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  1. I like the Mistborn trilogy covers and the Elantris cover a lot, but the rest I could take or leave. I think the firs WoR cover is just a bit boring. The second is so dynamic! I remember when the first WoR cover got released, I speculated that it might be Kaladin wih Shardspear and Shardplate. Peter then told me that the artist had not yet read the book. So I am sure that it is not canonical. Still a cool look though.
  2. As many of you probably know, the UK paperback release of the Stormlight Archive books usually comes in two parts. Without further ado, here are the two covers. Why couldn't the hardcover have had the second image? Szeth looks so cool! Source
  3. My guess would be that Jasnah will be SA3's interlude constant - we will get to see a few of her adventures in Shadesmar across the different interludes.
  4. What time are people heading to the Forbidden Planet for? The thing starts at 6, but I assume we want to get there early. And how do we go about trying to eavesdrop on the questions etc? The only signing I have ever been too was an hour long, and I took up about 10 mins asking questions.
  5. Almost certainly. It will be tough, but I am determined to make it!
  6. Btw, Brits are weird. I have no idea why we say "lef-tenant". I think many young Brits don't realise it should be said that way. Is stupid. I am quite happy saying lieutenant normal way. But awesome reading. I am looking forward to Part 5.
  7. Yeah that sounds like fun! I can get a train into London quite easily.
  8. I think he has mentioned it, but I can't find a reference right now. I think that he may have changed his mind about the back 5 several times - there was a possibility of Kaladin getting a second book. The four I mentioned above have all been confirmed recently, which is why I mentioned them. EDIT: I can't quite see why people don't believe that she will be. I like the idea of being inclusive with the Parshendi, rather than rejecting them. I believe Brandon has confirmed that each book will be based around an Order, but again I am having trouble finding my quotes to back that up.
  9. Ahh thanks. I had missed that quote. Certainly a Willshaper then. Does this mean that Chanaranach is going to be the last viewpoint character? Brandon has previously said we might get two heralds in the back 5.
  10. I have long suspected as many have that Eshonai will be a (the first?) Parshendi Radiant. A new WOB from the DC signing seems to confirm this: The term not allowed is interesting, but I digress. I think we can work out which order Eshonai might belong to, based on the fact that each of the 10 books is linked with an order of Radiants. The front five are Kaladin - Windrunners Shallan - Lightweavers Szeth - Skybreakers Eshonai - ??? Dalinar - Bondsmiths The back five include by most recent accounts Lift - Edgedancers Renarin - Truthwatchers Jasnah - Elsecallers "Taln" - Stonewards The only two Orders not represented on this list are the Willshapers and the Releasers aka Dustbringers. I reckon than Eshonai is one of these two. But which one? Willshapers - Resolute/Builder Dustbringers - Brave/Obidient Personally, I would guess at Eshonai being a Willshaper. What do you guys think?
  11. I know. The problem with that is that if the levels were say, each 1 meter further out than the one above, Urithiru would quickly become a) rather squat and 2) absolutely massive, with the bottom have a radius of about a kilometre. By my model Urithiru is already larger by floorspace than any building on Earth - if Urithiru was as described then it would be mind numbingly big. I already have a hard time seeing it situated in the mountains tbh. Yeah that is a good point. I have the Oathagtes at being 50 meters radius or 100m in diameter, giving an area of 2500*pi meters, which at 3 people per square meter would be about 21000. My maths seems to have gone wrong somewhere as that actually sounds sensible ... ish...
  12. Heyy all From reading the descriptions of Urithiru, I couldn't quite get my head around how it actually looks, so I tried to create it using a CAD program called SketchUp (formerly of Google). From this, I have created a few low quality pics of the layout of Urithiu, The tower is an odd shape (its actually modelled by using an exponential function). This is due to each level of the tower jutting further out than the one above. This is just my interpretation, Brandon almost certainly has it differently. And the Oathagtes are too small. Perhaps the whole tower is too small, I can't quite tell from the book descriptions. The tower is 500m and the bottom level has a radius of 500m. The total platform that Urithiru sits on is 1500m in radius, and the Oathagtes are 50m in radius (as I mentioned perhaps too small). If anyone is at all interested, the calculations for the level radii are here. Is this anything like how you imagined Urithiru looked? What do you think about the odd shape and proportions? PS I know these don't look great but when I am feeling more creative I want to do a few sketches of Urithiru in situ, which will hopefully make it look much better. I just thought people might like to see what I spend my spare time doing
  13. Also, the only thing I have noticed is that the person who appears in Kholinar at the end of tWoK is described as having "no hint of an accent" to his Alethi. However, in the Taln interlude, he is described by Dalinar(?) as having a northern Alethi accent. Not sure what that means though. ... and can the interlude titles lie? It says Taln, so we have to assume that guy is Taln... right? Damnation Brandon!
  14. Interesting, I missed Pali in the Taravangian episode. I am starting to think that some of the exclamations (Pali's hand) in this case aren't their original names either. Hmmmmm
  15. Well at least one of the Herald's true names survive into modern times. Sigzil tells of Jezrien during a story to Bridge 4 in tWoK, and says that the Vorrin call him Jezerezeh. Therefore at least some people know some of the real names of the Heralds. Maybe Nale is one of those names? Who knows. Answer: Brandon.