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    Stories that are not vulgar and grimdark. Elvish protags and or protags that wield elemental or light based magic. Conventional weapons bore me.
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I am not sure if this is what you mean or not, but in one of his most recent books, I was somewhat uncomfortable with certain jokes he had in the story. One involved crude descriptions of male genitalia, and other one was a lengthy description (though still not pornographic) description of bondage sex. Neither were completely terrible, but still did not sit right with me anyway. There were other things I took issue with in that book, but that one is too controversial to mention here. That being said, he is still my favorite author.
  3. After watching that recent video of his, I now want to see him write a cosmere novel that uses badass cars in the plot. Would steelpushing on a car be like using NOS?
  4. No matter how many times I see or read lord of the rings, I hope Boromir will survive, only to be crushed when he never does.

  5. I hope not. I try to avoid as much of the real world as possible. (as an agoraphobic, among other issues, this is not that hard.)
  6. I left three examples. The first one is especially touching. But yes, any of those you named count so long as it is Christ centered.
  7. Hey

    The only correct answer is "All." Mistborn was my entry, though.
  8. Hey

    Lightsong so he could introduce me to Blushweaver because I hope I am her type, LOL! I know, I cheated. But for spoilers him and Blushweaver because that was rough.
  9. I could also see him writing a Parasite Eve novel if only because of the "Magic, but really science" approach he seems to have to magic. That is what I heard him call it anyway. In various youtube videos.
  10. Need to know more about the sword in this case I guess. if it is a magic sword in name only, that is kind of a bummer, but if it can do more than just stab things, then I could look into it. Does it have any long range attack capabilties through its magic? Can it act as a seal against evil, or even to unlock something? Does its form change over time? Things like that are interesting, but I will not dock points off if it is not like that.
  11. THanks much! I should clerify that by nuking the field, what I really mean is I prefer magic in general rather than someone who uses swords, ect. They do not need to be a nuke, but I get bored easily with people who use regular weapons if they are a protagonist. I guess I play too many JRPGs where the main character always uses a sword when I would rather a staff or tome for spell enhancement.
  12. I wish American authors were allowed to write full epic novels for JRPGS. Brandon Sanderson would make an AMAZING Novel for Final Fantasy 6, IMO. Both stories feature a girl with a secret an empire a resistance a villain who becomes a god a cult that dedicates itself to said god and a world event that reshapes the globe and taints everything red and brown, lol!
  13. Hey

    Yeah I was wondering about that to be honest. As to the food of the Cosmere, I am tragically notoriously picky and highly nervous when it comes to food because I am sadly allergic to a lot of things at best, so I am unsure how to answer the question.
  14. Please drop some Christian YouTube channels below that you really enjoy. Here I will share three of my own favorites: Off the Kirb Ministries: The Beat by Allen Parr: In Touch Ministries:
  15. Any help meeting my earlier mentioned criteria would be most appreciated.