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  1. It is interesting to note though that... OB Spoilers just in case
  2. I don’t know if most of them are available or ever were made available for sale. For the Oathbringer release they sold a little print of the Knights Radiant table, but I don’t think that’s even available anymore.
  3. It's certainly possible as we have only 10 named Shards that we know the location of. At least one other Shard is located in space somewhere (there may be more, I don't recall where we are at on that), but there is certainly enough Shards left for one to be on Yolen. We have no idea if it's true or not though.
  4. He's not allowed to talk about it for contractual reasons, so there's not even been a whisper about it. It should be announced around the same time as the State of the Sanderson, which is posted around Koloss Head-Munching Day, or Brandon's birthday, December 19th.
  5. Yeah, to reference something that you may or may not know depending on how deep a dive you did: OB Spoilers And thanks for adding them!
  6. Hey @Susebron, I have a couple that you could take a whack at if you're still looking. (If these don't interest you, no worries, definitely ask things that you're interested in!) Was Hoid present for the destruction of Ashyn?gWas there a full Invested Art (magic system) on Threnody before Ambition and Odium's fight? If so, was it related to Ambition? Does each member of the Fused have access to one Surge or two? At one point during the Battle of Thaylen Fields, Odium says, "If the Tisark can’t secure [the Oathgate], [Kai-garnis] is to destroy the device and recover its gemstones." Does the term Tisark refer to the Fused that have access to the Surge of Gravitation? The top two questions are the ones most interesting to me, but take your pick. Also if you have subjects you're interested in and you want to workshop questions about those, we could always help you out! Thanks!
  7. Thank you for letting us know, but making topics about spam doesn't really help us notice or find them any faster. These sorts of topics actually clutter up the 17th Shard Discussion form. Reporting is always the most helpful option, especially if there are multiple accounts. There's no need to report each and every spam post individually, as long as each account has one reported post we can fix the problem with one button click. Reporting multiple spam posts by the same user actually makes more work on our end (although if you're not sure if some spammer has been reported, err on the side of caution and report it anyway). It should be noted that while we've been working on building an international group of mods so we can cover a lot of time zones, when it is late at night in the US we are going to tend to be slower to respond. For instance when you tagged Chaos, it was 4:00 in the morning his time. We work hard to respond to spam reports in a timely matter, but there's always going to be times when we can't get rid of them as quickly. Sorry for any inconveniences there were this morning, it sounds like it was an unusually large amount.
  8. Indeed, Brandon has said that another type of Aviar is useful for navigation. We just didn’t get to see other instances onscreen.
  9. Happy Birthday!

    I see you’re one of the older members. 7 years. Woah. :D

  10. Well, he’s already failed to do that with the cycle of Desolations. I think it would be cool to see the future of the cosmere left open in this way potentially and don’t consider it to be too close to the story of WoT.
  11. Yeah, I think the implication here is they know the planet is round but not necessarily that it spins. It's actually a common misconception that even here on Earth that early societies didn't know the shape of the world; the ancient Greeks figured out in something like 300 BCE.
  12. Sel definitely has some level of foresight, as Wyrn was able to send Fjon to Tedradel to kill Hrathen in the end.
  13. Oftentimes you can even bring it to any major bookstore and they’ll exchange it for you for free because they get a no questions asked exchange.
  14. We just have reference to the fact that the Black Lake existed and that it was moved underground. If it didn't work like the Well did, it's interesting to understand why. I'm not really speaking of common heritage, as that appears basically biologically unlikely, I'm more hoping for confirmation that there's more to it than Brandon not caring about how biology works. That being said, the Unkalaki one is the one I'm least interested in of the three. Anything about Ambition-based magic would be cool to know.
  15. I've got a few you could try. You've stated that Ruin's Perpendicularity (the Black Lake) had been moved underground by the time of Vin's birth. Was that lake somewhere deep beneath the Pits? How was it impacted by Kelsier destroying the atium crystals? Did people need to actually enter the pool to transition between realms or did they just need to be in the Pits themselves? Was there a full manifestation of Investiture (magic system) on Threnody before Ambition and Odium's fight? If so, was it related to Ambition? We've seen a number of human/singer hybrids (Unkalaki and Herdazians) and even human/Aimian hybrids (Natans). How is such a thing possible biologically or is there some outside influence there? Those are ordered in my approximate interest level from most to least, but feel free to pick any or none that are interesting to you.