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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but please do!
  2. Anyone for this week?
  3. Please do! Sorry for the late reply. It's Thanksgiving here in Canada and I got distracted by company.
  4. I believe we have @C_Vallion up for this week. Any other takers?
  5. Sounds good, but maybe remind me when the time rolls around, as I have the memory of a particularly stunted goldfish these days
  6. @Robinski for Monday! Any other takers?
  7. Please do! anyone else?
  8. Anyone for tomorrow?
  9. any takers for tomorrow?
  10. That would be right. You're up for tomorrow. Any other takers?
  11. Thank you! 100% this.
  12. Adding @RedBlue and @Ace of Hearts to the list. Two slots still open.
  13. You're up for Monday. Any other takers?
  14. @RedBlue and Ace of Hearst for Monday! Shard isn't letting me tag you this time around for some reason, so I'm, working around it...