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  1. Speaking of pins, what about 17S pins? Or would those be too expensive to have made?
  2. It's also the same symbol used for the prologue in MB1 and MB3. A similar spike is used in the epilogue of MB2, but it's definitely distinct from the prologue spikes.
  3. Ha. So that makes Wax Harmony's Champion - he'll preserve order, but via means that leave lots of collateral damage.
  4. Almost reminds me of a joke that a friend of mine had for a truly True Neutral character in an RPG: Town hires your party to clear a nearby mine of a goblin infestation. For every goblin the TN character kills, he should sneak back into the town at night and kill a townsperson. Now with Sazed, of course, it's not a balance between good and evil, it's a balance between preservation and ruin. Applying the above concept, I wonder if Harmony is trying to keep a tally - "Helped this guy knock some stuff over, over here, now I need to help this guy keep the peace, over there."
  5. Elendel Basin Map: Longitudinal lines (from left to right): Iron, Lerasium, Iron, Steel, Tin Latitudinal lines (from top to bottom): Atium, Malatium, Gold, Electrum, Chromiun, Nicrosil Also note how the Elendel Basin is (appropriately) in the northern hemisphere of Scadrial - you can tell because you can see on this map that the meridians converge as they move to the top of the map. Edit: The Line of Lerasium runs right through Elendel. I propose that the Canton of Cartography is using the lerasium glyph to denote Scadrial's Prime Meridian. (Edit 2: Because, y'know, it's bookended by Iron on each side. One would be East Iron, the other would be West Iron.)
  6. dar-NEEL I made up the name for my first Amber:DRPG character while I was in either 10th or 11th grade. (So, anywhere from '93-'95.) In one of my history classes, we were taught about Jacob Riis, and the teacher pronounced his last name REES. I thought it was cool how a double-i made that sound, so I stole it knowing I would use it in a name at some point. Up until recently, this name has always pointed to me on the 'nets. However, I discovered in the past year that it has somehow made its way into someone's ebook.
  7. Which also seemed weird to me. I can buy that for the Second Generation and up, but the Firsts were originally human. And we have evidence that they retained their human memories. So, when TLR changed the feruchemists, he altered them somehow so that they not only could not be fully sentient without the Blessings, but also so that they would retain their memories from when they were human? I guess that would mean that the Blessings may not contain something that grants sentience, but maybe they're more like switches in a circuit - when the circuit is open (no Blessings), there is no sentience; when the circuit is closed (Blessings), there is sentience.
  8. There might be a similarity to the koloss, as they have four, don't they? Kandra have one pair normally, koloss have two pair. Other than eyes (and excluding the lynchpin), do we have any evidence that inquisitors must have paired spikes, too?
  9. This, plus maybe the Set have kandra on staff?
  10. [[Miles]] or [[Miles Dagouter]]?
  11. That brings up an interesting question about hemalurgy. We know that placement of a spike within a body can determine what the spike does. We also know that Vin's spike was a Seeking-powered spike. What we don't know is whether the placement in the earlobe granted the ability to burn bronze - much like Spook's spike granted him the ability to burn pewter - of if that placement simply enhanced an already-existing Seeking ability. (Of course, there's always the possibility that "granting the ability" done on someone who already has that ability would, as a result, "enhance the ability".) It's a fine distinction, yes, but an important one, IMO.
  12. I would love to have a pewter-symbol pewter stein, but I imagine that's outside the bounds of what's possible here.
  13. That makes me wonder more about something that I thought of the other day, something that touches on other topics that have been covered before. Is the Breath a part of the Spiritweb, or could it be the entire Spiritweb of someone from Nalthis? The differences between a drab and a non-drab sounds like it could be similar to how someone would change if they were tapped with a hemalurgic spike but not killed.
  14. Like a pensieve? AWESOME. Where/when did he say this?
  15. Was it Hamlet or Othello? And my comment about the cake was more along the lines of the "mistress clause" that Steris wrote. Theoretically, Wax could use that clause with Marasi, but honestly, I kinda doubt he'd make use of that clause at all. What little we've seen of him, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd want a mistress.
  16. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  17. Hey, that's great. I'm pretty bad at managing to pay attention to news, so it's very handy that there'll be people who are on the lookout for updates and such.
  18. My apologies for the fishing expedition, but I wasn't sure if you'd only read his books or also played the Amber: DRPG. Among many DRPG fans, there's an ongoing joke that the game doesn't have classes, per se, but rather hair colors - the redheads are the mystics, the brunettes are the cockroachesfighter-types, and the blonds are the socialites. (And of course, one's real hair color does not have to match the "class" color. Case in point, Merlin is often considered a redhead despite being Corwin's son.)
  19. Hmm. Perhaps he can have his cake and eat it, too.
  20. Welcome aboard! Zelazny, eh? So, which class do you prefer: redheads, brunettes, or blonds?
  21. Sounds good, all around.
  22. I dunno about Harmony having a goal. After three and a half centuries holding the two Shards, Sazed's mind might be starting to be affected. Remember what he told Wax: "The point is Harmony, creating a way for as many as possible to make their own choices." That's the only goal I think Harmony has right now. Then there's Marsh's line at the end: "Harmony has particular views about how things must be done. I do not always agree with him. Oddly, his particular beliefs require that he allow that." Why would the two not agree? Possibly because Marsh doesn't share Harmony's hands-off approach.
  23. >.<# I'm going to say this would end up like Corwin dueling Random - it would go on for days straight, with neither of them taking a break to eat or sleep, and then one would call it off because he had to get ready for a date.