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  1. Something easy to pick up on and fun in the graphic audio. Am I missing something huge here or is this just a fun element added to his storytelling (which I find to be a major highlight of every Stormlight Archive. Personally the Dog and the Dragon is my favorite.
  2. How are you liking Stellaris?
  3. Okay just bought CK3. Storms i'm in for quite a weekend.
  4. I haven't played this is it good?!
  5. Are there any games or mods out there that take after the Roshar or maybe even Cosmere, but are in a real-time strategy (Age of Empires) format? If not, they could make an incredible game… almost like Age of Mythology. I’m thinking back to playing hours of those games and with all the different orders, armies and cities it could be a hit! Let me know if I am the 1000th person to suggest this (sorry I’m new here!)
  6. Thanks for the response here. So I’ve read Warbreaker and Arcanum loved both. I stayed off Elantris because it seemed like Sanderson even admits it’s less polished in comparison to later work. I’m going to crush the rest of Era 2! Also, halfway through the graphic audio of Oathbringer. Loving that format and cast.
  7. Hey everyone! Recently moved down to South Carolina, 30, married and had some time to read on the beach. A friend introduced me to Sanderson and I could not have become a bigger fan. Safe to say he has become my all time favorite writer across any genre. Over the past year I read every Stormlight Archive book, Arcanum Unbounded, Mistborn Era 1 and just started Mistborn Era 2. Such a cool direction for Brandon to go in. First question... when should I read Tress?