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  1. Maybe Dalinar could stop this by learning how to break bonds with Ishar, unchained Bondsmiths are scary as a rule. However, Nightblood may agree to the deal. He has no true perception of good and evil. He simply draws the perception from he who holds him. So, he may believe Odium is good if Odium views himself as good. Maybe Odium could somehow pretend to be Shashara to trick Nightblood.
  2. Odium can likely speak to Nightblood in some form. While he cannot pierce Renarin's clouding of his future sight, he could potentially discover the location at random, or somehow contact Nightblood during the Shinovar crusade. Fused could likely carry it back for him, although the Fused's perception on if they are evil could cloud this.
  3. I have a super-tin foily theory for Odium's champion. What if he chooses Nightblood. How do you kill an object. Even Dalinar, powerful as he is, likely can't break Nightblood's command. We know Susebron can't and I believe he is more heavily Invested than Dalinar. If Dalinar tries to touch Nightblood, it sucks in his investiture, otherwise, it either repulses him or he kills himself with it, maybe Odium could manipulate his emotions so he considers himself evil and kills himself.
  4. Feruchemical Bendalloy would be great though so you could eat whatever you want in any quantity and just store away the calories.
  5. I think I may have found the solution after scanning RoW and the Coppermind for hours. As near as I can figure out, Dalinar will fight as his own champion, although there is an argument for Kaladin. He may end up swearing the Fifth Ideal to somehow have to protect Dalinar. I think he will die, so there is a chance of this. What is more likely, in my opinion, lies in Szeth. We know he is not the most mentally stable of characters. We also know he swore the Ideal to obey and protect Dalinar. We know Ishar claims that the Shin were worshipping false gods in the form of the Unmade. We know Szeth is crusading through Shinovar to rid the Shin of false leaders. We also know there is a Death Rattle talking about Dai-Gonarthis. He is apparently taking somebody's sorrow. Since he is one of the few Unmade not yet seen, I think he was the one influencing the Shin. So my theory ultimately comes down to Odium selecting one of the Shin leaders as his champion. Perhaps the one who declared Szeth Truthless to begin with. The fight will begin and something will endanger Dalinar. Szeth will see the champion and lose it, trying to protect Dalinar at all costs. He will use Nightblood to murder the champion, perhaps viewing the champion as evil. This will quite clearly void the contract. This is breaking an oath potentially hurting or killing the Stormfather. This releases TaravOdium making him a Cosmere-wide issue. The death of the Stormfather would mean the endless weeping and an end to conventional Stormlight. In this case, I do not know exactly what happens to Dalinar. Szeth returns to Shinovar one last time, seeing the often mentioned distinct white cliffs of his homeland fall away into the flooding of Roshar. He can hear the child crying (maybe one he killed) ending era one.
  6. Thanks, I am still new at this after forum lurking forever.
  7. Basically, this is the same as burning the Mists. Both are bodies of Shards. Basically, it is the equivalent of wiring a computer meant to run from a medium powered wall outlet(Normal Metals) to powering it using a nuclear reactor.
  8. Have you read lost metal?
  9. Does anybody know what happens while storing an attribute in a time bubble? Would you store more in a Bendalloy bubble or less in a Cadmium bubble?
  10. No, but the effects are much stronger. You could in theory use it to supercharge something like steel which would basically let you break the sound barrier. Using Nicrosil could be super fun though. Let's say you meet some surgebinding jerk like maybe Nale or Moash. They are lashing themselves up or really any direction. Touch them, and all of their Stormlight would be directed into a huge burst. This could in theory shoot them into space, or into the ground or a wall. Maybe use it on an Elsecaller while they teleport to potentially destabilize them and push them somewhere weird in the Cognitive Realm.
  11. I agree with most, but I think pewter is less viable then zinc or brass. Then you could become a master manipulator and not need to fight, just push people's emotions hard enough. Quick question, would this change if you could use Dor as a power source?
  12. We do know Susebron cannot break Nightblood's command. We may know when Brandon finally writes the sequel.
  13. Any of the Sixteen metals are allowed in either Allomancy or Feruchemy. No Compounding. Feruchemical Copper or Zinc would be my top Feruchemy. Allomantic Zinc would be my favorite misting power.
  14. No, there is a WoB on Nightblood's Breath count.