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  1. You're the first one up for the 26th!
  2. Someone else suggested to me "David Tennant or bust." Man, the book we could have produced with budgets like that. Although I've gotta say, I think we produced a pretty darn cool book anyway.
  3. Does anybody really know what time it is? @C_Vallion and @RedBlue for Monday.
  4. Aw, thanks! I think we've all had a blast working on it.
  5. So far we have @C_Vallion and @Ace of Hearts for Monday! I think I've managed not to surprise-volunteer anyone for a slot this week
  6. Whooops, sorry, you're quite right! Not sure what my brain was doing there @Ace of Hearts you're on for tomorrow. @RedBlue enjoy your trip!
  7. So far we have @C_Vallion and @RedBlue for tomorrow.
  8. Good to go, Ace!
  9. @RedBlue and @C_Vallion again for Monday!
  10. @RedBlue and @C_Vallion for Monday!
  11. I don't have anything at present, but this is a neat idea! If anyone decides to try this out, I hope you all keep us apprised.
  12. You bet. So far we have you, @RedBlue and @C_Vallion for tomorrow.
  13. Yup, good to go @C_Vallion.
  14. It looks like only you and @RedBlue for Monday so I'd say you're good to go if nobody has any objections.