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  1. This is just a hunch, but I feel that it falls well in line with Windrunner's Theory, but what if it's all about Service as opposed to Self-Sacrifice? I have a couple of reasons to back this up. First of all, it's definitely a LDS thing. The religion is all about Serivce, and I wouldn't find it so farfetched as to appear in at least one of his books. Second, running with this same theme, I think it shows a sort of parallel with the lives the Returned of Hallandren live. They spend their whole lives being served by others and, in the end, would have to serve one of their very subjects in order to grant their one request. It's a full circle. They Serve in order to become a Returned, they live life being Served AS a Returned, then they leave one last time in order to Serve someone they find worthy. Yes, I think this works with Self-Sacrifice as well, but it misses the middle point. I also think that this might reflect how Infant Returned are possible. To quote Vortaan This is true. Definitely. But, again taking into consideration LDS religion, where a Spirit (a nod to the Spiritual Realm) and the Mind (a nod to the Cognitive Realm) are sperate from the Body (And, of course, the Physical Realm) and that one's Spiritual and Mental state are at its Prime before and after entering a Body, it would make sense that the Spiritual and Cognitive aspects of a person would be the ideal age BEFORE enetering a Body in the Physical Realm (of course, then needing to grow as the body grows...and for those familiar with LDS religion Shadesmar could possibly likened unto the Veil? A stretch, I know). That being said, it makes a little more sense that an Infant Returned might have had the knowledge and understanding to make the choice to come back as a Returned. They had the knowledge in the Spiritual Realm, and were able to make the decision. As for actually Serving as an Infant, this one might be a stretch. But would it be so odd that one could choose to Serve before even entering the Physical Realm based on knowledge known before hand? And, again, this could also possibly work for Self-Sacrificing, as well. I kinda actually think the two are almost the same. The last thing I thought that would possibly work, however thin the idea may be, is that--running with the Self-Sacrificing Theory) maybe Splinters DO, in fact, come from DEAD Shards, and not KILLED Shards. To my knowledge, it has never been outrightly said if Endowment was alive, but rather Endowment was not killed. Maybe Breaths were a Self-Sacrificial way for Endowment to help the people of Nalthis, and they are able to hear her voice, similar--but not the same--as Dalinar does with Honor, when they emulate Endowment's actions and Self-Sacrifice. Just an afterthought, really. I know this is all just a bunch of babble, but it was late and I was just jotting some additional Theories while reading this thread. Lemme know what you think!
  2. I don't know why, but I thought that it was somehow inferred that Hoid was the informant she heard humming. Dunno why I automatically assumed that.
  3. I don't think it has to do with ruin. The ONLY reason I have is that Brandon specifically said that VIN is too observant for her own good, not Ruin through Vin. I suppose she could be picking up on Lightweaving but (correct me if I'm wrong PLEASE, because this will help my motor for some other theories) would she even be able to pick up on that with Allomancy?
  4. It could be paranoia, but I remember Sanderson stating something along the lines of "Vin is too observant for her own good," and that "Hoid is somewhere else in that chapter". EDIT: I was also going to ask him if Splinters are to Shards as Shards are to Adonalsium, but didn't get the chance.
  5. While getting my books signed by Brandon today at Phoenix Comicon, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I, of course, had a notepad of carefully worded questions for him to answer but they were buried deep in my bag. Rather than fumble around like a fool, I blurted the two questions that I could remember off the top of my head. Me: Did Seons exist before Odium visited Sel? Sanderson: (Mind you, he actually stopped signing my book mid-autograph when I asked him this) Wow! That's an awesome question! No! No they did not! Me: So, as a follow up question, are Splinters, then, fragments of killed Shards (I was trying to ask an underlying question here on whether or not Odium had visited Nalthis)? Sanderson: Yes and no. Most of them, but not all of them. Not necessarily. I SWEAR I had more questions to ask based around some theories I have. I had a list. Hidden. Deep in my bag. I looked at it and came across two in particular that I have been DYING to ask him. Based on other information, I believe we may have seen or been near Endowment's Shardpool on Nalthis and was going to ask him about that. My other question revolved around whether Vin got spooked by Hoid was due to the fact that Hoid was one of the guards earlier in the chapter complaining about the cold and--since her senses are heightened from tin--if she picked up on that guard's voice and recognized it when Hoid was humming. On a subconscious level. Who knows though? Anyway, I think the first question really helps out some!
  6. Oh, I understood what you meant. Sorry for being a little vague. No, I realize that Szeth's mention was not part of a glossary, since one doesn't even exist in TWoK. I was just using the mention of his name to support my theory that some sort of personal glossary to the AA author might, indeed, exist.
  7. I'm assuming you're specifically referring to the comment about Hoid being a mystery? If that's the case, I think I agree. The glossaries being considered part of the AA would seem a bit strange and juvenile. But at the same time I would assume that whoever IS writing the AA would have to be keeping SOME sort of quick reference on "who-is-who," so to speak. Whether or not the glossary IS that reference guide, I believe that one certainly does exist. Especially considering the AA in Way of Kings. It mentions towards the end that they have been trying to figure out Windrunning and Lashing based on Szeth (or, more specifically, the "Assassin in White"). If that's true, and Szeth is mentioned with that sort of specificity, then the author of the AA MUST be keeping some sort of book to record activities of characters of High Importance. In my opinion, at least.
  8. I agree. I believe he may have been referring to Demoux and Galladon, but it was that last bit of the interview that really piqued my interest. I don't know why, but based on Sanderson's writings and the way he weaves subtlety throughout his books, I feel like we're all missing something really big in Warbreaker other than Hoid's minor appearance.
  9. Designated information gatherer. And also, there HAVE been other Worldhoppers. No one knows WHO yet, but they are there. It continues in another interview. It could be that he is only referencing Demoux in WoK, since Demoux and Hoid WOULD, in fact, be considered multiple people. But I have a feeling there may be someone else hidden in there.
  10. So it IS, in fact one person. Nazh is a DiG. I like the following theory, as well, EDIT: Another block of info to support this theory,
  11. So nowhere, that I know of, does it say that Hoid cannot appear in more than one space at a time--due to the fact that he CAN travel forward in time. Since he cannot go back in time, I guess it stands to reason that he, in fact, cannot be in two places at once, but what about back to back? For example; in chapter 27 Vin first stops by Elend's army camp and listens to the guards--which, should be noted, is not necessary for anything other than some sort of transparent plot device. Could it be that the guard complaining about the cold was, in fact, Hoid as well? Possibly there to keeps tabs on Elend's successes with Lerasium to see whether or not it works correctly? This could also explain why Vin is so spooked by simply hearing Hoid hum later. She is, after all, a Mistborn and burns tin. She would be able to instantly make the connection on vocal similarities, and therefore have instincts kick in that would have her feel uneasy speaking with someone who--in her mind, at least--is in two places at one time.