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  1. As much as I dig Kel, I'd have to say Magneto would win. As one of the comments there said, all Maggie would have to do is rip the metals out of Kelsier's stomach. Which he could do pretty easily, if you compare what he did to Wolverine. Now, here comes an important question, though: is allomantic pewter ferrous? If it's not, there's a chance Magneto might not be able to manipulate it, which would help Kelsier out a bit. He could heal the damage done when the iron, steel, etc. was ripped out of him, and make him physically stronger, to boot. However, Magneto isn't limited to Pushing and Pulling, and even though Kel wouldn't be wearing any metal for Magneto to manipulate, he'd still probably have a bag of coins. And if all else failed, he'd just rip the spires from Kredik Shaw and start throwing those around. (Didn't want to register an account just to answer one thread, so I figured I'd leave my two cents here.)
  2. Ah, that must have been it. I just skimmed the article.
  3. I would like to announce that I felt the earthquake in downtown Atlanta.
  4. My apologies. I meant the Heralds. Not other planets, per se, but other places. It was the descriptions of the post-Desolation place that the Heralds went to when they were done fighting a Desolation (died/were victorious). It may have just been how I interpreted things when I read that part, but that place seemed like an alternate dimension/phase shift/astral plane/afterlife kind of thing that encompassed more than one world. (Like how a bowl of oatmeal can encompass a bunch of raisins. And if they went from a raisin to the oatmeal, why would they only be able to return to that one raisin?) Since we know there are three realms in the cosmere, I guess that place they went to wasn’t another dimension; probably just another one of the realms. (I’m guessing cognitive, since it’s not the “afterlife” of the spiritual realm. But then again, they do experience pain - hooks, right? That sounds physical, even though pain can be something other than physical. Though I guess the hooks could be a metaphorical interpretation of something more abstract. Then again, are we sure that they go to one of the three realms? I think I’ll stop now, since I’m talking myself into circles.) So, the Shardpools - I still like “loci”; makes me feel like i r smrt (and it works better with something that isn’t a pool, like the Pits of Hathsin) - would be mobile, then, but only insofar as wherever the Shard is focusing its attention. Since Preservation and Ruin focused on Roshar, their Shardpools settled there. If they moved their attention elsewhere, then their Shardpools would move with them, much like how a shadow follows the body that casts it. Okay, that makes sense. So, then, if a Shard focused its attention to another world, and its Shardpool went to that other world, would the magic move with it? Preservation directly powered allomancy, so if Preservation went elsewhere, there would be nothing to power allomancy. Therefore, no allomancy on Roshar, and probably no feruchemy, either. Tangent: Does a Shard actually generate a type of magic? We’re told Preservation powers allomancy directly, Ruin powers hemalurgy indirectly (as in, Ruin does not give any of itself for Hemalurgy to operate), and it’s suggested that the interaction between the two generates feruchemy. Empowerment generates Awakening/BioChroma. Syl, an honorspren, said she binds things. Szeth “binds” things, too, using his abilities. Honor, then, probably generates bindings. Is there anything that says that the magic generated by a Shard can’t also be essential to a creature? (That is, where the magic is the creautre?) Could the Voidbringers be generated by Odium, and could they have gone with it to Sel? (I guess magic could be localized in a type of creature, since feruchemy was only found in the people of Terris. Perhaps Odium’s magic is found only in a specific type of life - Voidbringers.)
  5. I remember reading something on slashdot, I think, about the fire sale on TouchPads, how they were selling like hotcakes. I think the story was along the lines of "HP would be doing better if they sold their stuff at more reasonable prices", but I don't remember the whole thing, nor can I find it any more. :-/
  6. Since password security was mentioned, this seemed to be a rather well-timed comic: http://xkcd.com/936/
  7. Oh, ok. That makes a lot of sense, actually. Especially if he has a Grand Unification Theory for the various magic systems. It does, however, bring up other questions: 1. Is Odium trying to destroy/kill others who hold Shards? If so, why aren’t more dead? If all sixteen shards are within the same universe, it should be pretty easy to find the others. 2. The Desolations are massive upheavals in the world of Roshar. Practically apocalyptic, even. I can see how Desolations might be Roshar-centric - the current in-book theory about Voidbringers would mean they’re unique to Roshar - but what we see of the Radiants suggests that they’re bigger than Roshar, that their “circles” extend farther than one planet. Why is there no mention of anything like them on Nalthis or Sel? (I can guess why there’d be no mention of them on Scadrial, if they’d ever been there.) 3. Could Endowment Awaken a Returned on Roshar? Without Biochromatic breath existing there, I imagine a Returned wouldn’t last longer than a week on Roshar, but could it happen? Or are Shards limited to influencing only the planets where their loci (pools) are? 3A. If that’s the case, how was Odium able to interact on Sel? 3B. Can loci be moved? If not, then this would suggest that Preservation’s and Ruin’s loci were stuck on a dead planet after Adonalsium’s shattering, stuck there alone for an unknown amount time, until Preservation managed to convince Ruin to create life. (Was it Life, or Sentient Life? I can’t remember. I think is was Life, and that Sentient Life was given just a touch more of Preservation.) I’m sure the answer to all of these is “RAFO”, so I’ll just wait. And speculate. :-/
  8. Yeah, I was sent a piece of flair on Facebook once: "I talk in movie quotes." It's quite true. (My sig quote is one, too.) Thanks for the welcomes, everyone.
  9. Yeah, like I said, I wasn't expecting a change in policy. Just thought I'd chime in.
  10. Well, while I'm all for the zombie apocalypse, and I'd love the infamy associated with bringing it about, I guess it's still best to answer the question. Here's (most of) the email I sent to Isaac: I don't want to copy/paste his response without his permission, but his response, in summary, was: The battle at the Tower was complex, and it changed several times. Sanderson tried to sync up with Stewart's maps, Stewart tried to match the copy of Sanderson's text that he had handy, and the end result was that the text and maps still didn't agree. However, if the map of the Tower is rotated 45 degrees clockwise, the text and map fit much better. This. 100%
  11. Just thought I'd toss in my thoughts on this, even though I don't expect them to change how things operate. Reading the thread, all I could think of is how limited the English language seems to be, since we don't have a term that could easily encompass the things debated. (Spiritual vs. Cognitive, f'r example.) Wouldn't it be nice, I thought, if there were a term that incorporated Spirit and Intellect (since that's the debated part, as the Physical part of the holder kinda goes AFK for a bit, being replaced by the Shard's Physical aspect). And it hit me. Geist. "Geist" is a German word which is most frequently translated as "ghost", which is synonymous with "spirit". "Geist" can also be used to mean "intellect". But then I realized that I'm probably the only person to whom "Shardgeist" sounds cool. :-/ /shrug
  12. Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. I remember, also, that he decidedly did not comment on other continents on Roshar when asked. I guess that either means nothing will happen there, or something will, but later.
  13. Y'know, I thought something was familiar about your domain. I thought I'd seen it before somewhere. Then it hit me: /.

  14. I focused on GIS and related things, though I really enjoyed the one remote sensing class I took. That was a blast, interpreting all the LIDAR (and similar) imagery, trying to figure out what I was looking at, determining the altitude of the camera based upon known ground features, etc. I wasn't a big fan of the quantitative spatial analysis class I had to take, but the program didn't have a qualitative class, so quant was all that was available to meet that requirement. Heh, and I just remembered - someone in this thread was talking about plate tectonics. I actually mentioned that when I was poring over the Epic Bookmark's map with Isaac next to me.
  15. Wow. I'm glad this topic was here. I was going to ask about it, since articles in the wiki made me think of it. I always thought that Roshar was just the continent. Being a geography major when I was in college, I've seen a lot of maps, and the way the maps were laid out in the book and on the Epic Bookmark make me think it's the continent's name. To elaborate on that, it's the way the title is done. When titling a map, you title it based upon what you're mapping out. So you'll have a map of Luthadel, titled Luthadel. You'll have a map of (rats, what's the name? at work now; no WoK to reference) the Shattered Plains(?) with a related title. Then, we have the map titled Roshar, complete with scale marker (there is one, right?), a directional indicator (north arrow on our modern maps, stormward arrow on theirs), and even latitude markers that indicate this continent is in its planet's southern hemisphere. To me, the titling of the maps is the primary indicator that Roshar is the name of the continent, but the latitude marks are a close second. (I had a nice talk with Isaac Stewart, the Way of Kings mapmaker, at Eagle Eye Bookstore last summer during Dragon*Con weekend, and that also helped me come to my conclusion on this. YMMV, of course, but this is my two cents on the matter. I'm not about to go changing anyone else's articles, though, despite my personal confidence on the topic. )
  16. Sorry for jumping in so late on this thread. And thanks, whoever it was, for bringing my question here. As Chaos assumed in post 5, my question on the Talk:Spook page was about whether or not to mention that the Lord Mistborn is probably Spook. That was something that I didn't want to just add in without checking first, hence my question. Since I'm still a newbie here, I'll keep my mouth shut on the topic and stick by whatever decision is reached by The Powers That Be. ---Unrelated to thread, but informational--- I created my account here because my mother and I were discussing the Mistborn trilogy in relation to the Alloy of Law chapters, trying to remember details for various characters. I knew about the site, so I came over to look things up and discovered the information I wanted wasn't listed yet. So, after finding the pertinent chapters in HoA, I decided to add the info I was looking for in case someone else ended up looking for it. I hope I can be more of a help to the wiki in the future. Also: It's interesting the things one can stumble upon when looking up info on the Kuiper Belt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysnomia_%28mythology%29