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  1. I think Harmony is actually Discord because it is extremely reactive to anything that exists and when put together with Trellium ot WATER it is an extremely powerful bomb!
  2. What is a Dawnshard again I don't remember them being mentioned in books but I might have just missed
  3. A spore or two is effective because it can't kill like we saw with the Zephyr spore in ToTES. So if we use some of those and heal them we give them even more pain.
  4. What qualification do you need to Ascend? What did the Ire orb have that give you connection? Another thing why did he have other people ascend "for their own good"?
  5. Hoid. The man, the myth, the guy who will insult you so you punch out his teeth so he can spy on someone. We know this man has connections to the original shards. I saw a theory that he is trying to rebuild andolism and is collecting the power of the Invested arts so he can Connect to the shard in order to hold it. So is he trying to connect to all the shards and then wait for a large event to arise where he then takes them all up to become Adolism. I also want to point out a phrase Hoid says in ToTES "I am guilty of saying that phrase to someone, sixteen people actually" How do you quote something in a dropdown? I fear I misquoted. Also, Rysn(?) (Odium) has extreme feelings of hate toward Hoid but this could just be the influence of the shard itself. Please help my thoughts are tangled up and I'm really curios about this.
  6. I think Hoid's true name is like Chepe... not sure how to spell that monster of a name. Mentioned in the stormlight archive somewhere. I personally think Hoid is slightly crazy from his eternity of life and has planted the word or people say random stuff to mean random stuff. Hope there is a big conspiracy theory about this because I love to hear speculations.
  7. Maybe the moons have been REALLY overgrown? Maybe the planet originally had a few small moons that were overgrown?
  8. Shardblades are literally made of the power of a god. How can something like steel make a shardblade?
  9. I chose Allomancy for both because it is useful for combat and I think it would just be useful. I think that Compounding on Earth might be better though. Too late though.
  10. Can a Fullborn make a perpendicularity?
  11. 1. Have Hoid insult them 2. Become Andolism and hope and pray to yourself you can kill him 3. Spend an eternity and create an F-Nicrosil mind and stab him with it as well as every other type of metal mind so he can't move or think or do anything 4. Stab him in the heart with an H-Atium spike (lots of feruchemical speed) 5.Soulcast the air around him into aluminum (is it possible to soulcast aluminium?) So he dies eventually.
  12. I have a possible idea. What if silver blocks Connection! It blocks the spores from the Aethers and maybe Nightblood from its user while in a SILVER sheath. Also, I think Sanderson said the sheath was not originally part of Nightblood so silver's powers is why the sheath is silver. Any other ideas about this?