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  1. Vin had a Connection, blocked by Ruin's earring. Radiants have a Connection through their Nahel Bond to specific spren. The big question: Is the Connection specific to Investiture type? Can a Radiant Connection facilitate breathing in the mists? Could Vin breath in Stormlight? I think Vasher/Zahel answers that question, using Stormlight to fuel his Returned body (much less morally grey than using Breath).
  2. The universe wouldn't work if tones could remove sparks of life. Even if Scadrians are more Preservation than others, anti-Investiture tones being able to remove any spark of life would be narratively difficult to work with. I suspect that Investiture based "structures" that exist in the Spiritual Realm like souls and Breaths, aren't susceptible to the effects of anti-Investiture tones. They can be affected by anti-Investiture stabbing, but simply hearing a Physical tone can't break through all 3 Realms. Moash's Connection to Odium was broken by the Sibling, not the tone. Raboniel felt pain, probably due to the Investiture holding her together existing in all 3 Realms. You couldn't kill her with a tone, though. My conclusion: Physical sound can effect Physical, and maybe Cognitive Investiture. It can't impact Spiritual Investiture.
  3. I think Brandon has something big planned for Dustbringers that would have been slightly spoiled had he clarified their status. If there were any Dustbringers fighting for the good guys, they would have been at the big battle, not hanging out in the tower. But we don't even know if the good guys have any Dustbringers. We know Taravangian had one, and there's a king up north that is one. That's really about it.
  4. WOB are not canon. The books are canon. WOB is a stressed out and tired author answering every random question people can think of.
  5. Mraize doesn't suggest that Radiants can't use Lifelight. He only states that Lift can't use Stormlight. Lifelight doesn't really exist in gaseous form like Stormlight does. Lift uses it through digestion of food, much like Allomancers burn metals. If Lifelight had an available gaseous form, I would assume there would be some way for Radiants to use it, as WOB says they could use Breaths if they knew how. Ultimately, Investiture is Investiture.
  6. Yolen had an issue with magic that could cause nuclear explosions. I suspect that once technology and scientific methods catch up, the direct conversion of Investiture to energy will be probably be made trivial. Direct conversion will be much more efficient and easier than tricks like anti-Investiture. I suspect that gaseous Investiture (like Stormlight) takes up Physical space. When it's annihilated by anti-Investiture, a temporary vacuum is created by it no longer taking up that space. The pressures created by this vacuum are very small. In open space, the filling of the vacuum barely creates a breeze. However, in a solid object like a gem, the vacuum causes an instant collapse of solid material. The resulting inward movement results in impacts that generate equivalent outward momentum. Since the path of least resistance is outward, an explosion is the result. A lot of energy is lost in the interactions of the particles before moving outward. Could go a step further: Energy doesn't have mass when it has momentum, however when it's still, it has mass and that mass has a conversion formula (E=mc^2). Free Investiture may not even take up space, resulting in no breeze when it's annihilated by anti-Investiture. However, Investiture stored in a gem does take up space, resulting in the above explosion. In any case, the explosion as a result of anti-Investiture/Investiture annihilation is a physical reaction to a vacuum with a linear relationship to volume and pressure. We don't have anything that would help us determine the conversion between Investiture and Energy (Investiture equivalent to E=mc^2). I would put money on it having a similar exponential relationship though (I = Eħ^2, for instance, with ħ being the reduced Plank constant used in uncertainty equations in quantum mechanics). This exponential relationship would render the physical linear relationship explosion the equivalent of dynamite with the direct conversion of Investiture being a hydrogen bomb. But that's just me.
  7. To be explosive, the anti-Investiture/Investiture reaction has to be within a storage vessel; usually a gem. I'm guessing the release of energy from gem stored Investiture meeting anti-Investiture isn't as great as could be achieved by direct use of the Investiture. Then again, I'm not sure how much of a Star Trek fan BS is. He could very well be planning on replicating the matter/anti-matter reaction within dilithium crystals for warp drives right in front of us.
  8. I read ROW and heard all of his and Dalinar's arguments. I believe all problems (narrative and IRL) are caused by the means that people employ to reach their ends, so it makes me side with Dalinar that Taravangian did not need to commit evil to save everyone. No matter what he felt or what his big day told him, assassinations and killings are never anything but evil. We can blame Cultivation, but it was Taravangian and his friends that decided to not allow compassionate (dumb) Taravangian to make any decisions, removing any possibility that compassionate decisions could be made in the name of the Diagram. Morally grey Taravangian was smothered by his belief that high intelligence without compassion would save the day. Evil was a choice based on hubris, not a requirement imposed by Cultivation. And it's guaranteed that Taravangian will continue with his hubris with the addition of more power. There's too much setup to make him just another big bad, but there's no doubt he isn't going to help the Cosmere without causing significant pain.
  9. Real life evil starts with "for the greater good" and "ends justify the means" morality. Those two statements are used to justify every evil ever committed. It's cliche because it's so consistent. Taravangian was never morally grey. From WOK he was taking healthy people off the streets and killing them just to hear what Moelach would make them say, "for the greater good". Mass murder is not morally grey.
  10. Gravitation - Can alter Physical gravity Division - Destruction and decay, burn, turn to dust, etc. Natural Physical changes amplified. Abrasion - Can alter Physical friction Progression - Can speed up Physical growth and healing Illumination - Can manipulate Physical light and sound Transformation - Can change things Physically via the Cognitive Realm (convince things to change their Identity) Transportation - View and travel to Cognitive Realm Cohesion - intramolecular forces: ionic, covalent, metallic (?), etc. Can alter these forces to mold any non flesh Physical material. Tension - Similar to cohesion but more limited(?) Can change the stiffness of Physical materials Adhesion - Can view, create and alter Spiritual Connections. The only "forces" here that aren't Physical first are Transformation, Transportation and Adhesion. Air, Fire, Water and Earth were once fundamental forces. Obviously we're not talking about scientific fundamental forces. A planet whose ecology is determined by a Physical Investiture cycle, a thin veil between Physical and Cognitive Realms, and bonds with Cognitive entities would have a different set of philosophic fundamental forces, which would include Cognitive forces like Transformation and Transportation. The ability to alter Spiritual Connections directly just doesn't fit with the rest of the set. As I said, this is a bit tenuous just looking at the characteristics of the surges as we know them. Adhesion IS different from the others as it is an almost entirely Spiritual (the Realm of Shards). It is directly using Honor's abilities, making it the closest to Honor.
  11. Odium got trapped on Roshar by Honor and Cultivation. I speculate that Honor basically splintered himself (or allowed himself to be splintered) to solidify the prison after the Heralds quit. It was probably a deal much like what Dalinar made with Odium. "If I win, you're trapped for the next 10000 years. If I lose, you can kill me and splinter the Shard and you'll be trapped for only 1000 years." Or some such.
  12. FYI: The amount of Investiture that Dalinar brought to the fight at the end of Oathbringer was a nearly infinitesimal fraction of Honor's total Investiture and a tiny tiny amount of that was enough to sate Nightblood. What he took from Odium wouldn't be a rounding error in the Power Accountant's spreadsheet. So no, Nightblood didn't weaken Odium when he killed Rayse.
  13. Honor and Cultivation worked together to bind Odium, probably using the very thing Odium was trying to use to destroy one or both of them. Honor's death was probably also part of the deal, or at least a direct outcome of it. Rayse played a long game to splinter Honor, get stuck for a while, then find a way to break out. He didn't count on Nightblood, and Cultivation's Intent probably allows her to play even longer games. I don't think Dawnshards played a large part in trapping Odium. I'm guessing that Shards not using Dawnshards is one of the first agreements that the Vessels made before picking up Shards, and the entire Pantheon would immediately destroy any Shard that threatens to use, or get followers to use, a Dawnshard.
  14. I don't believe adhesion is a fundamental force in the Physical Realm, which is what surges are supposed to be. Gravitation covers most of what adhesion can do (as evidenced by the common names of the abilities: full lashing, basic lashing and reverse lashing). Adhesion doesn't do anything Physical; it creates new Connections (or alters existing ones), which is fundamentally Spiritual. Granted, all changes created by surges are Spiritual. Everything exists in all three Realms, so there is a Spiritual element to everything. However, other surges modify existing Physical phenomena by temporarily changing Physical, Cognitive and/or Spiritual characteristics. Adhesion just messes with the Spiritual Connections with no real tie to Physical phenomena. Full Lashings (Physical adhesion) use Stormlight to bind things together Physically so strong that the objects themselves would break apart before the bond failed. This is creating a Spiritual Connection that defines the two objects as one until the Stormlight runs out. There is no Physical phenomena that permanently binds two disparate things together with a stronger bond than the internal bonds that hold the objects together in the first place. This is purely a Spiritual Connection created between the two objects. Spiritual adhesion is even more direct manipulation of Connection, allowing direct visualization and manipulation of Connections. The "surge" itself is probably Honor sharing the Shard's abilities with those who swear Oaths. Also, adhesion is granted to those who have Bonds with spren that were made by Honor or creations of Honor, rather than "naturally" occurring spren. It's debatable that any spren, lesser or greater, were or were not created by any particular Shard. We know that all existing honorspren were "birthed" by Stormfather at the behest of Honor (prior generations of honorspren were created by Honor itself). The Sibling was a direct creation of Cultivation and Honor in an attempt to bind together singer and human. The Nightwatcher is being groomed by Cultivation, hinting at some level of creation on Cultivation's part. Stormfather existed long before Honor and Cultivation came to Roshar, but has undergone significant change by Honor since just before Honor's death and probably was highly Invested and Connected by Honor from Honor's arrival. This is all a little tenuous, but I suspect that adhesion is a creation of Honor and not a fundamental surge, as stated by Raboniel. Honor's Intent specifically deals in bonds and a "surge" that creates and alters bonds would be right in the middle of the Venn diagram of his Intent. Manipulating bonds is far from Odium's Venn diagram middle and may even be outside of anything Odium considers his purview. Creating such abilities in others would then be antithetical to the Shard and difficult if impossible for the Vessel to maintain against the Shard's will. So: Honor's truest surge is something Tanavast was able bestow because it fits his Shard's Intent. Rayse was unable to do so because the Shard wouldn't like it*. Raboniel was right, but so was the Sibling. *Odium would probably like severing Connections in anger, which sound a lot like something that would be called Void and would feel like Moash feels when under Odium's control.
  15. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/452/#e14509