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  1. In these forums we've been hearing a lot about F-Steel, F-Gold, and especially F-Tin. Those are all great metals, but I've heard enough. I want to hear about the best underrated Feruchemical metal. I want to hear why F-Bronze is your favourite metal, or why eveyone should want F-Electrum! Chat away! No judgement here, why is F-Cadmium the best metal in your personal very niche scenario!
  2. Navani found out that the pressure at Urithiru rises before a strom, which shows that Urithiru has the power to regulate its own pressure:
  3. You can't make a bubble that your're not in. When you make a Speed Bubble, it is centered around yourself, and if you leave it, the bubble "pops" and disappears. So you would always have to be in the bubble. You might be able to do it with an Allomantic Grenade, but those aren't available to the public.
  4. Does Atium have a melting point? We know that Harmonium does not change state due to heat or pressure, so maybe Atium doesn't either.
  5. It's been confirmed that it contains Electrum, and that's why its powers are so similar to Electrum. Pure Atium allows you to see directly into the Spiritual Realm, similar to what happened to Elend at the end of HoA.
  6. We know that Malatium (the Eleventh Metal) is an alloy of Atium and Gold. This fits the pattern of turning Temporal Internal Metals external by alloying them with Atium (Electrum-Atium sees others' futures, Malatium sees others' pasts). But I have two questions about this. First, I don't know a lot about alloying metals, but I'd assume that you need to first melt them, and we know that it is impossible to melt God Metals through normal means. When Wax was trying to melt Harmonium, he found that their states of matter are not affected by temperature or pressure (otherwise the Mists would be burning everyone's lungs). So, how did the person who made it melt it down to mix it with gold? Also, if the metal in the Pits is partially Electrum, does that mean there is Electrum in Malatium? Most of Electrum is gold, but there's still stuff like Silver and Copper in there, so wouldn't that make it not Allomantically viable? I'm excited to hear your ideas!
  7. This might be really farfetched, but we know that Kandras' consciousnesses come from their spikes, and as long as there's any part of the Kandra touches that main mass, they can control it (at least from my understanding. So, with enough mass, could they become multiple people? If they connected them together with wires of Kandra goop (I don't know what to call it), could they become an entire SWAT team? I just have a mental image of 3 people standing side to side holding guns with a small piece of meat between them, that all speak in unison as if one person. Kandra are creepy!
  8. From what I remember, Kandra have a very hard time replictating hair. This is probably possible, but would be very difficult to pull of, as you would probably need to place each hair exactly right.
  9. Could Aon Daa effect Shardplate? It seems like it sens a powerful blast of Investiture, and we know that Sharplate is hard to effect with Investiture. The Elantrian might have a better time soulcasting some air above the Radiant into a large stone and letting that fall on them, although I don't know how much that would do. Also, I think that this is very dependant on the type of Radiant. If we look at Radiants as just having Blade and Plate, they're powerful, but they would also have access to the Surges. I still think that the Elantrian would win, as they're just so powerful, but I just wanted to bring up some points as devil's advocate.
  10. (Yumi and the Nightmare Painter spoilers):
  11. I love all of these ideas. This just goes to show how incredibly versatile Kandra are!
  12. Okay, so we know that Hemalurgy plasters a part of someone else's Spiritweb onto your Spiritweb, which would fundamentally change your Spiritweb and Spiritual DNA. We also know that Allomancy and Feruchemy are stored in Spiritual DNA, and that's how they're passed on. So, if someone who was not previously an Allomancer, but who gained a power through Hemalurgy had a child, would that child have a chance of being an allomancer? I'm not talking about Inquisitors, because I think that's a different question entirely, that Brandon has been purposefully vague about.
  13. Do you mean F-Bronze? F-Copper allows you to store memories, while F-Bronze allows you to store wakefullness. Bringing up Pewter Dragging, I'm just imagining an A-Pewter/F-Steel Twinborn doing it. With enough speed, you could probably Pewter Drag what would take a normal Thug hours in minutes.