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  1. best example I can think of is in horizon zero dawn. you can slow time for about 3 seconds while aiming your bow, and it is incredibly useful.
  2. 43. A SQUAD OF 4TH IDEAL LIGHTWEAVERS SHOOTING LASERS AT THEM (theres a WOB on lightweavers being able to make lasers right?)
  3. 1. become a shard. smite them. 2. become an unchained bondsmith, and simply steal their connection to their abilities. 3. become an elentrian, and make yourself a fullborn 4. nuclear bomb 5. get 7 5th ideal wind runners to pin them down, and stab them repeatedly with aluminum knives. they'll run out of healing eventually. 6. plop them in the forests in threnody. cut his finger, and elsecall the crap out of there 7. get duralumin and duralmin fuel compounding speed. stuff them in an aluminum box filled with water and weld all of the seams on the box shut. drop it in center of the oceans on roshar during a highstorm. run away. 8. become a fused/herald. fight them until they eventually die, no matter how many times they kill you. 9. get kaladin to fight them (he is cursed to survive and therefore cannot be killed. according to him anyway)
  4. to be honest, im not sure if cutting the arm off a kandra would cut its soul. its so amorphous, what parts of its body are parts of its soulweb? i always thought their regrowth abilities were in the side of just physical biology, wich would mean it wouldn't repair their soulweb. but if they can repair their body like that, did it even cut the soulweb? my guess is that when you cut a kandra the blade won't even fuzz. itll just cut through. their soulweb is probably contained in their blessings and wherever they are keeping their brain (or their equivelent).
  5. this, with A-pewter for me
  6. well the bubbles are already external. the best I could guess is something like F-speed, but that doesn't even make too much sense.
  7. the bone is what I think is the big problem here. they could consume their own flesh and use it again, but the bone is still cut in half.
  8. So I think at this point most people who are knee-deep into the cosmere have noticed that the allomantic metals effect all types of investiture we have seen it interact with. aluminium is the largest example of this, as it apears in almost every book series we have seen in the cosmere now, with the exception of, if im not mistaken, Elantris. but beyond aluminum, I haven't really seen how the other allomantic metals interact with investiture. we got some useful tidbits in ROW with navani, and more usefull tidbits specifically with steel and iron in ToTES. So im making this thread for discussion on possibilites on how the other allomantic metals, like tin, bendalloy, or copper, actually effect other types of investiture. what would happen if I made an aon out of duralumin? would an allomantic steel wall physically repel a shard bearer? stuff like that! :b
  9. thank you, I forgot abt that channel
  10. oh i forgot abt editing sry I did genuinly forget about both leeching, and the fact that the lightweaver won't be able to see either, tho im not sure if they need to see if they're just hiding. but Im going to have to side with the lightweaver still. they have healing near to gold compounding, and a weapon that can take any shape and can kill the mistborn in one hit. the mistborns greatest advantage is definitely the leeching, but close combat with someone who has a shardblade is super dangerous. I don't think they can sense the illusions or stormlight with Seeking, because its difficult for them to even sense furochemy, which is super related to allomancy. something as seperate as a surge is going to be difficult. its a closer battle than I first thought, but the illusions coupled with how dangerous its going to be for the mistborn to get in close to use leeching is what does it for me. the mistborn will have to manage to grab hold of someone who also has increadibly quick reflexes and speed, pretty much equal to their pewter, except they have a weapon that can be 6 feet long and kill them in one hit. not only this, but if the leeching takes time, then the lightweaver definitely wins. holding onto someone who can soulcast for a prolonged amount of time would be exeptionally stupid, even if they just soulcast your clothes or your cloak into fire. and the more time the lightweaver has to cunfuse and disorient the mistborn, the more likely they are too win. it could go either way, and it really depends on the fighters, but with equal skill in each, I think the Lightweaver wins.
  11. Could stormlight sustain a radiant in space? we know that a radiant does not need to breathe when holding stormlight, and there is no atmoshpere, so I genuinly cannot decide if the radiant will lose stormlight faster, slower, the same or not at all. would lashings even work if you aren't experiencing gravity?
  12. you know, I just realized the lightweaver could probably make illusions of fake iron/steel lines. as long as copper doesn't kill illusions (although I suspect it will, or at minimum make them harder to maintain) They could confuse the mistborn to extreme amounts
  13. ok more in-depth reasoning of why i think the lightweaver would win. first, off they can make bright lights and loud sounds. so the mistborn is either stunned and dazed the entire fight, or they have no tin. all the lightweaver has to do is coat the whole area around the mistborn in darkness, then have their voice come from a hundred different directions. completely disoriented either way. time bubbles are a good pause button but don't solve the illusion problem. they could spray coins in all directions but the lightweaver can just turn their sword into a shield until they get up close. they can run away but then the second they do that the lightweaver can just coat a huge area around them in darkness and take cover with their shield until the mistborn comes back. maybe copper will kill off illusions in the cloud, but the darkness outside the cloud would still make the fight so much harder. and illusions still aren't even the dangerous power. soulcasting has tons of dangerous potential. turn the ground into oil, and hide it in an illusion, the second the mistborn lands to search for you, their ignited in flame. or a hundred other options, what if they soulcast all the mistborns metal vails so they're just filled with blood? now they are out of metals and very disturbed. soulcast their steel and iron anchors while theyre pushing/pulling. that would totally mess them up. the problem here, is that we haven't actually seen any lightweaver use their powers well. would shallans fake army have been more usefull than making every enemy soldier blind with blazing light in front of their eyes? or bursting their eardrums with fake thunderclaps? she absolutely had the stormlight and connection to the spiritual realm to do it, the problem is that she isn't thinking that way, and if all lightweavers are like that, then yes they will lose. but the lightweaver has far more potential than we have seen
  14. ok so here's my thing with the lightweavers. they have the potential to make any apponent blind, by just putting an illusion of darkness over their face. idk abt you guys, but its hard to dodge a shardblade if you can't see.
  15. alr I don't think people are really viewing the fullborn at max potential here. yes a 5th ideal windrunner has ways to deal with certain things a fullborn can do, but not all of the fullborns potential all at once. the fullborn can almost fly, have essentially godlike strength, pewter reflexes, healing that is canonically faster than storm light healing purely based on how furochemical tapping works, they can turn every peice of metal in their area to a deadly missle and can go constantly 5 times the speed of the radiant. there are so many ways that the fullborn can end this fight and win that I don't think I can list them all. they can run straight up to them before they have a chance to react, and then start pulling every peice of metal in the area towards them in a burst of compounded iron and and allomantic iron, both fueled by duralumin. then they could make a speed bubble, turn up their F-pewter, A-pewter and compound speed. then they punch the radiant one or two times to get rid of the plate and get out of the way for the metal to do the rest of the work. and thats STILL not using most of their abilities, and that would be a devastating if not fatal blow to the radiant. their healing is more efficent in every way, the most obvious one being that they have store dedicated specifically to healing that doesn't fade throughout the fight. the radiant runs on one single power source, that drains for each of their powers beyond shards. the fullborn runs on 16 seperate power sources each dedicated to two powers, that does not fade throughout the battle if they aren't using them. unless they're in a barren feild the fullborn will have a multitude of things to move at their disposal, with a far more direct touch than lashings can acheive. a radiant needs to be touching something to lash it. the fullborn doesn't have such restrictions, although they can only move metal, wich makes the radiants attacks slightly more difficult to dodge, but the fullborns other swarm of abilties makes that essentialy immaterial. even the plate is barely a challange for the fullborn, who can break them in two or three hits of compounded strength and speed with pewter. the hardest thing for them to deal with is going to be the shard weapon, which if used correctly can be truely tterrifying. a weopon that changes with each blow is hard to deal with, espically if it has the possibility to kill them in one blow, but if they're smart and know how to use speed bubbles and compounded speed correctly, they can deal with that pretty easily. it wouldn't be a quick fight, and there are situations where i can see the fullborn dying, but they're far more unlikely, and it is far, far more dangerous for the radiant.