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  1. From the point of view of a reference frame moving and rotating with the centrifuge, an object released in the centrifuge falls outwards radially. Same way that from the point of view of a reference frame attached to the earth's surface, an object falls towards the earth, even though its motion in another frame is (for example) a small section of a complex orbit around the sun.
  2. So, I had an interesting realization the other day. We know that the speed bubbles from bendalloy or cadmium allomancy attach themselves to reference frames, and speed things up or slow them down relative to that reference frame. We know that those reference frames can be ones that experience acceleration: case in point, whenever a bubble attaches itself to the reference frame of the ground, which is rotating about Scadrial's axis and orbiting the sun. And, from the perspective of general relativity, any frame in which there is a gravitational field is really no different from an accelerated frame. We also know, from descriptions of the experiences of characters within speed bubbles, that nothing weird happens in regards to their experiences of gravity. They feel the same weight inside a bubble as they would outside a bubble. When you drop something inside of a speed bubble, it falls to the ground at the rate you would expect to see outside the bubble: it doesn't float in the air or suddenly crash to the ground. (You might call this an extended version of Einstein's equivalence principle: you can't tell whether you are inside a speed bubble by doing measurements on the weights of objects.) All this means that, in order for there to not be any weird effects on the weight of objects inside speed bubbles, is that speed bubbles have to treat inertial forces and gravitational forces the same way, just as we would expect from general relativity. And that means that if Wayne managed to anchor a speed bubble inside a large spinning centrifuge, he could observe the centrifuge slowed down (relative to the rate of time flow within the bubble) while still experiencing the full centrifugal force. If he dropped something inside, it would "fall" towards the outside of the centrifuge, even though the apparent motion of the centrifuge is practically stopped. Does anyone know of any WoBs dealing with speed bubbles in accelerated frames, or in free-fall? Someone needs to ask Brandon what would happen if Wayne burned bendalloy while on a merry-go-round, or while skydiving.
  3. I think a simple way that we can reconcile the fact that no one actually dies of old age, and that (by WoB) gold compounding does not grant immortality even though it can heal all of the things that old people actually die of, is this: I posit that gold healing gets less effective the older you are, requiring greater reserves to heal the same amount, while the body continues to degenerate from aging. So Miles would probably live quite a bit longer than a normal person, but eventually even through compounding he wouldn't be able to keep generating the massive reserves of health he would need to keep his body from failing.
  4. My headcanon about this is that a partially-full metalmind, consumed by an allomancer, would actually appear as two allomantic reserves: the feruchemical compounding one, and the regular allomantic one. The allomancer could choose which one to burn.
  5. Thanks Titan, I did not see those instructions before.
  6. How can those who have read the prose version of White Sand obtain the password for the protected forum?
  7. F. Iron A. Steel A. Tin A. Pewter H. Atium (F. Tin) Wax has shown what a versatile combination Crashers have. Throwing A. Pewter into that mix would be even more awesome, letting me throw my stored weight around with even more impunity. Adding compounded Tin (using an atium spike) for ridiculous senses and I have the start of something pretty awesome. A. Zinc H. Brass (F. Zinc) F. Copper F. Bronze Using a spike to get compounded Zinc, now I can riot emotions and think at super speed without the downside of storing much. F. Copper lets me store the vast amount of sensory data that I take in and process it at my convenience. A. Pewter offsets some of the downside of storing F. Bronze. F. Cadmium F. Bendalloy F. Gold A. Electrum A. Pewter also helps offset storing health and breath. I took F. Bendalloy because it goes well with cadmium, and with super mental speed, adding in speed bubbles just seems broken. But A. Bendalloy is a tempting alternative, especially with F. Nicrosil to compound allomantic strength. A. Electrum, especially compounded with F. Nicrosil, lets me glimpse the future and analyze it with compounded mental speed. A. Chromium F. Nicrosil F. Aluminum F. Duralumin With A. Chromium I can neutralize most other metalborn (assuming I've learned how to void metalminds). F. Nicrosil lets me compound the strength of my abilities when I'm not using them (no real need for A. Duralumin when you have that), and combined with F. Aluminum I have some limited capability to grant my abilities to friends. F. Duralumin lets me be social or antisocial as I choose, and plays well with A. Zinc. So I am basically Wax + Spiked Spook + Super Sherlock Holmes + significant endurance and ability to manipulate people. All that and only 2 spikes, few enough that it will be very difficult for anyone to come around and exploit my Flaw.
  8. It seems likely that the Surges give pretty much identical powers to both Orders that have them. So Skybreakers would be able to do the Basic and Reverse Lashings, Truthwatchers would be able to use illusions like Lightweavers and access Regrowth like Edgedancers, etc. We've already seen that both Shallan and Jasnah can Soulcast and it appears to function similarly, though Jasnah has the Soulcasting-at-a-distance trick up her safepouch. I think: (1) the Surges are probably a bit more flexible than we've seen, for instance, Kaladin can probably do a lot more with the Pressure Surge than just Full Lashings. So instead of just a couple odd powers, each Radiant Order can use two whole sets of powers. Some of these sets will work better with each other than others (see Kaladin vs. Lift as you've pointed out); (2) its been hinted that each Order has something extra, an effect or a bonus that arises from the combination of their two power sets; and (3) it may be that the different Orders access their Surges slightly differently, so for example a Truthwatcher might access illusions differently than a Lightweaver. (2) and (3) would help to give each Order a distinct and cohesive feel, alleviating the issue that you raise about their Surges not tying together well.
  9. I just interpreted Hoid's comment as referring to the way that Kelsier's actions destroyed the system of production of atium, which was a big part of the economic system of the Final Empire's nobility. But, that doesn't address the reference to worldhopping traffic through Scadrial, so you might have something there.
  10. Because with access to compounding for ALL feruchemical attributes, the Lord Ruler was so incredibly powerful that there should have been no way that Vin could have defeated him. It's only a combination of his complacency (probably helped along by the influence of Ruin), Vin's ability to draw on the mists, and his shock at being removed from his metalminds, that let him be defeated.
  11. fun

    Could you provide a link to this other thread, Stormgate? I searched through the forums before posting and could only find this topic, which I felt had a slightly different focus than the thread I created. (The linked thread was about EdroGrimshell developing a new set of metals with input from others. This thread that I posted is about everyone sharing new abilities that they think would make cool/interesting metallic powers, without trying to fit it into a certain structure.)
  12. Good points about the Terris people, and duralumin. Thanks for pointing those out!
  13. theory

    Right. The interference between different unkeyed metalminds is a clue that, in fact, the metalminds are not completely unkeyed - they might be stored at 1% identity or 10% identity, or something, and the residual identity is what causes the interference. My personal theory is that you can have partially keyed metalminds, and they would work something like how you imagine - faking identity with soulforging would be easier, for one possibility. For another, someone who is familiar with the feruchemist's soul could access partially keyed metalminds (the way Ashravan's soulstamps worked on Gaotona). It probably depends on the level of Connection with the feruchemist. The more they store identity while creating a metalmind, the less Connected to them you have to be to access it.
  14. Why is it that a non-allomancer can burn lerasium and thereby become a mistborn? For a long time I just assumed that, well, lerasium is a god metal, it's different. And maybe that is true. However, lately I've come up with a theory that explains how anyone can burn lerasium, so I thought I'd share it. Premise 1: Greater allomantic strength means higher maximum burn rate, and greater amount of power obtained per amount of metal burned. (This seems to be the case comparing the allomantic strengths of Kelsier, Vin, and Elend.) Premise 2: Lerasium, when burned by an allomancer with the ability to burn it, increases allomantic strength permanently. (Implication: there could be lerasium mistings, but their power would basically just let them use less lerasium to become a mistborn than others, or to become an even stronger mistborn than lerasium grants to non-allomancers.) Premise 3: Everyone native to Scadrial, by virtue of their innate investiture from Preservation, is a tiny bit of an allomancer in every metal. (This is normally completely unnoticeable, because the rate at which a non-allomancer could burn any of the metals is insignificantly small and produces next to no effect.) Premise 4: Anyone with allomantic ability unconsciously burns their metals a tiny amount when ingested. (Again, this is normally unnoticeable.) Putting these assumptions next to each other: everyone can burn lerasium a tiny amount, and does so unconsciously when it is ingested. But, lerasium increases allomantic strength. So the tiny initial burn increases their allomantic strength, and therefore their ability to burn lerasium increases. Which means they burn it faster and get more power, increasing their allomantic strength more - resulting in a positive feedback loop, which persists until the lerasium is all used up, and the person's allomantic strength has increased to the point of them being a very powerful mistborn. Problems, aside from the lack of evidence for premises 3 and 4: this only works with the theory that lerasium alloys create mistings if combined with the theory that mistings can burn god metal alloys of their metal. Can't remember if the first of those theories has been confirmed by WoB, but I don't think the second one has. Bands of Mourning spoilers:
  15. theory

    I don't think that nicrosil feruchemy works quite the way you describe it, as natc points out: the reserves of Investiture in the Bands was finite and were specifically noted by Wax to be gradually depleting as he used the Bands. So if you are storing the Investiture of feruchemical nicrosil ability in a nicrosilmind, your feruchemical nicrosil ability is only reduced while storing it. (This creates another conundrum, since storing f.nicrosil should make you unable to store f.nicrosil - so it is probably impossible to store it completely.) But you would still have your full ability whenever you were not storing it; tapping it would just make you stronger. (It isn't completely certain what feruchemical strength is, either. I believe it is a combination of reduced losses from drawing lots of attribute at once, ability to store a greater amount of attribute in a given piece of metal, and greater maximum store and tap rates, but that is just my theory.) In any case f.nicrosil seems to work like pretty much every other feruchemical ability except for copper (and perhaps cadmium and bendalloy) - it makes you weaker while storing in order to make you stronger while tapping, rather than totally removing the ability upon storing and only returning it upon tapping.