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  1. Odiums connection to kaladin might not be strong enough without Moash. In mistborn Ruin could speak to crazy people but he needed them to be pierced to controll them properly. We also se a significant difference between kolossos and kandra in their ability to resist the controll. So maybe Kaladin has been using miniscule amounts of odius investiture but his much greater connection to Honor has been protecting him for direct control. Another version could be that Kaladin is using Odius investiture by "binding" it with his own Honor. There's plenty of ways this could work out and Brandon has managed to get this far in his foreshadowing without painting himself into a corner. I do like the idea of Kaladins awesome sauce being his passion and thus his connection to Odium, it rhymes well with my own idea of the SA endgame being ten (?) Pseudo shards made from a combination of the three Rosharan Shards.
  2. Intentional or not, planned or not, clever it stupid. I do not think that the alterning/reading/destruction of the memories stored in breath is counted as harm any more than a similar event done to my computer, it could be a sever loss of work but nothing more.
  3. For the greatest part of RoW u still wanted redemption for Moash but but after reading the full book Moash became cartoonish. There is no surprise in a Moash redemption, it's almost to be expected with his " hurr durr I'm evil and kick kittens hurr durr" If he stays evil it isn't a surprise either, Roshar is not a magical place where everyone gets redemption just because. In fact it feels as if the antagonists and villains of the SA has lost their complexity and gone flat after this book. So to answer the question, I now care to little about Moash to want a redemption for him.
  4. (Emphasis mine) This, both the power from the god spren and the fact that they are spren with minds of their own that can help guide the power. This is also part of it, each order do different things differently. I do believe that every order of knights can become more than they ever were due to honors death. And with the help of spren the knights might be able do more things easier than the corresponding honorblade work let allow.
  5. In respons to the op, the book do contain weaknesses and how we value them is different, maybe different each time we read it. I did enjoy RoW, it's up there with WoK for me, on the other hand I found WoR to a dissapointment and OB to be close to a series wrecker. And yes, i managed to put in spoiler boxes that I don't know how to remove on my phone...
  6. I enjoyed RoW way more than OB and WoR, I don't know if I liked it better than WoK. pros: For the first time Shallan didn't contribute negative enjoyment, she could have been dropped entirely and it'd made a better book but at least I wasn't suffering while reading her. Generally the characters made some healthy progression. The book was was not dependent on any significant darkness which was a blessing as Brandon has proven in book 2 and 3 that he is perfectly incapable of writing anything dark at all. Navani's engineering was interesting, if simplistic. The lady of wishes was a interesting antagonist. Cons: How many times can Navani trust the antagonist after getting burned? Just like Dalinars oath is to always take the next step, Navani's trust always stretches to one more time. The military campaign was not interesting. Dalinar should have been doing something else, like looking for Ishar, and Jashna should have spent more of her page time on enforcing her rule. Maybe give some of Dalinars pages to Jashna and have Dalinar be of on a personal mission. The Tower plot dragged at times and Venli had a very weak role in the book. Every single antagonist and complex "evil" character has been either undermined, simplified or made stupid.
  7. Following the skybreakers progression, in spoiler. 2 the foundation of justice is the law. 3 there is justice outside the law. 4 not all law is just (in Szeth's case at least, killing of the ruling class has to be illegal locally) or there is injustices that the law cannot reach. 5 I am the law. There is a great deal of personal touch to the interpretation of the ideals, according the the coppermind a skybreaker at lvl 5 could either ignore the law as written or have to follow every law that had been written and arguably they could be the ones to decide which law is just. The initial reaction is that the oaths progress by reinforcing the primary and secondary attributes Just/Confident and that ones perception is the deciding factor in determining which. The way I see it there's three important points to the fifth oath for Kaladin, his path to where he is now and the duality of perception of his attributes, and the general trend of the oaths thus far. Offhand the longest running problem for Kaladin has been to kill or not to kill. Kaladins progression of oaths has thus far been. "I will protect. I will protect when even when I don't want to. Sometimes I can't protect when I want to. " The most natural to follow that would be "sometimes i shouldn't protect" So the fifth oath should satisfy the question if it is right to kill in order to protect, the " i will not protect" symmetry as well as the duality of protecting/ leading. The only thing I can think of is " I will protect/respect/enable the choice of others" or " I will protect those who (desirable trait/action/allegiance)" The specific wording should be about just as much protecting as leading but is past midnight here so I will leave that for another day.
  8. I mean we could assume his soul is aware to some degree, I do think it applies, but that would be speculation so wild I've long left the source material. Gawx was a pawn and a sacrifice no doubt about it, his situation was way worse than Kaladins but then it was the climatic moment where Lift swore her oath not the general behaviour of a Radiant. Doing a quick read of the passages the situations appears very different but can be read as the same general behaviour. What Adolin did feels more like the unsure fumbeling of someone who does not know what he is doing but knows he wants to do something. I might have to modify statement but I will stand firm that the PoV of both victim, Radiant and perhaps even the observers matter in these things. In the end doesn't the gemstone archive talk about how the edgedancers are to busy relocating the servants and such to attend making their own gemstones. Those servants are very unlikely to be forgotten and ignored, they would at the very least have their own communities full of people who care about each other but the edgedancers took it upon themselves to care where they did not need to.
  9. On Kaladin being ignored/forgotten I think what matters is as much or more the point of view of the receiver than it is from the PoV of the giver. Very few people are ignored or forgotten by every other intelligent being in the world but very many do feel like it at times. If I remember correctly what drew syl was how Kal made his men feel. So Adolin going to comfort Kaladin when he felt ignored and forgotten might very well be oath stuff for Adolin. Or it might not be, one could argue that preexisting friendship or being the heir to the highprince makes it his duty and thus nullifies any good deed. I tend to believe that Adolin chosing to believe Kaladin and support him in those dark moments by being there is prime material for edgedancers but to each his own.
  10. Well I can't think of a reason a normal singer and a normal Truespren would have access to voidlight nor the ability to use it, unless of course it doesn't really matter for surgebinding as a whole which could certainly be true. The way I see it is that bonding a voidspren gave Venli a form of power that was of Odium and bonding Timbre made her a Radiant. Edit: Another thought I had is that it is interesting to compare Timbre and Yunfah from last chapter. No, Syl said. He is angry at your repeated suggestion he bond one of the enemies Yunfah got angry at the very idea to bond "the enemy" while according to this chapter there's at least a whole faction of Willshaper spren willing to bond Listeners.
  11. Changes made by me in bold.
  12. I can see interesting things happening in both relationships. With Venli they explore the new world of Radiance together and with Leshwi they learn from each other and grow together, Brandon could easily make both relationships work. Obviously Leshwi is a no-go if she is a snake aiming at Kaladin, unless there's a redemption in the cards for her. The way I see it Brandon can probably make almost any relationship work. The real question is whether Kaladin will really end up in a relationship, not every character needs to be in a relationship and there is really only one main character left to stay single. (That is main by page time)
  13. Many have touched upon my own thoughts on the matter already but I'll chime in anyway. The third oath so far appears to be about doing things against your personal preference. Both - I will protect those I hate, as long as it is right. And - I won't scream at people when angry, as long as there is no need. Follow the same pattern of, - I will "do a good deed" "even when I don't feel like it" as long as " I know I should". So according to this Lopens oath should be -I will protect those " who I don't want to protect" as long as " I know I should". Or translated - I will protect ugly people as long as Stormblessed would want me to. Following this model you don't have to hate someone or even feel strongly about someone. You could suffer from severe apathy and still get to three oaths as a Windrunner as long as there are situations when you really would rather not protect people and when you get confronted with it you chose to do the right thing. Indeed you wouldn't even need to understand right and wrong as long as there is a moral guide for you to follow.
  14. There's also the fact that bondsmiths don't appear to get any squires so a healthy organization probably has one elder, one acting and one bondsmith-in-training with their own distinct responsibilities. I envision it similar to the Mother-Queen-Lady dynamic of the fae courts in the Dresden files.
  15. The head of the war effort and the king of urithriu, arguably the most accomplished general alive, tells the leader of the Windrunner that he is a liability in battle and therefore not welcome to participate in combat missions. I did not read it as if Kalladin lost his leadership role in the Windrunners outside direkt Combat, indeed if he thought he could handle it kal would probably be welcome to join Dalinar in his role.