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  1. What are your theories about the Platespren of the different Orders? We know that Windrunners have windspren and such, but what about the other orders?
  2. I think that it is said that Saze undid the tin savantism so he might’ve just reduced the tin and given him the powers. IDK tho.
  3. My theory is that the Honor/Cultivation alloy creates a very powerful weapon in the form of the Shardblades. It can be reasonably extrapolated that spren are blobs of Investiture that became sentient and sapient. So my theory is that the blades being more or less solid Investiture makes them able to cut souls. Another thought is that since spren exist in the Cognitive Realm and then manifest on the Physical, perhaps that allows for certain interactions with the soul that we don’t understand. In addition, certain Radiant abilities, namely the Bondsmiths, can interact with people’s spirit webs. So that might have something to do with it. But that’s just a theory.
  4. spoilers

    So, we know that Shallan has earned her blade by book two via oaths. This is demonstrated when she lends her Blade to Kaladin in the Chasms. However, this was demonstrated after she swore her truth of killing her father and before admitting to killing her mother. So, when did she earn her Blade, because she needed to swear two truths and the First Ideal to earn her Blade. So, my question is, what was the other truth, and when did she swear it?
  5. I think I figured out the Fourth and Fifth Ideals of the Edgedancers. Given that the second is remembering the forgotten and the third is listening to the ignored, it stands to reason that the oaths will continue to escalate. I figure that the Fourth Ideal would be something along the lines of caring for the neglected. And I also feel like the Fifth Ideal would continue to escalate. My theory is that it will develop into speaking for the silent. I am less confident on the Fifth Ideal than I am on the Fourth. What are your thoughts?
  6. I like that idea. A lot. I feel like getting Kelseir’s upbeat attitude as well as his more serious side would be crucial. I also feel like a duet between Vin and Kelseir with a theme of hope and trust, with Vin’s parts being in a minor key and Kelseir’s in a major key. I also feel like a love song between Vin and Elend would be good. Idk tho, im not a musical guy.
  7. My theory is that they die, then leave a cognitive shadow that fades with time.
  8. I have an idea. Since hemalurgy can be used to steal Connection, could one use hemalurgy to steal an Elantrian’s Connection to Elantris, then give that Connection to another person? In addition, could one give said Connection to a Dakor monk, and how would Aon Dor interact with the monk?
  9. Compelling thought. One slight flaw is that the Windrunner will have both Plate and Blade, both of which will make it significantly more difficult for the fullborn to win. Although, if neither one knew the other’s powers and were just told to kill one another, I find it difficult to believe that the Windrunner would try to kill the fullborn without prompting, due to the First Ideal. But if the Windrunner were to attack quickly, I think they may be able to catch the fullborn off guard. Ultimately, I feel like the Windrunner could win, but it would be close.
  10. So, i want all of your opinions on this matter. What do you think would happen if a Shardbearer attacked a Kandra? How do you think it would work?