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  1. According to the Quiz i am between Elsecaller and Bondsmith, leaning towards Elsecaller. That would align also with my decisions in life but i am also dangerously close to Windrunner also
  2. Well, Sanderson is first one i have read after a while. I guess currently i am waiting also for Kingkiller Chronicles Book 3. From the narrative perspective i also play a lot of RPG games and still claim that Star Wars KOTOR 1 / 2 is something with best writing among the genre. Honestly i dont know, as i cannot thing about another series until i finish Stormlight 5
  3. I used started playing guitar couple of years ago, and want to come back yo it someday, but between 2 jobs, time is a little scarce. Hopefully i will find some time soon to come back to my hobbies, i already have a plan for new ones too.
  4. Hello All, I just wanted to say hello to everybody from Serbia. Since i have been enjoying 17th Shard podcast videos and forums for a while i decided to create an account here too. Also i wanted to mention that i am promoting Brandon Sanderson to everyone with a slight interest in epic fantasy My favorite is Stormlight series with Kaladin as top character, follow closely by Dalinar after Oathbringer and Graphic Audio books. I also lurk in discord but mostly reading what other Sanderson fans are writing. Nice to meet you all!