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  2. Update: Brandon posted a sneak peak of the Kickstarter with some more details and some more tiers for shipping considerations. Our original story is below. Tonight on Brandon's livestream, we finally got some specific details on the hotly anticipated Kickstarter for The Way of Kings leatherbound edition, which will run July 7th (at 9am Mountain Daylight Time) through August 7th this year. For those who haven't heard of this already, Dragonsteel Entertainment has been producing leatherbound editions of Brandon's books ten years after their original publishing date. This year is The Way of Kings, which will be done in two volumes and unlike other leatherbounds will be sold initially via a Kickstarter campaign. We have a breakdown of all the tiers and stretch goals right here so you can see what books and swag you can pick up. Also, for the next 48 hours (until ~9:00 PM MDT on June 20) email [email protected] with the word poster in the subject line for a chance to win a free version of the Bridge 4 poster. The first announcement is that on July 7th Dragonsteel will be releasing a cleaned-up ebook version of The Way of Kings Prime, Brandon's original take on The Way of Kings written just before he started work on the first Mistborn book. This book is very different from The Way of Kings and represents an early look at an unfinished Roshar that may be interesting for super fans or people interested in Brandon's writing over the years. Tier List: Tier One - $10 This tier is centered around all digital rewards. Backing the Kickstarter for $10 will net you an original novella set before Rhythm of War. Brandon has written a few scenes for this, and it has tentatively been titled Wandersail and will tell a story of Rysn and Aimia. This is similar to the Lift novella Edgedancer in that it will likely be somewhat important but not required reading to follow the main arc of the story. It will also contain a digital art pack containing wallpapers of the previously revealed Bridge 4 Poster (1920x1080) and wallpapers of any other art that is unlocked from the other stretch goals. Note that this tier does not contain any physical rewards, even from stretch goals. Tier Two - $50 This is the physical novella tier. For backing this tier, you will receive everything from Tier 1 as well as an unsigned physical version of the novella and a physical copy of the Bridge 4 poster (which will not be folded up due to popular demand). This printed novella will match the dimensions of the small standalone Edgedancer that has been released already. Additionally various stretch goals will unlock goodies associated with the various orders. You can choose one of the ten and if stretch goals unlock you will receive small items themed after that order. You will also receive any other physical stretch goals that are unlocked (pins, coins, etc). Tier Three - $200 This is the main product, with this comes the signed (but not numbered) leatherbound edition of the book, bound in two volumes in the same bonded leather as the other leatherbounds Dragonsteel has produced (only the first of the two volumes will be signed).The leather color of the books will likely be this consistent shade of blue throughout all of the Stormlight leatherbounds, with the foil sword glyphs changing for the respective orders. This also comes with all of the rewards from the previous tiers, except for the physical and ebook editions of Wandersail (which will be available separately as an add on for ~$15). Tier Four - $500 (limited to 950 backers) This is the all-in tier. This tier gives you everything from tier three, along with an unsigned physical and digital copy of Wandersail. In this case though the leatherbound version of The Way of Kings will be both signed and numbered. It will also net you an unsigned physical copy of The Way of Kings Prime (which may eventually see other companion Prime books in future Kickstarters such as White Sand Prime that they're tentatively calling Sanderson Curiosities). Additionally instead of receiving the goodies from only one order of Radiants, you will receive them from all ten. As mentioned above, there are only 950 of these backer spots available, so if this is something you're interested in, keep an eye on it. Stretch Goals These stretch goals unlock after Kickstarter is fully funded. As people continue to sign up for it, we will hit various funding checkpoints that will unlock additional rewards at no extra cost. We don't know what the funding goal for the Kickstarter or the tiers are yet, but here are the rewards! Stretch Goal 1: A 6 x 9 sticker sheet themed after your chosen order. Will have stickers such as glyphs or little chibi versions of characters such as Kaladin, Wit, and Jasnah. Stretch Goal 2: Upgrade to the leather of the leatherbound to genuine Italian leather. They are uncertain whether they will be able to offer these in the store post-Kickstarter, so this may be the only place that these exist. Stretch Goal 3: A patch that matches your chosen order. Stretch Goal 4: Custom cloth-bound slipcase for The Way of Kings leatherbound. These only go out to the tiers that backed at 3 or 4. This is another item that may not be available in the store after the Kickstarter. Stretch Goal 5: A physical art print for your chosen order (9" x 12") showing the Radiants of that order in action. The art for these is by Steve Agyle and they should also appear in the digital art pack. Stretch Goal 6: A Kickstarter-exclusive hard enamel backer pin (1.4" x 2") displaying the original version of the Double Eye of the Almighty. Stretch Goal 7: A pin with a glyph that matches your chosen order of Knights Radiant (1" diameter). These will differ from the reward pins Brandon gives out for cosplay and may be embossed or inscribed with the glyph. Stretch Goal 8: A deck of Stormlight-themed playing cards with art designed by Rebecca Sorge Jensen. Stretch Goal 9: Knight-Radiant themed challenge coins (1.5") that will show the glyph of your chosen order of Radiants and a generalized motto on one side and their First Ideal on the other side along with the associated Herald icon from the Stormlight chapter headers. Stretch Goal 10: A Wit or Witless challenge coin which has Wit's chapter icon on one side and a witty saying inscribed along the edges. Miscellania There are of course a bunch of other details related to the Kickstarter as well. It seems like they are trying to do their best to let people mix and match what they get with add-ons as much as is feasible. You'll be able to get an add-on for another full set of Knight Radiant goodies (the exact contents will vary based on the stretch goals that are unlocked). You will also likely be able to order all of a certain item, like a set of all the Radiant patches from every order. You are unlikely to be able to add-on, for example, just a single patch from one order or just a few of the coins, these will be all or nothing. There will also be or both versions of Wandersail or the physical TWoK Prime available. All stretch goals should be available to be purchased as add-ons, such as Radiant order goodies or the poster, or the card decks.They may also offer a way to buy just the leatherbound alone. Another likely possibility is a $1 tier for people to back so they can just buy add-ons they are interested in and not go for any tier. This is obviously a ton of really exciting preliminary news, and you can expect a full blog post with the finalized details on Brandon's site before too long. I for one am so excited to have all of this new content to carry us through the summer! Leave your thoughts on the Kickstarter and what goodies you want to get down below!
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  4. I'd like to add my voice to this conversation, not as a moderator but as a fan of Brandon's books who has (like the rest of you) supported him over the years. I think that right now there are people in the United States that are crying out for justice and telling their fellow citizens that their voices are being silenced and that they need allies. I personally think that those with a platform have a duty to give voice to the voiceless, especially in these historically unsettled times. I think authors that write books with themes about unity, protecting others, and listening to the ignored should be particularly receptive to the pleas we are hearing right now. And I think there are times that subtext found in all Brandon's books about oppression and what is right and wrong needs to be made text, and that this is one of those times. And Brandon has remained silent, when I'd expect his characters that I find heroic to do just the opposite. In my opinion, the whole point is that he's not obligated to say anything. This is a moment where people make a choice whether they want to say something or whether for whatever reason they choose to stay silent while the world is watching. I can't know the reasons he's chosen not to say anything. However, it does mean that he made a choice to not publicly stand with people that I think are deserving of everyone's support, and it disappoints me substantially.
  5. I think you're not seeing more hype because nobody knew it was coming out today. The date has been moved around a bunch on online stores and we never had an official final release date from Dynamite. This combined with the fact that many people consider the graphic novels to be of low quality means that no one is really talking about it yet.
  6. Hey all, Brandon just dropped his third update for Stormlight Four, tentatively entitled The Rhythm of War on Reddit! He's given us a look into the potential release dates for his next few major titles, Starsight and Stormlight 4, as well as a look into how the writing itself is going and the structure of Rhythm of War. If you want to go check out the full version to hear what the man has to say in his own words, it's right over here, but here is an abbreviated version. The beginning of Stormlight 4 got off to a slow start in terms of writing after Brandon decided that Starsight needed a medium-sized overhaul before he could begin working on something else. Brandon's very pleased with how that went, but as a result expect Starsight around the first week in December of this year. As for Stormlight Four, Brandon has about 15,000 words written so far with a target of around 400,000 or so. He says if he has it completed by January 1st of 2020, it should be ready for release by around Christmas of 2020. However Brandon is clear that he isn't rushing to meet arbitrary deadlines and things can always come up to slow the process down. Brandon's also shared a general plot structure for Stormlight 4. As he has discussed a few times, Brandon plots each Stormlight book like a trilogy contained in a single volume. In the case of Words of Radiance and Oathbringer, this trilogy broke down along the part lines, with each (or most) character(s) having an arc throughout the book. For instance, Part 1 of Oathbringer served as the first "book" for Oathbringer, with Part 2 and Part 3 combined as the second volume and the Part 4 and Part 5 serving as the end to the trilogy. Rhythm of War is looking like it will be plotted more like The Way of Kings. Each "book" will be defined by story arcs rather than part breaks (although they will still exist). For instance, in the Way of Kings, the three books of the "trilogy" were Kaladin's, Shallan's, and Dalinar's POVs. Brandon has said he envisions Rhythm of War like this, with a Primary Arc following four characters in a distinct location interacting with one another, as well as a Secondary Arc following three other characters in another location, and a Tertiary Arc following two more characters in yet another location. These plots will be more self-contained, although we will still see some minor interaction between plots. Brandon has also said that we can expect a return to the more interwoven style of Words of Radiance and Oathbringer in Stormlight Five. Brandon says not to expect another update until around mid-summer, but he'll be sharing the piece of art he had commissioned specifically for these updates. It will be a movie poster style depiction of Bridge Four, so that's something else to look forward to until then! There is also a community Spotify playlist of epic tracks that remind people of Stormlight, with Brandon working on a shorter tracklist of his favorites still to come.
  7. Just popping in with a friendly reminder that this thread is about Kaladin's love life, and unless we're wanting to get into a Kadolin ship here, this isn't really the place for Adolin discussion. Let's just keep it focused on the subject at hand, thanks!
  8. It is interesting to note though that... OB Spoilers just in case
  9. I don’t know if most of them are available or ever were made available for sale. For the Oathbringer release they sold a little print of the Knights Radiant table, but I don’t think that’s even available anymore.
  10. It's certainly possible as we have only 10 named Shards that we know the location of. At least one other Shard is located in space somewhere (there may be more, I don't recall where we are at on that), but there is certainly enough Shards left for one to be on Yolen. We have no idea if it's true or not though.
  11. He's not allowed to talk about it for contractual reasons, so there's not even been a whisper about it. It should be announced around the same time as the State of the Sanderson, which is posted around Koloss Head-Munching Day, or Brandon's birthday, December 19th.
  12. Yeah, to reference something that you may or may not know depending on how deep a dive you did: OB Spoilers And thanks for adding them!
  13. Hey @Susebron, I have a couple that you could take a whack at if you're still looking. (If these don't interest you, no worries, definitely ask things that you're interested in!) Was Hoid present for the destruction of Ashyn?gWas there a full Invested Art (magic system) on Threnody before Ambition and Odium's fight? If so, was it related to Ambition? Does each member of the Fused have access to one Surge or two? At one point during the Battle of Thaylen Fields, Odium says, "If the Tisark can’t secure [the Oathgate], [Kai-garnis] is to destroy the device and recover its gemstones." Does the term Tisark refer to the Fused that have access to the Surge of Gravitation? The top two questions are the ones most interesting to me, but take your pick. Also if you have subjects you're interested in and you want to workshop questions about those, we could always help you out! Thanks!
  14. Thank you for letting us know, but making topics about spam doesn't really help us notice or find them any faster. These sorts of topics actually clutter up the 17th Shard Discussion form. Reporting is always the most helpful option, especially if there are multiple accounts. There's no need to report each and every spam post individually, as long as each account has one reported post we can fix the problem with one button click. Reporting multiple spam posts by the same user actually makes more work on our end (although if you're not sure if some spammer has been reported, err on the side of caution and report it anyway). It should be noted that while we've been working on building an international group of mods so we can cover a lot of time zones, when it is late at night in the US we are going to tend to be slower to respond. For instance when you tagged Chaos, it was 4:00 in the morning his time. We work hard to respond to spam reports in a timely matter, but there's always going to be times when we can't get rid of them as quickly. Sorry for any inconveniences there were this morning, it sounds like it was an unusually large amount.
  15. Indeed, Brandon has said that another type of Aviar is useful for navigation. We just didn’t get to see other instances onscreen.