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  1. Yep, that's a full roster for Monday. @JWerner, @shatteredsmooth, @Mandamon, @kais, and @Robinski.
  2. Before I forget, noting one of our new members @JWernerfor submission next Monday.
  3. Thanks! Hopefully I'll have something, uh, really soon.
  4. Yep, if the slots are free it's anyone's game. Looks like our roster is pretty much the same this week: @shatteredsmooth, @Robinski, @Mandamon and @kais. Anyone for the last slot?
  5. Thanks! I'll see what I can put together this weekend.
  6. Hey so, not a submission exactly, so I'm not posting in the submissions thread, but IF I can get my stuff together I may ask a small favour of whomever is interested this weekend/early this week. I'm considering applying for something which would require me to submit a recording of an original song for assessment. (It's going to be like a phone recording, because that's the only way I can do "recent" at this point, so nothing glamourous.) There's two pieces I'm considering, but I can only submit one, and would be curious to know how folks react to said songs before I choose one to submit. So the favour boils down to "listen to these two things, tell me if there's one you like better." Detailed critiques neither necessary nor expected. If nothing else I won't be able to make meaningful changes with the time I have left.
  7. I think we still have one more slot, actually! @shatteredsmooth, @Robinski, @kais, and @Mandamon. Did I miss anyone?
  9. HAHAHAHA no. I'm somewhere on the borderline of tenor and alto. But I can fake "Still Alive" after a good warmup if I have to.
  10. Sure! It never hurts. Man, I know I filled out the bit of the survey asking about music, because I figured I might as well if I was doing the survey anyway, but I really wasn't expecting them to actually take me up on it. It does not. In fact I'm pretty sure I indicated in the thing that I don't usually perform filk. But it's Worldcon! So you're saying I should brush up on my Jonathan Coulton covers.
  11. So I've gotten my participation survey for the academic track, but nothing for the programming proper or about our panel in particular, so while I still certainly hope they're hosting it, it seems like it might be a safe assumption that I am not on it. HOWEVER, plot twist, they, um, seem to have invited me to a performance? Of music? I've never written/performed filk. Do I need to write filk for this? Anyone have any idea where I can rent a guitar in Dublin? Assuming laypeople are allowed to attend, I don't see why I wouldn't. We're going all that way, might as well get the full experience!
  12. So it looks like @Mandamon and @kais for Monday. Any other takers?
  13. Duly noted, thanks Robinski! I usually write lyrics and melody at more or less the same time, so debating the value of just submitting a lyrics sheet unless I'm working through something really specific, and recordings would be rather more involved for both parties. Still, though, good to know there is another songwriter here that I can bounce things off of! I may take you up on that in the future
  14. Oops, sorry. See, this is why I like to double-check.