the collaboration, and tried to match us up based on that, I believe. The one I did last year in Vancouver (I believe I shared that demo as well) as a little more random. The organisers for that one basically just tried to make sure every group had an instrument.
  10. Looks to me like we have @Alderant, @The Kraken's Daughter, @hawkedup, @Mandamon and @JWerner for tomorrow.
  11. Unrelated, but look, I co-wrote another song and now there's a recording of the live performance we did last month! My co-writer, Tristan, and I have totally different processes so it was really interesting to collaborate on this one.
  12. Thank you! Yeah, a literature/literature studies conference: The Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy. At each event they have one author keynote and one academic keynote--Robson gave the keynote and Dellamonica came to hang out.
  13. Why do you think I took the week off? I was actually presenting a paper at a conference (and had a lovely conversation with Kelly Robson and A.M. Dellamonica) and I’m glad I mentioned that I might not be around, because my 11pm last night arrival home became an 11:30am this morning arrival. With a bonus almost midnight last night arrival in a city I had. Ot planned to be stranded in.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm going to be cross-country for a conference this weekend and will probably be checking the forums late if at all on Sunday, you may want to self-manage for this week