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  1. I'm disappointed that I can only upvote this once.
  2. This got me to thinking. Has anyone put together a timeline? Like, everything in one place? I've seen bits and pieces here and there comparing one or two things at a time, but I'd love to see one big timeline showing the books / scenes from books as they happened in the cosmere. Heck, I'd even be willing to put one together, if someone could point me in the right direction regarding when stuff happened.
  3. Equal how? We know that some Shards can see into the future more clearly than other Shards, so in that sense, no, they're not equal.
  4. Oh, definitely. I'm going to put one together later on today. I don't know what would be the proper program to use for something like this, so I'm just going to knock something together in Photoshop. (It's the tool I know the best.) Yes, thank you. Edited appropriately. /me glances at his signature block, which hasn't been edited in well over two months. >
  5. Another delay. http://www.crafty-games.com/content/mistborn-adventure-game-releases-november-22 They say "most digital formats" on November 22nd. Not quite sure what that means, but I'm still bummed.
  6. All very good points, Thor. I guess I'll just have to wait until the 8th to find out if the AoL AA was written by a new character there, or if we're still all in the dark.
  7. You're right. I forgot about that aspect of the illusions. Thanks for the correction.
  8. This is kind of what I'm thinking so far, but I want to put it in an actual timeline form, so I'd probably end up using a graphics program of some sort to make an image. Adonalsium Shatters (H) Oathpact Broken Elantris Founded Odium kills Aona and Skai “New” Elantrians Inhabit Elantris Alendi Finds the Well of Ascension The Reod AonDor Repaired (H) (1)The Manywar (1)The Final Empire Falls (H) (2)Marriage of God-King of Hallandren to Idris Princess (H) (2)Kidnappings Around the Elendel Basin Talenel Returns (H) (The parenthetical numbers indicate events that occur around the same time of each other. The parenthetical "H" indicates a time and place where we know of Hoid being.) I'd also like to include things like Dalinar's visions; that is, "Vision 1 showed this era", "Vision 2 showed this era", etc. Edit: Moved Elantris events to before the Manywar. (Thanks, CrazyRioter.) Edit 2: Added Hoid to Adonalsium's shattering. (Thanks, lordofsoup.)
  9. EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime Boring a hole through the Pattern of Ages, anyone?
  10. My thoughts. (Not using spoiler tags 'cause they're not spoilers, and also because I figured you did it just to save space.) Warbreaker: We don't really know that much about Yesteel, right? It might be too soon to dismiss Yesteel as the author. Nightblood said he was sneaky, and he's probably had all this time to study things. Alloy of Law: I'm not sure if the person is actually an Elantrian, but some of your logic does make sense. The only problem I see is with the disguises: an Elantrian would - as far as we currently know of AonDor - have to go back to Elantris every time s/he would want to change disguises. Also, I have my doubts about it being Raoden. Raoden seems like the kind of person who perceives his sole purpose in life as taking care of his people. (Which is probably why the Shaod took him.) I can't think of anything - short of a cosmere-wide cataclysmic event - that would make him set that aside. Elantrian? Maybe. But probably not Raoden. (Plus, the author didn't have the excitement we saw in Raoden as he discovered things about the aons.)
  11. Well, I'll try to sketch something up this weekend and post it for review. Then I'll move things around according to consensus until it looks accurate. I'm mostly thinking with relative dates in mind, as opposed to specific dates. (Primarily because I'm not too concerned with specific dates, and secondarily because there isn't much of a universal time-marker in the cosmere [except maybe PS - Post Shattering].)
  12. Ah, I didn't know about that page. That's a good start for what I want. Thanks.
  13. I think I kind of know what Cromptj means, but "splinter" is the wrong term to use - doubly so since that word has a very specific meaning in the cosmere. I would suggest "not operating at full capacity" as a substitute, but we already knew that.
  14. Heil! Oh, wait. Wrong SS. >_> Back to seriousness. I'm thinking it's someone we haven't seen yet. (Or, perhaps, someone we've seen only once, and too briefly to remember.) I contemplated that it might be Jasna who wrote that Ars, but then I discarded that thought. Even if she knew how to use Shadesmar to go between worlds, she's too focused on voidbringers to worry about the magic systems of other planets. It may be someone who shows up in AoL as a not-quite-prominent role - not a background character, but not someone that Wax would rely on to get his goals accomplished. (And considering how the author refers to the metallic arts - in a distant manner, as if s/he hadn't grown up around them - the author has to be someone from off-world.)
  15. So, after reading this, I had to go back and try to re-refresh my memory. (I posted my earlier comment based upon info in the wiki.) TFE Epigraph 33 does mention a lake, and considering the distance they had to be at, it certainly is a lake. Certainly not the small pool that the WoA is described as. (Plus, the lake sounds like it's outside, whereas Alendi's destination was in a cave.) I wonder, could this large lake have been transformed by Rashek into the Pits of Hathsin when he remade the world? Could this one large well have been broken into the many small wells of the Pits that Brandon mentioned?
  16. What do you mean by "it"? Do you mean the WoA is the metallic lake, or do you mean Preservation's shardpool is the lake? Either way, all three are the same thing. The Well of Ascension is a shallow pool of metallic-looking liquid, and it is the physical-liquid form of Preservation's power.
  17. A similar thought occurred to me, too. Allomantic uses of the metals seem pretty basic. Straightforward. Predictable. Feruchemical uses of those same metals syncs up with the allomantic uses at time, but at other times they make a sharp detour. (Fortune? Really?) We don't even know what most of the higher metals do hemalurgically. And considering how complex that art it, each metal could steal different parts of a Spiritweb depending on where it was used on the "donor". And, of course that's not even taking into account atium (or lerasium) hemalurgic spikes (and their alloys) like you mentioned, LoN.
  18. I think that's a great way to start things off, and it makes a lot of sense. Assuming that the Realmatic use of the term refers to allowing "mere mortals" to make use of the powers of creation, I think your derived definitions make sense.
  19. Hmm. Hadn't thought about feruchemy. My first thought is that feruchemy doesn't quite apply, as it is a reaction to the interaction of Preservation and Ruin. I've thought this for a while, but I'm starting to shy away from that line of thought. If it is the result of the interaction of those two Shards - like the northern lights are the result of the interaction between the Earth's magnetosphere and cosmic rays(?) - that might suggest other "half-powers" could be created by the interactions of other pairs of Shards. Or, it could be unique to the interaction between P&R, considering their perfect-opposites nature. Although, being able to store attributes in a metal isn't something natural. Maybe that's how feruchemy uniquely accesses the Dor - by allowing someone to store attributes in a metal. I'll need to think about this some more, if it's a viable theory.
  20. I haven't had a whole lot of time to ponder and put pieces together, but right now I'm going one step further than dj, thinking that Investiture somehow relates to Adonalsium(-the-power-of-creation) rather than just the Shard. Rambling train-of-thought follows. Feel free to knock some pins down. 1. I seem to recall reading something that said the different magics were interplanetary. 2. Preservation and Ruin could both fuel all of the Metallic Arts. 3. The Shards are Shards of Adonalsium. 3.1. The Shards were presumably united at one point in the past, suggesting a relation between all of them despite their different intents. 4. 2 + 3.1: Any Shard could potentially fuel any of the magics. 5. Perhaps all of the magics are really accessing the Dor in different ways, but only Sel knew that term. 5.1. Perhaps the Dor is the residual energy of creation, and each Shard also accesses the Dor, in its own way. 6. Investiture could be the way to access the residual power of creation, (the Dor), and the closer one is to it Realmatically, the stronger one is in that magic. That is, the more Investiture a mortal has, the closer in strength s/he comes to the Shard representing that Investiture. (Much like how an Awakener can collect more Breaths, eventually coming to the Fifth Heightening that all Returned are at by default.) If Investiture means "a way to access the Dor" - whether it be via AonDor, Dakhor, Allomancy, Windrunning, Biochromatic Breath, etc. - Soulbearers with hemalurgic spikes of the other Investitures could become incredibly dangerous beings. This is what I'm thinking the author means.
  21. Thanks for that. I'll check that out. I love this. I'm willing to bet that, considering what we know of the nature of hemalurgy, anyone in the cosmere who is aware of the science of hemalurgy could use it to soak up aspects of the Spiritwebs of any person from any planet and Invest it into someone else. (Ooh, or possibly anything else, as long as it has a Spiritweb of its own that the spike can "staple" the other 'web to. Do Lifeless have Spiritwebs? Probably not, but hmm...) At least, that's what I'm hoping. That would make things fun. Well, I'm sure that's what everyone's first thoughts would be, and Brandon probably knows we'd think that, too, but I'm not sure. The tone of this Ars Arcanum and The Letter are different. This AA seems to be written by someone with a seriously scholarly bent. Hoid's no idiot, but he doesn't strike me as an academic. He's more like the guy who sneaks around behind the scenes, putting himself in places where one tiny nudge from him will make a world of different to a world. Oh, now that would be cool, wouldn't it? If the Seventeenth Shard were made up of someone from every Investiture - an Elantrian, a Dakhor, an Awakener, an Allomancer, a Feruchemist, a Hemalurgist, a Windrunner... > Actually, that makes a lot of sense. We were told that Rashek learned everything he knew about hemalurgy from his time accessing the Well's power, so it's not unlikely that he learned a lot about allomancy and feruchemy, too. I think this could be the solution to that particular debate.
  22. Um, yeah. Sure. ;; I hadn't decided on any specifics - the cognitive aspect oozing out into a pool, for example - but yeah, that's pretty much what I was suggesting. (Just in generalities rather than specifics. I like the idea, but I'm still reserved regarding it, since we haven't seen a definitive yea or nay regarding pools and fully active Shards.)
  23. I can't argue one way or another about this theory, but I like what I've read so far. (Particularly #5. That's a very good point.) Plus, this theory makes hemalurgy tons more dangerous. I like that. That could lead to some seriously fun conflicts to read about in future books.
  24. Wait, what? Where was this? I totally missed that.
  25. That makes sense. That sounds like something Clubs would have said. Okay, I stand corrected on that part. Now that I think about it a little more, the "whole cloud" vs. "just the Smoker" bit is a little surprising to me. When Kel was giving his recruitment talks to the skaa masses, he had emotional allomancers helping out. I would have thought that that much Rioting and Soothing would be like a lighthouse to any Ministry Seeker-goons that were anywhere near the vicinity of those talks, which would make me think that a coppercloud would be needed to keep everything under wraps. We have some decent evidence that the Rioters and Soothers were successful in their attempts, so either Kel was taking a terrible risk by doing this without any copperclouds, or something changed. (Maybe Harmony changed it so copperclouds protected everyone and not just the Soother?) I don't have my book on me to check that one scene, but Chapter 10 is the first of Kel's talks. Is there a mention of Smokers?