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  1. All other forms of know Investiture are either end-postive, end-neutral or end-negative. So would BioChromatic Breath be end-postive, end-neutral, or end-negative?
  2. How do you know? And is Kaladin still alive if all the others are dead? I mean he never had Bridge Four tattoos anyway.
  3. Thanks!
  4. I was looking at the Feruchemy metal symbols and the dice for the Mistborn Adventure Game have two Bronze symbols (red) and the two symbols I don't know (blue and yellow). Can anyone tell me what they are?
  5. Could all the Shards and Splinters be held by a single person to remake the being Adonulsium? Is it theoretically possible? And could you remake a Shard with all its different Splinters?
  6. So the same would apply for a Surgebinder with a Nahel bond? No more connection to the spren?
  7. If an Awakener made an Allomancer into a Lifeless would the Allomancer still retain his Allowmantic abilities? Because a normal Lifeless retains the skills they had in their life so shouldn't an Allomancer or even a Feruchemist retain their abilities?