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  1. We have @Severian4Scadrial, @kais, and @shatteredsmooth up for Monday. Two more slots if anyone wants 'em.
  2. I like this idea. Feel free to start a thread. I may not pin it--we're accumulating quite a few pinned threads as it is, which sort of defeats the purpose--but there's a "resources/links section" somewhere in the guidelines that I'm overdue to update, I could include it there. Oooooh. Good to know. I'm stoked that I can nominate this year! And now, for the real reason I came here, this important announcement: Writing is hard. GAH.
  3. I doubt we'll get three more requests at this point. Good to go!
  4. Yep. With @Alderant and @kais we still have 3 slots left. Unless I've missed anybody?
  5. Absolutely, if you think it'll be helpful for you, no reason not to! That means three slots still open.
  6. @kais for Monday. Anyone else?
  7. I'd say go for it. Pretty quiet week.
  8. Sorry folks, this kind of fell by the wayside in craziness that has been the last few weeks. I've just messaged Chaos and asked him to make the changes for us.
  9. Of course. This time of year is usually pretty quiet.
  10. Please do! Sorry for the delayed reply.
  11. It really was! I am provisionally impressed, assuming they use it to manage the mess that came out of this year's Worldcon programming.
  12. I doubt it will be this quiet for much longer! But certainly, please do.
  13. WELL. I have finally responded to their very detailed survey, only a week later than I was hoping to, because day job overtime, freelance deadlines, a migraine, a hot water tank that exploded at 5:30 this morning and started flooding our garage, and a plumbing company that didn't return my call until about 6 hours later. I can has treats and alcohol now?
  14. No kidding. I'm trying to work my way through it now and yeah, they're... thorough.