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  1. From the album Ic4rys Art

    Might add more, the broken soul caster from the Devar family was meant to be in the chest
  2. From the album Ic4rys Art

    WIP painting while I finish my finals
  3. That's true. I definitely take a lot of the terms too literally and forget to frame them in the context of Roshar instead of Earth
  4. Thank you for the welcome and the interface guide! I also imagined them that way but its mentioned in WoR in Rysn's interlude that the reshi were resting by their tents in the forest on the way up the greatshell. I could be too strict with my interpretation of tent though as wikipedia recogonizes gazebos as a type of tent. Also I have had trouble replying because the site won't let me post links as I'm a new member even if they are links I'm quoting but it was nice of you to give the response you did so I wanted to thank you for that at least.
  5. New to this forum, working on a painting for one of my classes of Relu-Na and Rysn. I want to show people living on the island and their communities but I can't decide what type tents they'd live in. How do you guys imagine them?