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  1. It really was! I am provisionally impressed, assuming they use it to manage the mess that came out of this year's Worldcon programming.
  2. I doubt it will be this quiet for much longer! But certainly, please do.
  3. WELL. I have finally responded to their very detailed survey, only a week later than I was hoping to, because day job overtime, freelance deadlines, a migraine, a hot water tank that exploded at 5:30 this morning and started flooding our garage, and a plumbing company that didn't return my call until about 6 hours later. I can has treats and alcohol now?
  4. No kidding. I'm trying to work my way through it now and yeah, they're... thorough.
  5. Fingers crossed! Good to know that it is long--sounds like I had the right idea when I tried not to do it tonight. I'll aim for tomorrow after work.
  6. Sounds good. Any other takers? (Ah, that NaNoWriMo quiet...)
  7. Worth noting that the "Welcome to Reading Excuses" guidelines do address this (this line is kind of a holdover from the group's very early days, but it was a deliberate decision at the time): I'm in favour of the "all genres." One, because that way we're not inadvertently excluding genres with which there's a lot of SFF crossover (say, horror or paranormal romance) but also, I am personally a big proponent of critiquing across genres. As an undergraduate I spent a lot of team in creative writing classes where I was one of the few SFF writers, and seeing the variety of works across different genres was a real joy, as well as a good learning experience. That being said, aeromancer's also quite right. Since we're hosted on a Sanderson fan forum, the bulk of writers we're going to get are inevitably going to be SFF.
  8. How about something like: “A writing support grou where you can trade critiques with other writers who intend their work for publication. All genres and skill levels welcome. Beginners encouraged.”
  9. It's been quiet around here. Go for it.
  10. This looks pretty good to me. I only wonder if we should say something about trading critiques with other writers so that people realise right off the bat that it's a reciprocal thing?
  11. Good call! I would think we could just message Chaos (or another admin?) with our requested text changes, yeah. Also, your pictures upthread are reminding me that I meant to post about my baking (mis)adventures...
  12. Sorry for not checking in sooner, everyone. Had a performance Friday night and kinda crashed after that. Any takers for Nov 5?
  13. @aeromancer the slots are definitely there. With @shatteredsmooth going as well we still have three slots open. Ahh, the calm before NaNoWriMo.
  14. Cool. Any other takers?