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  1. Maybe a Shardbow or Shardgun would just straight up shoot bolts of Stormlight-infused energy. As a bow, it would look something like Hank's weapon from the old D&D cartoon. As a gun, it would resemble (in effect) a pretty common blaster weapon.
  2. I've only seen a brief video clip from atop a bridge, and a single 360-view image from the bottom of a chasm, with a chull. I'm not loving their designs, but I'm also highly biased in that regard. It's not that I think they must use the book designs, but I think they can do better than what they have. Nevertheless, I'm interested in seeing what they do next. I would think that if there's a regular post for this, it would be in the Stormlight subforum, but I ended up here as well after searching for just such a thread, so... ?
  3. This is super fun to watch.
  4. Happy Birthday, Ben!! :D May you bless us with your art for many years to come,

  5. It's the most complicated part of the problem, isn't it. I'd prefer some system by which you could build and rig simple 2D characters in advance, allowing for unique and custom chalklings... then you'd have to call them up by some means. For practical purposes, probably some sort of drag-and-drop system with a timer for "drawing" them, with more complex versions requiring greater time. Though it's also possible that if you were playing a game in which the Player Avatar is a book character like Fitch or Melody, then they'd have a library of chalkling designs to pull from. Programming them is another level of complexity, but I think you could probably work it out through a series of preset command symbols which you'd line up in order and then execute. The strategy lies in proper time and resource management, something that ought to be familiar with RTS players.
  6. It's worth noting that kandra I'm not sure if one could produce the eggs to be a viable mother, but I bet a kandra mimicking a reproductive system could certainly act as a surrogate.
  7. Hey all, Doing a bit of work for the MAG and I'm trying to get a handle on the appearance of boxings and clips. From the books I know that boxings are gold and so named for the image of Kredik Shaw (the Box) on the back. Copper clips I'm not finding much on, though I'd been thinking they might be so named because merchants clip them into pieces for change (like pieces of eight), giving us quarter-clips and half-clips and eight-clips and sharp edges for punching through with a Push. What else do we know about boxings and clips?
  8. Storm storming storms, storms storming storm. Points for style? I bet we could build that out further. But it has to keep working. Plus right now it's a ketek. -EDIT- My bad, not a ketek, doesn't form distinct concepts. Just a palindrome.
  9. sigh... Dammit. I hope you're proud of yourself. I haven't illustrated a silly kid's joke in 15 years. I left that life behind, man...
  10. Jak gets around, but he likes to embellish. Nevertheless, the additional testimony of Handywrm and Miss Dramali suggest some veracity to his claims. It's not so much that he doesn't go places and do things, it's just that he never lets facts get in the way of a good story. I find Wayne and his abilities more interesting without the need for some supernatural explanation. He's not magic, he's just very good.
  11. There you go, good catch. So then presumably there is pork and pork products, including... pig dairy. Which is, apparently, similar to cow in terms of protein, fat and lactose. Learn something every day.
  12. ...I'm thinking very hard about what it would be if NOT chull. We have some fauna that's yet to be introduced, and some of it might be farmed for meat... but nothing on Roshar is particularly analogous to Terran fauna except for a few exceptions. It's a pretty alien world. And it's all very well and good to say that it's just... "essence of meat" and not any meat in particular, but I know Brandon is enough of a steak fanatic to appreciate the differences between different cuts of beef, never mind the varieties of chicken and pork. And that's just the staples, humans farm some interesting meats. Still haven't tried snake in anything but jerky form, and that could'a been fake snake. Gator tastes neat. Squid is interesting. I imagine chull tastes like something between beef and lobster, if only because it's basically a bull-sized crab. But I don't think there's any reason for soulcast meat to taste like chull in particular. And if it's based on the Essence of (presumably human) blood, then... Chicken may or may not taste like chicken, depending on whether or not the chicken is a chicken. Fish is presumably fish. So far as I know, the variety is sufficient to cover whatever you'd like to imagine. But it's still fish. There are no appearances of pigs in the books so far, and the word "pig" does not even appear in WoR, but we do have the mention of a "Mabrow Pigherder" in WoK (NOOK, 577). I'm not sure what to say about that, but I'm curious enough that it's going into my box of Brandon questions. I'll ask about it next time I get a chance, but that might be a while, we're in Mistborn stuff right now.
  13. Peter Ahlstrom, Brandon's editorial assistant.
  14. I seem to recall the mention of an Ascension Day (?), the anniversary of when Spook and the surviving population left the caves and emerged into the remade world.
  15. Better odds that Peter will see forum posts.