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  1. Right now I'm seeing @Snakenaps and @TheDwarfyOne for July 13, with @Turin Turambar possibly on the 20th. So, only two slots for tomorrow so far.
  2. So it looks like we have @PiedPeterPiper, @Snakenaps and @shatteredsmooth for Monday.
  3. Honestly now I'm tempted too
  4. Oh dear. So, seeing no objections and that we don't have a full roster: it looks like @shatteredsmooth, @TheDwarfyOne, and @kais for two slots, with one slot left.
  5. So then we have @shatteredsmooth, @kais with two slots, and @PiedPeterPiperfor tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for catching that! Please consider the roster full unless @kais confirms otherwise, folks.
  7. Crap and I'm only like 4 chapters in So we have @Mandamon for two slots (well, slightly more than two slots, I guess), @shatteredsmooth and @TheDwarfyOne for tomorrow. Anyone want the last one?
  8. I am notoriously bad at making time to watch videos and TV shows. TV is just not and has never really been a thing for me for whatever reason. To @shatteredsmooth's point, I only watched the Pilot episode when I lived with my friend in Tasmania for a month. He had the series on DVD, and unlike me, his default is very much "have the TV on all the time while doing stuff." So the first episode got watched. The pilot episode was double-length, if that helps! Also, Prime? Pfft. I have managed to go my entire life without buying anything from Amazon and I don't intend to start now. Happy new lawnmower @shatteredsmooth!
  9. Is... is now a bad time to confess that I have only seen the pilot episode?
  10. And the Giants causeway!
  11. We seem to be pretty evenly split on this issue. And that, my friends, is the REAL reason this group has lasted ten years.
  12. Can I have some feta if @Robinski and @aeromancer get my pickles? Yes! Both of those! Ooh. Cake. Now I'm hungry.
  13. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed. Yes. Yes they do.
  14. Thank you! Just gotta write some new music for the next one...