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  1. Oooh I really like the idea and the drawing! What types of spikes do they use for combat? Aside from spiking themselves to gain powers, are there situations where spiking your enemies could hurt them (aside from Ruin's influence or Kandra or the like) also random question, how are they powering their own spikes? Like you could heal the wound with f-gold but wouldn't it still take a bit of your soul? When do they find the trade off worth it? I really love the idea of a lawless (or corrupt) area with tons of hemalergests and hemalergic battles! on a less theory-oriented note, do they have a name?
  2. Howdy, y'all! I'm a long-time fan, just finished my 3rd full read-through of the cosmere (except white sand) so definitely a BS addict I never skip Shallan chapters on re-reads If i was twinborn i'd be double-steel, double-zinc, double-chromium, or double-duralumin (i like compounding lol) 50-50 elsecaller-truthwatcher. I'd be both if I found spren willing to agree to a double bond Give me your theories
  3. ketek

    @ stormform_wert Ooooohhh I really like this one!!! I love it when you can make the meanings drastically change between the forward and backward branches (I would use the quote button but new members can't do that or mention people lol)
  4. ketek

    Get ready for a huge one here. I introduced my dad to the Stormlight Archive and I really wanted to thank him for putting in the huge amount of time tor was the whole thing, so I wrote this for him. I was also reminded of chaiasms, so I took the one in Alma 36 (one of his favorite chapters of all time) and attempted to turn it into a more formal Ketek. I got thinking about how the five sections could be any length, so here it is: a Ketek of Keteks. Subtitles added for clarification.