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  1. Alpha J. Dilafa wore white on the day he was to mourn a death. And… he didn’t feel very mournful. The Ja had been a thorn in his side for ages. But that was over now. Finally, Alpha could make good on his plans.
  2. Trimming trees, huh? Sticks all over the yard, huh? I’m not sure if this is blasphemous or a blessing from The Stick (may His Stickiness be praised)
  3. Man, the people on here are so nice. I just joined a few SEs, and everyone over there has at least a thousand posts. I have like ninety. I can imagine that I look kinda like a 5yo who wants to play with the big kids, but they don’t treat me like that. Just figured I’d compliment all you great people over here on the shard.

    1. That1Cellist


      I feel like that too sometimes, though I guess I have a decent amount of posts at this point. I'm glad that everyone is so nice as well.

    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      Don't worry, we don't! We're just glad to have you here.

      A lot of my posts come from SE and RPs since I've been around for a little bit

    3. Shining Silhouette

      Shining Silhouette


      I don't have that many posts compared to others my "age"

  4. I agree with Mat
  5. Oh wait nvm I’ll be Alpha
  6. I’m in is Araris If that’s okay, I mean it as praise
  7. I’m not the witness
  8. Wait what Did it get solved? For real? At this point I’ve edited like 20 times
  9. I would be very surprised if that’s correct
  10. What I first thought of when I read “naked” and “accident” was died while on the toilet or something, it doesn’t just have to be something that destroys the clothing (wait did I already say something like that? Well, if I did I’m saying it again)
  11. I feel like she might have been written to be forced. Like, Shallan tries really hard to make her really hardcore, but in reality she’s kind of… fake hardcore?
  12. I feel like acid is a really good guess, I imagine it would dissolve some of the clothing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Striker is a co-conspirator, maybe even the assassin. The pendant seems possible. Honestly I have never been good at Clue or things like this, I’ll need some more hints lol Thanks for reminding me archer, I’ve had a busy day, so I might not have remembered