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  1. Thing with Odium not being able to invest his Fused with the Adhesion Surge is that Adhesion is "the truest surge of Honor". So, if Sja-anat really becomes a Warlight spren, that shouldn't be a problem I think. Also this, yes. However now that you mention it, if someone bonds with a Remade Sja-anat that uses warlight, would that person also be able to use Voidbinding like with an enlightened spren?
  2. So we know from RoW that even a spren as powerful as the Sibling can be corrupted given enough voidlight, essentially making it an Unmade. Following that, I belive there should be a way to Remade an Unmade with stormlight (or lifelight, I'm not picky). And I think it's quite obvius that's what Sja-anat will do, to free herself from Odium's influence. Or maybe not, 'cause the Sibling also said that being Unmade is the same as death. Aanyway, my own haedcannon until next book release is that Sja-anat will become a warlight Bondsmith spren (same as the Sibling is a towerlight spren), and I have two perfectly good and circunstancial proofs: Rlain said he could hear the Rythm of War from Tumi. Sja-anat's name is derived from a Semitic war goddess (according to coppermind wiki). So war goddess -> warlight spren. Irrefutable evidence. Thank you for listening my madman speech. Have a good day.
  3. Hello! So here I am, after reading all Mistborn and Stormlight books, just discovering there is a whole forum dedicated to this incredible cosmere. Welp, better late than never I guess. Nice to meet you all.