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  1. Never happen! Any other takers?
  2. Not yet, but that’s awesome! Keep our fingers crossed…
  3. Gah! I gapped again. Sorry everyone. This time I blame a cold. @Atium, @Mandamon, please do. I'll check on time next week, I promise.
  4. Sorry for not responding sooner, everyone! I completely forgot to mention that I was away this weekend at a dance festival, and might not have a chance to check the forums. My bad! I see @Mandamonhas already submitted-- @shatteredsmooth I hope you're still planning to submit as well!
  5. So @shatteredsmooth and @Mandamon for Monday? Any other takers? (And yes! Gonna try and book my flights before the end of the in the next few days.)
  6. I want to join Reading Excuses. My email is [email protected]

    1. Silk


      Hello, and welcome to the group! I've added you to the list, so you should start seeing emails this upcoming Monday.

      If you haven't already read the guidelines, a few things to highlight: It's up to you whether you want to submit on the upcoming submission or not--right now it does look like there is room for this week--but most folks choose to read/critique and observe how the group works for a couple rounds before submitting. Just let me know when you do want to submit so I can keep track of how many people are submitting in a given week, as we cap weekly submissions at five. You're not required to critique every submission that comes out in order to participate; at a minimum we require one submission critiqued for every submission you send to the group. More is encouraged, but we recognize that this isn't always possible!

      One other thing: when critiquing we ask that everybody abbreviate any unique names to an easily recognizable letter or two. This is to prevent any critiques of a work that is later published from showing up on internet searches and generally help preserve our authors' intellectual property.

      Hope that all makes sense; if not, just let me know via DM or post on the forums. Others on the forum are also generally happy to help.


  7. Oops, sorry everyone. I thought I had responded already but apparently I only dreamed doing so. Anwyay, I see @shatteredsmooth, @Mandamon and maybe @aeromancer up for today. Aero, I’d say that if that is what you feel would be useful, go for it. I would maybe outline that in your email/forum post just so people know what kind of feedback you’re looking for. As for being behind, we tend to be pretty forgiving when someone falls behind a bit... or, maybe you could also squeeze out one or two critiques for now and catch back up (as you see fit) in the fullness of time?
  8. So @shatteredsmooth, @kais and @Mandamon for Monday. Two more slots if anyone wants 'em.
  9. @MandamonLooks like just you and @kais, yeah, so I think you're okay to go a bit over.
  10. @Mandamon, @kais and @shatteredsmooth for Monday. Two more slots if any one wants 'em. As for the length, if nobody protests before you get around to submitting I'd say go for it.
  11. Glad to hear it! We do like being helpful.
  12. We have @Severian4Scadrial, @kais, and @shatteredsmooth up for Monday. Two more slots if anyone wants 'em.
  13. I like this idea. Feel free to start a thread. I may not pin it--we're accumulating quite a few pinned threads as it is, which sort of defeats the purpose--but there's a "resources/links section" somewhere in the guidelines that I'm overdue to update, I could include it there. Oooooh. Good to know. I'm stoked that I can nominate this year! And now, for the real reason I came here, this important announcement: Writing is hard. GAH.
  14. I doubt we'll get three more requests at this point. Good to go!
  15. Yep. With @Alderant and @kais we still have 3 slots left. Unless I've missed anybody?